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Douluo Dalu I started reading this Chinese web novel since mid of May 2020 or so It was uite a long read as it has 236 chapters and the MC has gone through a long journey since he was six I think to get to the peak of his cultivation He was only in his mid twenties when he accomplishes what was impossible for the rest of the world And phew I am so glad he finally did it It would break my heart and annoyed me if he did not get the well deserving rewards for going through hell so many freaking times Great job Tang San It was satisfying seeing the MC gaining and kept increasing his power after completing each of his mission with his hard work and unfailing dedication I love it when he is in OP mode So proud of him All is well and great except for some odd reasons I kind of dislike the MC's girlfriend Her character annoys me some times I do love the MC's buddies though They are precious and a joy to be around It's fun when they all get together Their bond is so tight Tighter than real siblings How awesome is that? Envious Actually I came to know about this web novel when I saw the anime animated adaption to it It was really good The anime is still ongoing for now and I am 100% going to catch all of it I have also started reading the manga adaption of it but I kind of left it hanging for now and concentrated on finishing the novel first I sure would pick up the manga again as soon as I could while waiting for the anime to complete I have also heard that there will be a drama adaptation of this novel coming soon I am very excited about it especially when it has one of my favourite actors in it; Xiao Zhan is such a gem He has superb acting skills and gorgeous as well Reviewed on July 5th 2020 Read in Chinese via Cantonese TTS Typical Chinese web novel with the Xianxia elements a lot focus on the early school life fight seuences Read a Fan translation from Chinese to EnglishInitially felt like this was Chinese Harry Potter I got into the books after watching the excellent animation series I watched till episode 87 which works out to be around chapter 139 in the books considering the series has 336 chapters the anime has roughly covered 40% of the books till dateMost of the world building and character development must have been in the initial chapters which I skipped on considering I had seen the animation The reading experience was great at first but the I read the bugged I got with the heavy emphasis on battle descriptions and we have tons of those I am not a fan of reading out long fight seuences between two people and about 60 70% of the book covers that Seeing the same in animation or manhua is great but reading it was a painful experience uite good this chinese novel translated by a group of passionate persons has really left a good impression on me what really felt great about this novel and made it different from other chinese wuxia is the group interaction in which the main is part of and their developement throughout tournaments and combatIn the world of douluo where might make right and strength dictate the law a man in reincarnated and start anew as the son of a blacksmith he keep the memories of his past life as a genius of 'Tang sect' the most reputed assassin group of his past world these memories of martial skills will help him in a continent where each person has a spirit that is inhirited as it turn out he has a 'trash' spirit but with a remarkable potential we follow him as he enter an academy that is designed for 'monsters' geniuses with outstanding growth as it turn out the academy had 3 students that is until he entersThis story remain fun and exciting the humour is pleasant in the context of some powers and doesn't turn to the ridiculousI recommand it especially to people who search something that contain teamwork fighting by the way the cover on this page is really bad The fantasy Dou Luo Da Lu by Tang Jia San Shao is about the story of Tang San At the beginning of the story Tang San was drove away from Tangmen for stealing the secret skills of learning but found that he did not die when he jumped on a cliff but instead came to another world with another identity At the middle of the story Tang San find out that in the world there is no fighting no martial arts but magic Everyone here at the age of six will awaken the warrior soul in the martial arts hall Wu spirit has animals plants and implements and martial spirit can help people's daily life Some of the most outstanding warriors can be used for training and fighting This occupation is the most powerful and glorious career soul teacher on the mainlandTang three started his path of spiritual cultivation in Holy Spirit village and sprouted the dream of revitalizing Tang gate At the end of the story when Tang San warrior awakened he cast the glory of Tang gate in this world of warrior spirit This story tells us that we need to be brave and kind to anyone Tang Sect the most famous martial arts sect of all By stealing its most secret teachings to fulfill his dreams Tang San committed an unforgivable crime With his ambition attained he hands his legacy to the sect and throws himself from the fearsome “Hell’s Peak” But he could have never imagined that this would take him to another world one without magic martial arts and grudges A land where only the mystical souls of battle lay The continent of Douro How will Tang San survive in this unknown environment With a new road to follow a new legend begins Really really really good Thank you very much to Bagelson for the great translation Tang Jia Shan Shao's stories are distinct from the other novels I read but in a very good way I'm a big fan of his other novel HJC Reading dailyweekly chapter releases have been a part of my routine for years now One of the many things I like about this novel is the simplicity of the levels It is very easy to keep track of Plus a lot of the other novels say early on that Level A is very hard to achieve but when MP reaches that level it is suddenly common and easily trampled Instead its Level B that's really truly strong Then the process repeats itself until Level X or something I do not hate it because most plots involve transcending planetsheavens but I feel cheated when it happens Absolutely loved this book light novel you really get a feel for who the characters are they're once their needs their struggles The battles are depicted amazingly well makes you feel as if you're actually there and I love all of the little proverbs that sneak in here and there LOVE TANG SAN Absolutely highly reccommend By watching it from WeTV I'm very impressed by its story and animations And it's the beginning of my following on Tang Jia San Shao's works in the internet All

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