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Long Shot Star Trek Seekers #3 The crew of the Starfleet scout ship Sagittarius follows peculiar sensor readings to an alien world where the natives’ efforts to harness a dangerous and unstable technology have thrown the laws of probability out of balance As disasters and miracles multiply at an ever increasing rate it’s up to Captain Clark Terrell and his crew to shut down the experiment gone wrong before it’s too late—but the odds against them might already be too great to overcome

10 thoughts on “Long Shot Star Trek Seekers #3

  1. Dan Dan says:

    Like so many Star Trek novels it is a love of the characters that really makes this story shine David Mack has created a group dynamic that is a hell of a lot of fun to read Combined with a fun high stakes adventure Long Shot makes for a great read I'm very interested to see where these characters go in the future and where certain relationships will end up Some great character development for the small crew of the Sagittarius gives me a lot of hope for the future of SeekersWith an already excellent year in Trek lit to this point it is no small praise to say that Long Shot is my favorite novel of the year so farFull review

  2. Christopher Backa Christopher Backa says:

    The continuing voyages of Scout Ship Sagittarius I have really enjoyed David Mack's Star Trek books especially the Vanguard and Seekers series The story involves a science experiment gone wrong and a reuest for help The story is engaging and there is a lot of character development as we get to learn about this crew The book is fast paced and an enjoyable read

  3. John Yelverton John Yelverton says:

    Well this is a rip roaring science fiction adventure that jumps from one adrenaline pumping scene to the next My only complaints are the lack of ideological discussions inherent with Star Trek and that there are several things which occur in the book simply to make the book longer without really adding anything to it other than pages that is

  4. Henry Lopez Henry Lopez says:

    David Mack is my favorite Star Trek author Having said that Long Shot may be the worst Star Trek novel I've read and absolutely the worst by Mack The story has an interesting premise with a test of a dark energy engine developed on a non Federation planet going awry and creating improbability fields that gradually escalate in severity until it becomes a danger to the planet and beyond Interesting premise but the execution failed to maintain my interest I'm not sure if it was because Mack chose to interleave long scenes about the improbability effect on the planet's inhabitants which one would think would be illustrative of both the alien race and the dark energy effects Instead the aliens with the exception of their eye stalks are not uniue and so bland that to call them 2 dimensional representations of any alien species from a 1950's pulp novel would be an understatement The examples used to show the improbability engine's effects might not have been so bad if they were shorter but Mack grants too much space to what should have been a couple of paragraphs at most Have I mentioned that David Mack is my favorite Star Trek author?Next the B plot which I actually found interesting deals with the Sagittarius' first officer dealing with issues out in the space above and around the planet These examples of the improbability effects were compelling but Mack's characterization of the characters makes them cardboard cut outs and not the beautifully developed personas we've seen him do with many of these same characters in the Star Trek Vanguard series With the exception of the first officer former science officer Theriault during Vanguard the rest of the officers were either given a subplot that really didn't go anywhere or were just names on a page I could go on and on but the last two things that made me decide to fast read the book about half way through was that the science behind the dark energy engine was pure technobabble with no real science to act as a basis to springboard off of Yes I know Star Trek tech is for the most part meaningless psuedo science at best but when the crux of the plot centers around this dark energy engine then there should be some actual science or explanation to ground it before extrapolating out into inane technobabble The explanations offered made no sense and you could have transposed the words used to the thing a ma bob and the whatsiz inverted the energy field of the whatchmacallit etc It was sloppy and such a waste of the reader's time Lastly and this is where I finally came to the realization that either Mack was bumping up against a hard deadline or he really didn't give a damn was when he lifted the cliched Animal House pep speech by Bluto almost word for word and to what effect none I suppose it was meant to be humorous but it broke that suspension of disbelief I easily slip into when I read a Trek novel and did nothing to advance the plot Overall it was the most boring nonsensical piece of Trek literature I've had the misfortune of reading If you're a completest just read a spoiler synopsis of the book and save the few hours it would take to read this otherwise Sadly this is the first 1 star review I've ever given I cannot recommend this book And did I mention that David Mack is my favorite Star Trek author?

  5. Stephen Stephen says:

    The Sagittarius went from one messed up world Arethusa to another Anura What are the odds of that?David Mack has a knack of building his story gradually to a fast paced action packed conclusion The plot lines is like a compilation of Murphy's law There's a bit on casino operations but compared to the depiction in The Long Mirage this is shorter yet exciting to readThe climax when the landing party managed to reverse the damage done by the out of whack laws of probability against all odds reads like a script that's made for the big screen

  6. Wilfred Wilfred says:

    Phew This book was terrible But I also really really enjoyed it Given that I picked it up for a uid I the charity shop not a bad buyIf you're the kind of star trek fan who enjoys the terrible episodes where you shout at the corny plot and laugh at the wobbly sets then you'll probably get a kick out of this

  7. Eric Eric says:

    Too many Star Trek novels take themselves too seriously They lose the fun This one didn't and I really appreciate that Don't get me wrong it's still not good but it's the most fun I've had reading a Star Trek novel in a very long time

  8. ArwendeLuhtiene ArwendeLuhtiene says:

    355 review will follow shortly

  9. Judith Paterson Judith Paterson says:

    Another Star Trek universe roller coaster ride THis time set on Sagitarius in Kirk's original series timespan |Good fast paced read with new characters to follow Will look forward to Seekers 4

  10. Jonne Steen Redeker Jonne Steen Redeker says:

    A coronal mass ejection an asteroid and a world ending storm all hit on the same day what are the odds? Turns out pretty good when odds are meaningless Another story featuring Captain Terrel and the USS Sagittarius and in fact the last one ever published A planet is facing disaster as a new form of energy generation screws with the laws of probability and extremely unlikely events become the norm The crew must race to save a planet and themselves from certain death It’s a good story it’s good to have a non comedic treatment of this improbability drive concept It of course stems from Douglas Adam’s hitchhiker’s guide and has been done in trek before Both on screen in DS9 and on paper in the SCE series I enjoyed all these and this one too A concept like this won’t soon be tapped to its full potential For what are the odds that we get every permutation of it? I’m sad that we likely won’t see these characters ever again And this will be the last we see of Terrel until his fateful meeting with Kahn Noonien Singh

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