No Trace of the Gardener Poems of Yang Mu ePUB ´ of

No Trace of the Gardener Poems of Yang Mu Please face east when the Crabshows an array of autumn hues with its many legged obscenityVersatileMy metamorphosis Louisa is incrediblePatterns of wilderness embroidered on my clothesswallow baby girls like nightfallI slaughter vomit sob sleepVersatilePlease repent with me toward the easttoward the hares of next springrunning and leaping over streams and death's beddingPlease testify with all the pleasures of your sensesVersatile Yang Mu a pivotal figure in the development of modern Chinese literature is one of the most widely read living poets of the world's largest literary audience Chinese speaking people Providing a selection of poems from than three decades of work this book offers over one hundred translations that capture the poet's haunting lyricism Drawing on avant garde traditions of Europe and the United States as well as on the traditions of classical Chinese poetry and prose his work explores intense sensuality the anguish of war exile the colonial experience and conflicting views of national and cultural identity

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