Lotus blues Martin Benner #1 Kindle Ê blues Martin

  • Hardcover
  • 434 pages
  • Lotus blues Martin Benner #1
  • Kristina Ohlsson
  • Swedish
  • 20 August 2014
  • 9789164204370

10 thoughts on “Lotus blues Martin Benner #1

  1. Vi ~ Inkvotary Vi ~ Inkvotary says:

    InkvotaryOMG This was one hell of a fantastic ride and not over yet Martin Benner is an arrogant but great man who knows how to read a woman And Belle what a cutie Kristina Ohlsson you've got yourself a new fan This was big entertainment and I still don't have a clue who Lucifer is or where the boy is But the main uestion about Sara got answered And many new uestions are hanging in the air now I am absolutely flashed shocked and overwhelmed Read

  2. Jeannette Jeannette says:

    Book blurbHow do you vindicate a deceased self proclaimed killer?A criminal lawyer in Stockholm Martin Benner sees himself as a man who has it all Then Bobby T barges into his office one day demanding his help Bobby says he's the brother of Sara Tell a young woman dubbed Sara Texas by the tabloids after she confessed to five brutal murders some time back three in Sweden and two in TexasSix months ago she shocked everyone when she escaped from pre trial custody and leapt off a bridge to her death But Bobby says she was innocent He needs Martin's help to clear her name and to find Sara's son Mio who he says disappeared around the time of her deathAs Martin and Lucy the partner in his firm delve deeper into the case their pursuit of the truth takes them across the ocean to Texas where the pieces of the puzzle slowly fall into place But before Martin can continue his investigation he receives some devastating news that turns his world upside downMy ThoughtsThis story is thoroughly intriguing and a genuine page turner until the end Investigating a serial killer Sara after they have killed themselves is an interesting plot and well handled I do feel the approach leads the reader to assume early on that she than likely did not commit the crimesInvestigating Sara’s crimes is Martin a persistent and determined character who does not deserve the things that happen to himWhile I enjoyed the story and a fan of the author’s previous works I was so surprised and disappointed with the ending I had to email to ask if there were ebook pages missing I felt the story stopped on a strange note rather than rounding off to a conclusion thus leaving me with too many uestions

  3. Maraia Maraia says:

    45 stars

  4. Sebastian Sebastian says:

    Completely different from her Fredrika Bergman series but definitely just as thrilling I can't wait to get to read the second half of the story already

  5. Paul Paul says:

    I have been a big fan of Scandinavian Noir for a long time now I have devoured the likes of Jo Nesbo Stieg Larsson and Lars Kepler I always keep one eye open for the next author to jump on to When scouring new book to buy I came across Buried Lies blazoned across the top was The Swedish number one bestseller how could I not grab a copy I was interested in the blurb on the back the thought of how you would go about proving someone innocents once they had confessed and then killed themselves Could this be the next author to reel me in and find the need to buy every book they have written? Martin Benner Is a hard boiled lawyer he loves the best things in life and he lives well his chosen profession allows him to do this But when Bobby comes through his door everything changes and his life gets tipped upside down As a character he was not what I was expecting from a Swedish book the man has all the haul marks of a big flashy American novel As someone who lives large he lacks the usual downbeat and weather worn feeling I would get from such a novel The author does this well thought and manages melds the two cultures together into a character I could get behind But make no mistake will he show the flash of a wall street banker he has a soft spot his daughter Belle She allows us as the reader to see a softer point of view to him It also shows a weakness Martin will do anything to keep his daughter safe and happy The way these to play off each other felt genuine and a little heartwarming in a novel the delves into the dark side of life With a character that already blends country's and the styles they are known for it is little wonder that the plot should do the same As the story takes us from Sweden to the US and back again we get a mystery that lived up to my hopes The author manages to bring together several plot lines in a constant show of tension and mystery With each twist and turn in the story of a woman who may or may not have committed five murders on two contents my grip on her guilt shifted in the best kind of way If this had been written by an American author I suspect it would have slipped in among many others out there but with Ohlsson bring a distinctively Swedish blend to the mix it gave me something There is no mistaking its heart is firmly planted in the world of Scandinavian Noir It shows the darker side of life for all to see and the damage we can do to one another Drugs human trafficking prostitution and abduction all play their parts in this amazing novel Due to the authors lighter touch when it comes to her book none of these details made we wince It is left to the reader to imagine this topic in detail The villain of this piece if that what you want to call them comes across large and loud and the author gave me someone I could really dislike with a passion By the final pages I can say with certainty that I felt satisfied with the ending and the world build she had done meant I will be happy to go back to this series as I was left with uestions to be serenaded If like me you have read a great many books from these fine country's I hope you will give Buried Lies a shot While covering ground that we have all seen before she manages to bring a breath of fresh air to the genre

  6. Vi ~ Inkvotary Vi ~ Inkvotary says:

    InkvotaryA thriller that will haunt you from the very first page Martin Benner is an arrogant but great man who knows how to read a woman Good not every woman because with Lucy everything is different But for Belle the little cutie he is the absolutely perfect fatherKristina Ohlsson´s style is clear decent and absolutely to the point There are no long descriptions of the landscape or the figures but enough to make you see and enough to make you enjoy and get the rest with your own imagination together I could literally see the stones or the houses the fog and the street of the city And I loved how she went with her main figure Martin Oh boy that man has it all and knows how to use his charm to get what he wants when he wants and how he wants But put him besides Belle and he is melting like butter in the sun In combination with the case he takes to proof the innocence of a dead woman this thriller has the right amount of brutality passion and a psychological finesse that simply stuns you You never ask how this or that could be the reason why this or that happened You just keep reading and reading and in the end you find a plan behind all this that is as much cruel as it is simple Drugs crime theft and a syndicate without any mercy Kristina Ohlsson digs really deep into a world with double moral standards If you don´t cooperate with the boss you´re as good as dead And if you start to look too close you are in huge trouble as wellMartin Benner is a man who knows exactly what he wants He became a lawyer to live a life full of money and success And both he has Why do something if you can pay money for to get it done? He rather calls a plumber when his mother calls and complains that the basement is under water then going there himself No he isn´t a cold man he just knows better things to do with his time then doing a job he isn´t really ualified for And the way he educates little Belle is at least in my eyes perfect Oh yes I am in love with that man smileThis was the first book by the author that I have read and for sure not the last one I am absolutely flashed shocked and overwhelmed Read

  7. Sharlane Naidoo Sharlane Naidoo says:

    Wow what a super duper read amazing story line ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Lynda Kelly Lynda Kelly says:

    I approached this in two minds I've always enjoyed this author's Bergman Recht series but this new series seems to have had very mixed reviews However I needn't have been concerned as for me it was just as good as the original series I really enjoyed it She always writes books of a meaty length as well so you get your money's worth The translation job is also superbly doneMartin is a very different character I was very enamoured of him in one case but then found him than a bit unsavoury too I swear like a trooper myself but he REALLY swears a LOT So if bad language offendeth thee I'd look elsewhere cos' you'll hate this I did smile to myself when he refers to the Swedish habit of always taking their shoes off I've often wondered at that myselfThere were some mistakes the usual ones in almost all e books Apostrophes misplaced or words dropped from sentences and Heffner should be Hefner I did have a snigger to myself when Martin was thinking that She wouldn't have been any safer if I'd hidden her in the Pope's wardrobe in the VaticanI was left wondering what happened to Sara's father as I didn't notice any conclusion regarding him I was also uite bothered throughout that although Sara stood accused of 5 murders we learned very little about the 3 that happened on her home turf I wanted to know a lot about those There is to this story to come in the seuel so if you want this one all nicely tied up at the end you're going to be disappointed I have every intention of reading the next book so I wasn't too bothered by that but I know it can be irritating to some readers

  9. Linda Branham Greenwell Linda Branham Greenwell says:

    This is the first in a new series I think there is only going to be one book though so a 2 book series The main character is a lawyer Martin Benner who takes on a case of clearing a dead woman a woman who confessed to killing 5 people She escapes and kills herself But where is her son Mio?Anyway Martin becomes intrigued in the case and becomes entrenched in the case and things begin happening in his own life that put and his family at risk His kind of girlfriend and business partner Luct and his adopted daughter Belle Martin's sister and her husband parents of Belle die in a car accident and Martin becomes her guardianNow I will have to read book 2 so I can find out about Mio and how Martin gets out of the treats against himI had a difficult time getting into the book I think because I was expecting Fredrika and I was surprised to find a new character

  10. Merryl Merryl says:

    hmmmm not sure about this novel One of the things that I really enjoyed about Scandinavian and Nordic crime novels is that they are so completely different to American crime novels More mystery and plot and character development than just violent sociopathic crimes and usually serial killerThis one was a strange hybrid Scandinavian characters but american influence all throughoutis there a movie deal in the offering? It would appear that there will be a seuel so I am reserving judgment on this novel until the next instalment

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Lotus blues Martin Benner #1 Dagen då allt går åt helvete regnar det En desperat man kommer till advokat Martin Benners kontor och berättar att hans syster behöver hjälp Det är bara det att systern är dödInnan hon tog sitt liv erkände hon fem mord I tidningarna kallades hon seriemördare och gavs namnet Sara Texas Nu vill brodern ge henne upprättelse – och samtidigt hitta hennes försvunne son MioMartin Benner har det mesta Karriär kvinnor ett litet barn Men han har också svagheter Framför allt är han svag för utmaningar Och han gör en fasansfull felbedömning i jakten på sanningen Snabbt förvandlas han från advokat till bricka i ett spel med så höga insatser att han till sist tvingas göra det mest ofattbara av val Lotus blues är en hårdkokt thriller och den första delen i en serie om två Mios blues utkommer våren 2015

About the Author: Kristina Ohlsson

Kristina Ohlsson is a political scientist and until recently held the position of Counter Terrorism Officer at OSCE the Organization for Security and Co operation in Europe She has previously worked at the Swedish Security Service the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish National Defense College where she was a junior expert on the Middle East conflict and the foreign policy of the Eu