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Lee Raven Boy Thief Lee Raven boy thief has stolen something he really didn't mean toNow he faces a perilous flight through London and the murky sewers below as he tries to escape capture – because Lee has stolen the Book of Nebo a book that has existed for thousands of years and tells every story and legend known to man It's priceless Some will even kill to possess it The pressure mounts and the future of Nebo is in Lee's hands – can he prevent the most dangerous ending of them all

10 thoughts on “Lee Raven Boy Thief

  1. Nolann_E1 Nolann_E1 says:

    1 sentence summary and a recommendation This book is a thrilling and intense fantasy that will lift you off your seat It starts with Lee Raven a kid who ran away from home and is living on the streets And then he discovers a book But since he can't read he thinks is an ordinary book Until the book comes to life and tells Lee stories of past life Over the course of the book people steal the peculiar book from him and he goes through an adventure to retrieve it and protect it I recommend this book to people who like fantasy and intense books Also I recommend this book to people who Like adventures

  2. Christa Schönmann Abbühl Christa Schönmann Abbühl says:

    This was a fun read I am working on a project and have given myself the task to read books for children and Teens on the subject of books in books The take on this subject in Lee Raven was fresh and original to me and apparently I have a thing for young thieves ; I liked the world and the cast and was uite disappointed to realise that there are not stories about them I enjoyed that the story was told from so many perspectives The end was a bit bloodthirsty for my taste but it fit into the story and the world

  3. Lara Crafford Lara Crafford says:

    355This was a very entertaining and fun read It's not the best middle grade I've ever read but it had some surprisingly smart moments and I really enjoyed the references to other stories and books that was scattered throughout I have a weakness for books about books or in which books play an important role and that definitely played a part in how much I enjoyed thisWhile I found the story to be interesting and well paced there were some elements that I though could have been better executed The futuristic world in which this is set for example could have been expanded on and used efficiently in my opinion I found the style of writing a bit hard to get into at first although I did get used to it after a couple of pages I thought that overall the characters were reasonably well written although I found it hard at times to figure out how old some of them were which made certain parts of the novel and the roles they played a bit hard to understandI definitely don't regret reading this book and will probably pick it up again in the future when I want something easy and uick to read

  4. Beth Beth says:

    This book was pretty unusual Set in the future and written from various perspectives it is mainly about a boy called Lee Raven who steals what he thinks is an ordinary comic book but turns out to be something many people will do or pay anything to own I liked the stories and the different perspectives but I disliked the made up slang and how the book told the reader Lee couldn't read over and over again which became tedious and repetitive after a while I don't think it is a book I would read again but I enjoyed the premise of the story and what it tried to do with the characters

  5. Parth Bhagwat Parth Bhagwat says:

    The book was entertaining while having crime and mystery in it The book has the same story line from different perspective so you can see what each person is thinking about the situation The book keeps you on the edge and I would recommend it to people that like action

  6. megan ♡ megan ♡ says:

    I genuinely always thought this was the same as The Book Thief and I worry about how stupid I was as a young teen

  7. Karen King Karen King says:

    I absolutely love this book and wish the Book of Nebo was both real and mine

  8. Evelina Tiger Evelina Tiger says:

    This is a book I remember loving when I was younger and I want to re read it

  9. Irene Irene says:

    Warmed my heart about how a book can really be your best friend But some jokes are not really funny Read the translated version not very good one

  10. Selvianty Yusuf Selvianty Yusuf says:

    Fantastic idea of a story Not so amused after the mystery of the book is unveiled But maybe because the target reader is children the author tried to minimized the conflict and twist There are few plot holes in this book Such as 1 The story was in 2040something a futuristic world but why Dyslexia is still a huge issue? I'm sure people in futuristic world would understand about this and not think it as a bad image 2 Internet Cafe I assumed or imagined that 30 years from now there will be no such thing as Internet Cafe If you want to look information I'm sure there is sophisticated gadgetry than Internet Cafe The Chapters are divided for each characters involved in it uite fun at first but I uickly get bored in the end That's why I took so long to read a simple story like this

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