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Selected Twenty years into our career as a band it is perhaps time to set the record straight let all of you who care know exactly what I am trying to say But even this desire for clarity fills me with unease A book containing Brian Molko's own selection of lyrics from throughout his 20 year career at the helm of Placebo Includes a foreword by Brian

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  1. Frisky Frisky says:

    Some might say a collection of song lyrics doesn’t count as an actual book and I’m happy to disagree Song lyrics can be poetic evocative and very personal I don’t see why it being set to music and having a propensity to rhyme makes much of a difference Placebo with their uniue sound have been my favourite band for fifteen years and I have many strong memories associated with their music Reading so many lyrics to their songs brought back many of those memories including those of my last year in secondary school being a teenager at festivals and past relationships The lyrics are in no particular order so sometimes I stumbled upon a surprise in the form of a former favourite song after turning a page To celebrate the fresh wave of nostalgia I decide to do something I’ve never done before write in the bookShocking? It was to me It felt very brave as I first put the pen to paper but while making annotations and highlighting certain lyrics I realised it was the right thing to do ‘Selected’ allowed me to capture some thoughts and memories alongside the lyrics that sparked them I can see myself doing the same thing in a few years with a different colour pen and seeing what grabs my attention this time This book speaks to a niche audience myself included and having it as a tangible source of memories is really uite wonderful

  2. kylajaclyn kylajaclyn says:

    I love Placebo Obviously you do too or you wouldn't own this book The best songs in my opinion are not included here That would be Post Blue and Pure Morning I feel this is a good thing though because I know those lyrics anyway and maybe it's okay if I did mishear some portion of them When I first heard of this book I thought it was Brian's explanation of the songs and not just some printed lyrics I was surprised to find he was very leery about even printing his correct lyrics so I guess we can never expect to know what he was thinking when he wrote these songs However I've always loved that Placebo's lyrics are often nonsensical and you can take parts you need from them that comfort you I don't think we need to know the rest

  3. Lucie Lucie says:

    It is literally just lyrics but Placebo are my favourite band and anything Brian Molko brings out I’m going to love

  4. Jovana Autumn Jovana Autumn says:

    Ovo je totalno subjektivno ocenjivanje jer je ovaj bend i njihova muzika za mene i dalje jedna od najboljih stvari koje sam ikada čulaSusrela sam se sa bendom negde krajem 2012tedakle taj delikatan uzrast od 14 godina kada si totalno zbunjen i ne znaš šta ćeš sa sobomOd tog dana sam preslušala sve pesme koje su napravili i imam svoje omiljenenekih 100kada volim nešto to je ekstremno hahana svim svojim uređajima i rado im se vraćamNeću mnogo da dužimali neke od tih pesama su mi jako drage zbog sličnosti situacija koje su se dogodile u mom životu ili emocija koje sam osećala ili i dalje osećamFor what it's worth Every you every me A million little pieces Plasticine Because i want you će mi uvek biti među omiljenim pesmamaKoga god zanima ovaj bend ovde su tekstovi pesama koje je Brajan sastavio za nas na jednom mestunaravno nisu sve pesme ali ima dosta njihako hoćete da podržite bend kupite knjigu ili je pročitajte ako čisto hoćete da se uverite u to da tačno pevate određene pesme

  5. Fabienne Fabienne says:

    A small but beautiful collection of Brian Molko's lyrics for his band Placebo

  6. Vania Vania says:

    Perfect for every Placebo fan out there

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