Wrestling the Dragon In Search of the Boy Lama Who Defied

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Wrestling the Dragon In Search of the Boy Lama Who Defied China I had never even heard of the 17th Karmapa until I spied this book on a shelf in Darmsala India I am fascinated with the Tibetan culture and found the book very interesting The writing style is not the best but this book unlocks a whole new saga about Tibetan leadership The young Karmapa is a very fascinating character and his historical reincarnation background challenges the Dalai Lama for the religious throne of Tibet Overall I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Tibetan culture Dancing on the Edge of an Endangered Planet The boy who defied ChinaI didn't hear about Dalai Lama a peaceful man who won a noble peace prize and his country Tibet until I read this bookThe book have information about him and his lineage and how they chose the right karmabaI feel sorry for them how they give their energy and their hole life to their Buddha something their hands maded and they're so peaceful people How they believe that their Buddhist reincarnation in some spacial people A fascinating read if you are interested in Tibetan Buddhism and the history and Chinese occupation of Tibet I enjoyed the author's choice of each chapter being in 3 parts one part her journey eually fascinating one part details of previous Kamarpa incarnation and one part life of the 17th Kamarpa While I found it challenging to keep track of the various religious men I decided to let that part of the detail just connect where it may as the gist of the story was the most important If you feel the need no doubt you can follow up on of the associated individuals if you so chooseSome may find this a challenging read however I'm personally glad to have read it He's master of the PlayStation he listens to rap music he writes poetry and in his eighteen year old hands may hold the future of the Tibetan people He is Ogyen Trinley Dorje a Tibetan lama and the seventeenth incarnation of the Karmapa third in line to the Dalai LamaWhen he was fourteen Ugyen fled Tibet and began his journey into exile and the Chinese lost the boy they hoped would one day replace the Dalai Lama in the hearts of six million Tibetans Today he lives under house arrest ostensibly being 'protected' by the Indian Government which is likely protecting its relationship with ChinaSo begins the true story of the 17th Karmapa of Tibet a story which has all the elements of a cracking tale magical portents at his birth a village childhood on the Roof of the World attempted indoctrination by the Chinese his short life provides a fascinating insight into the Contemporary Tibetan struggle while his future as a religious leader of global significance is already being forecastTo write this story Gaby Naher intends to travel throughout the region and interview key players of the Tibetan Government in Exile as well as religious figures in the area

  • Paperback
  • 303 pages
  • Wrestling the Dragon In Search of the Boy Lama Who Defied China
  • Gaby Naher
  • English
  • 03 January 2016
  • 9781740512794

About the Author: Gaby Naher

Gaby Naher worked as a literary agent publicist and bookseller in Sydney London and New York She is also the author of four books