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Dont Call Me Hero Don’t Call Me Hero #1 This was my first Eliza Lentzski book and it hit all the right notes Brilliant story compelling characters enough zigs and zags to keep you guessing even though you know it's going to be a HEA At least I hoped it was I went into this not expecting to be blown away but I was wrong There aren't many lesfic books that come along and knock my socks off but this one did Memorable Two ladies with broken pasts One with PTSD from Marine duty one from family lossesdrama They find each other due to strange rather awkwardly conjured up circumstances find out they have a helluva lot of chemistry together yet the fractures of their past make for tenuous reading because the story just isn't pieced together well MC Cassidy is a new ish cop moving to a small town to return to active duty after struggling with PTSD in the twin cities while MC Julia is a city prosecutor in the same small townI found the pacing to be difficult to follow as the initial meeting of the two felt somewhat forced then boom next chapter in the middle of buttfuck nowhere they happen to meet again We never do find out why MC Julia is in Minneapolis that first night However strained and weird that first meeting was and the fact they know nothing about one another Julia turns out to be uite the sex kitten and devours MC Cassidy very early on in the book I give mega points for the sex in this book because hot damn Regardless of me shaking my head at how many parts of the story didn't flow well I couldn't wait for hookups MORECassidy has her demons but I also found her to be kind of immature early on though she did grow on me by the end The PTSD flashbacks felt choppy and she's a character who runs from everything rather than face it and communicate which annoyed me She appears to be described as a femme tomboy with long wild curls which always pushes my buttons me ow Julia is cold aloof described as a bitch by much of the town but is as feminine as they come I loved the author's descriptions of her clothing all tight pencil skirts form fitting blouses gartersgod is it hot in here? So as far as physical descriptions these two MCs did it for me whole heartedly Julia's past still confuses me as we do find out a lot of sad family losses but not enough to warrant how icy she is Was she burned in the past by someone which added to her cool demeanour? She definitely has a shit ton of experience in bed but only made one mention of some college fumblings with ladies in her past Huh Maybe she reads a lot of sex books Or watches porn There is some loose drama regarding trying to find a trail of lost money reuiring detective work  which was rather mundane but I suppose necessary for an extra story line Even though I was clearly at odds with this one I still like this author's work and give it a 3755 as I see there is a second book and maybe it will round out the characters and they will mature together  Review of ‘Don’t Call me Hero’ by Eliza Lentzski Audiobook narrated by Lori PrinceI’ve read this book years ago and liked it so I decided to listen to the audiobook narrated by Lori Prince This is a very enjoyable story that balances action police investigation courtroom drama family conflict opposites attraction and romance It has the right amount of everything to keep the reader entertainedCassidy Miller is a retired Marine suffering from PTSD Looking for a fresh start she leaves her family and friends in Minneapolis to be a police officer in the little town of Embarrass Minnesota There she meets again the cool and aloof City Prosecutor Julia Desjardin with whom she has history Both women seem so different but at the same time they both have a conflicted past that shapes what they are both today and between them there’s an irresistible attractionThis book is written in first person from the point of view of Cassidy a conflicted but also endearing sarcastic and sometimes awkward character Julia on the other hand is the epitome of the ice ueen aloof sharp tongued but devastatingly beautiful Julia reminded me of Lee Winter’s ice ueens like Elena Bartell in ‘The Brutal Truth‘ or Catherine Ayers in ‘The Red Files’ I loved the way Ms Lentzski builds their chemistry through their antagonism and very few warm moments when both women drop their guards Even though this book doesn’t finish with a cliffhanger it leaves some things to develop in the future But don’t panic as this is just the beginning of the ‘Don’t Call Me Hero’ Series with a total of 4 books though only this first one is available on audio at the momentI’ve listened to the audiobook narrated by Lori Prince This is a narrator that normally sets a light tone to her storytelling I was a bit uncertain of what it would sound like as I remembered there were some sad parts in this book I liked the result I think Ms Prince balances the seriousness and lightness very well and the story flows perfectly as a result Ms Prince did a great job with Julia’s voice and her predominantly icy demeanor Even though I liked her performance of Cassidy’s sarcastic and awkward personality I wasn’t that fussed about her voice but this is just my personal preferenceOverall ‘Don’t Call me Hero’ is a very enjoyable opposites attract lesbian romance audiobook with a mixture of action police investigation courtroom drama and romance 45 starsDuration 10 hours 18 minutes I can't believe I just got around to reading this book So glad I finally did Great read that is relatively face paced and was a great book to escape intoCassidy Miller is a Marine Corps veteran After serving two tours in Afghanistan she heads home and enrolls in the Minneapolis police academy After a year on the job the horrors of war are still effecting her PTSD is a bitch and the nightmares won't uit Cassidy decides to try her hand at becoming a cop in a small town maybe the change in scenery and a slower pace will help her healJulia Desjardin is the the city attorney for Embarrass Minnesota She is an absolute ice princess Beautiful smart rich and does not let anyone close to her Julia is a fascinating character you could not help but be drawn to her She had an air of mystery surrounding her I wanted to know what made her tick Julia could not be any different from Cassidy but these two are drawn togetherEliza Lentzski writes beautiful characters who are flawed but have such amazing hearts This book is full of angst mystery and a great love story This book is also very sexy if you know what I mean On the one hand I was pretty sucked in It's a first person narrative and I liked the main character I thought the break up was brilliant so much delicious angst But the reconciliation and the ending were a bit too fast for me I guess I'm still feeling angry and betrayed by Julia Oh and Julia is a classic ice ueen if you like that sort of thing I think I might be getting tired of them There's a fair bit of sex which I started skimming over after while Ditto on the police investigation I just don't care my brain can't seem to forget that this part is just a made up storyNext day I'm still thinking about this By the end I don't think I liked Julia very much It wasn't just the very erratic hotcold behavior I think the way she treated Cassidy during sex was a bit of a trigger for me If you like a little rougher sex this is probably goodok for you And the sex parts I read seemed uniue in my experience of read books So the lack of boundaries and lack of respect just wasn't ok And that made Cassidy seem less ok because she was like a puppy Do factor all this in I had a very strong emotional response to the book and it completely colored my review Structurally the only problem I had with the writing was the speed of the end But maybe there's no coming back from not liking the characters I almost ALMOST gave it 5 stars but decided on 4 for just a few reasonsGod Eliza Lentzski is such a talented writer Her books are always beautiful they're so easy to read the writing flows and the dialogues feel real Cassidy is so lovely I fell in love with her the minute I read about her She's the perfect paradoxical mix of strength and vulnerability Her clumsiness and the way she feels ill at ease in society after her time at war is extremely endearing and her story is heart breakingIt took me a long while to warm up to Julia Many times I found myself swearing out loud about how much of a bitch she was But once her true colors showed I just couldn't resist When Cassidy is this brave woman who moves in the world with a shield of humility Julia is the opposite she is terrified but moves in the world as if she owns it Both women are two pieces of a puzzle that fit together perfectly I think Julia is the sexiest character I have ever read about I'm not usually a big fan of professional lesbians wearing tight skirts and high heels but it's hard not to be affected by someone like Julia whose displayed intelligence and confidence are simply irresistible She becomes even attractive to the reader and to Cass when she starts showing emotions and signs of weakness Great characterization all roundThe book is also very sexy VERY The sex scenes are ones of the hottest I've read in romance novels without being vulgar or crude I love their relationship too The pace at witch they slowly open up to each other warm up to each other is very realistic and keeps the reader interested until the end It's uite a heavy book It's not the typical romance story with fluffy moments that make your stomach flutter It's a very slow build a push and pull kind of relationship during which the girls are finding themselves again after years of hiding and running away from their respective closeted skeletons The last third of the book had me biting my nails for hours I love the storyline the investigation putting Cassidy and Julia in a battle leading to a betrayal that breaks not only the characters' hearts but the reader's as well I wasn't so fond of the setting though American small town attorney vs detective This context is overused in lesbian novels but balanced out by a plot that's very originalI wish we had lighter moments too I love angst and I think it's essential to a good love story but some sweet moments would have helped the anguish I felt during the whole book That's maybe why I really need a seuel Those two have been through a lot and the book ends without giving that much satisfaction to the reader An epilogue would have been nice I want to know about their happily ever afterIn any case this genre definitely needs writers like Lentzski It’s been over a year since Cassidy Miller retired from the United States Marine Corps but try telling that to her nightmares She knew that coming back after eight years in a war zone wouldn’t be easy but she’d underestimated the real difficulties of transitioning back to civilian life War is hell but the aftermath is endless Looking for a fresh start she’s left her friends and career in Minneapolis to be a police officer in northern Minnesota It’s in the tiny town of Embarrass where she learns about Julia Desjardin The city prosecutor is cool professional and untouchable But she and Cassidy have history and Cassidy isn’t going to let her easily forget that For all their surface differences Cassidy and Julia have in common than they first realized—both are reluctant to hand over their pasts to be judged and studied But it might take someone just as damaged as the other to help each cope with the skeletons in their respective closets Loved this book I read it in one shot so well written with perfect pacing I couldn't put it downWhen I first read the synopsis I thought the characters sounded much like an SVU fanfic with Olivia a cop with emotional baggage and Alex Cabot the city prosecutor a rich ice princess in stiletto heels designer suits I was right about the similarities but it ends there I can't decide which character I loved Cassidy is a recently retired Marine who is dealing with PTSD Her PTSD isn't as severe as Rey's in Battle Scars but debilitating nonetheless She voluntarily leaves the Minneapolis police force where she was put on a desk job to take a cop position in a small town to get a new start and not be stuck at a desk In some ways she is younger than her age shy and awkward when she first meets Julia Julia an imposing beautiful woman who has built impenetrable walls around herself Slowly we get to know her as Cass breaks down her walls brick by brick Others have said this book is very sexy I couldn't agree But it isn't just a romance there is a mystery to solve someone is diverting money from the town's coffersI just noticed there is a seuel Damaged Goods Guess what I'm reading next Not the best romance or PTSD themed book I've ever read but well written and still definitely worth the read I had trouble caring about either of the MC's especially Julia but it still worked for the most part35 stars rounded down to 3 There's the thing Many authors like to write in first POV Some of them or a lot of them suck at that to put it nicely Then there are those who know what they're doing And that's Eliza Lentzski case All her books are in first POV And while I'm not a fan of that with her I wouldn't want it any other wayThis was an amazing book Eliza did it again So why 4 stars instead of 5? Or let's say 45 the ending felt too rushed Julia was forgiven too uickly She wasn't exactly nice to Cassidy and I don't mean only the trial Maybe a couple of pages would do good Perhaps an epilogue I'd like that the word dear I think after reading Popcorn Love it's become my pet peeve I cringed everytime Julia used it and it definitely wasn't used as often as in Popcorn Love Still than I'd like sometimes Cassidy reminded me of a lost puppy At least she followed Julia everywhere as one And sometimes Julia didn't deserve it at all Now Let's talk about Julia She was definitely one of the most intriguing characters I've ever read Sigh I'd like there to be a seuel just to read about her Cassidy was nice and all but Julia Julia was something else Intriguing mysterious complicated but human after all with all her flaws Eliza Lentzski did good with that one And the sex scenes I can honestly say Ms Lentzski writes the hottest sex scenes in FF romances She knows what she's doing

  • Kindle Edition
  • 270 pages
  • Dont Call Me Hero Don’t Call Me Hero #1
  • Eliza Lentzski
  • English
  • 06 November 2016

About the Author: Eliza Lentzski

Eliza Lentzski is a historian with a passion for fiction She writes love stories filled with angst miscommunication and the struggle to balance love and an ambitious career Her characters are not without flaws but despite these imperfections they ultimately find their own happy endingsEliza calls the Midwest her home which is often the center of her novels along with her partner and their