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סומכי : סיפור לבני הנעורים על אהבה והרפתקאות Great book if you understand it, if you just see the top of the iceberg you won t like it. Soumchi Coming of Age Soumchi Soumchi 3 Soumchi Is Eleven Years Old, And Growing Up In British Occupied Jerusalem, Just After World War II His Universe Is Enriched Immeasurably When He Is Given A Bicycle, But Before He Fulfills His Dreams Of Riding Into The Desert And Exploring Africa, He Shows His New Prize To A Friend Persuaded To Swap His Bicycle For A New Train Set, Soumchi S Series Of Misadventures Begin As He Trades Away One Possession After Another But As He Imagines Ever Colorful Ways Of Escaping His Predicament, He Finds Something He Never Expected His First Love. ✿ Paid Boyfriend kindle Epub ❃ Author kimpyvon – 9facts.co.uk And Growing Up In British Occupied Jerusalem !!> Reading ➽ Pro PHP XML and Web Services ➶ Author Robert Richards – 9facts.co.uk Just After World War II His Universe Is Enriched Immeasurably When He Is Given A Bicycle [Download] ✤ Lyrics of Life ➸ Abraham Messler Quick – 9facts.co.uk But Before He Fulfills His Dreams Of Riding Into The Desert And Exploring Africa !!> Reading ➽ Wahhabism ➶ Author Hamid Algar – 9facts.co.uk He Shows His New Prize To A Friend Persuaded To Swap His Bicycle For A New Train Set [Download] ➽ Mon Premier Meurtre By Leena Lehtolainen – 9facts.co.uk Soumchi S Series Of Misadventures Begin As He Trades Away One Possession After Another But As He Imagines Ever Colorful Ways Of Escaping His Predicament [PDF] ↠ An Expats Guide to Living in Cusco Author Amy Rigby – 9facts.co.uk He Finds Something He Never Expected His First Love. No me esperaba un libro as es como leer la mente de un ni o, con vocabulario de ni o, con palabras de ni o, con la simpleza de un ni o Una historia corta y que es s lo por un d a La vida de Sumji parec a un desastre por donde se le mirara, y si uno lo ve desde un punto de vista adulto , es algo peque o, pero recuerdo que cuando era ni o, era demasiado importante para m.Me dej un sabor amargo el hecho de que es muy corto, es s lo un d a y por momentos dijeDe qu est hablandoA pesar de que no es un libro complicado de seguir, quer a saber m s acerca de la vida de Sumji que solamente por un d a Le pongo 2 estrellas s lo por el hecho de quedarme con gusto a poco y de cierta forma, Oz pudo haber sacado mucho m s provecho de esta historia No soy escritor ni nada, s lo es mi humilde opini n De todas formas, me gust. Cartea este absolut superba Am citit o intr o ora A fost exact cum ma asteptam, inocenta cumva, dar plina de invataturi Este genul de carte pe care o citesti cu sufletul deschis si zambetul pe buze Mi a placut la nebunie. Amos Oz is probably one of my two or three favorite living writers, and Soumchi is a beautiful book, a gentle, poignant and thoughtful novella about a young boy living in British occupied Jerusalem, a gullible dreamer who fantasizes about travels to the Himalayas and darkest Africa and who dreams about Esthie, the love of his life In a single sentence I can tell you all of it How once I was given a bicycle and swapped it for a railway got a dog instead found a pencil sharpener in place of the dog and gave the pencil sharpener away for love And even this is not quite the truth, because the love was there all the time , before I gave the sharpener away, before these exchangings began. O frumoas c l torie ini iatic Sumki, micul erou, este surprins n plin perioad de dezvoltare trecerea de la perioada copil riei la adolescen Pu in iubire i o biciclet cu bucluc creeaz momentul declan ator al ac iunii, simplist la nivel stilistic dar destul de nc rcat simbolic Povestea e simpatic , a fost genul de carte u oar i numai bun de citit n orele de la coal Nu m am ata at propriu zis de carte, motiv pentru care acord 4,5 5 Sumki este un Danila Prepeleac mic si indragostit, astfel ca nu va avea parte de confruntarile prin care a trecut personajul romanesc, ci doar de o discutie neinteresanta la miez de noapte si de cateva poezioare patetice si copilaroase.Pe bune, cartea lui Amos Oz este povestea lui Ion Creanga la o scara mult mult redusa Nu isi da aici adevarata masura a capacitatii de a scrie, ci doar isi ascunde cele 2 3 idei lipsiste de originalitate si culoare in forma unei parabole asta daca vrem sa fim binevoitori si sa apreciem in vreun fel cartulia din care nu stiu cine ar putea gasi ceva de invatat.Amos Oz nu ma prinde nicicum Dupa Poveste despre dragoste si intuneric si Rime despre viata si moarte se pare ca relatia mea cu Amos Oz nu este una de prietenie ci, mai degraba, de toleranta Sumki nu trezeste nimic in mine, nu rezonez deloc Cele cateva pasaje scrise foarte bine, nu sunt suficiente pentru a o recomanda Decat daca va temeti ca nu o sa indepliniti Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge si vreti sa va umpleti raftul cu carti citite cat mai repede si facil. Te adoro Amos Oz, adoro este libro, adoro leer Wow This book is beautiful, funny, sweet, sad, slyly funny, sensitive There are moments the book seems to be written with a sense of modesty in the face of a complex and difficult to understand world but with sunning narrative grace, and perhaps a bit of a swagger Soumchi is a short novel narrated by a boy living in British occupied Jerusalem after WWII He is socially awkward to a degree I think his emotional awkwardness and way of viewing the world are deeply influenced by growing up with so many adults broken by the holocaust Not only is he socially awkward, but he s in love with a girl, Esther, and he knows it s not acceptable to feel that kind of tenderness, and so he tries to deny his feelings to himself and others, and treats his beloved as one fears an 11 year old boy in this position might Soumchi, like all Jewish fools, is wise beyond his years Home isn t safe for him, and neither is school He has an artist s temperament he s a young poet, or poet in the making and at home and at school pretty much wherever he goes, he s bullied, neglected, or misunderstood But his imagination great imaginary adventures takes him away from the pain of every day life.When his uncle gets him a bicycle, Soumchi thinks his problems are over He ll travel far away leaving behind all of the hurt But, as it turns out, his problems have only just begun The rest may be spoilery I m not sure, but if you re cautious about these things, probably best to stop here The adventures begin with a visit to his friend Aldo, who is wealthy and very wily when it comes to business deals and desperate to ride a bicycle his parents won t let him Soumchi barter s the bike for a bit of Aldo s train set and on his way home, finds himself on Goel s turf Goel is as street smart bully By the end of the day Soumchi feels he s lost mostly everything, and the story has the feel of the folktales under the official folktale type heading trading away one s fortune But this is not a book about a lost bicycle It s a book about the strange twistings and turnings of fate, and about the blessing of coming into contact with the possibility of new and different and tenderer kinds of connection At a certain point in the book, Soumchi meets Engineer Inbar, the father of his beloved Esther Inbar invites Soumchi to his home The conversation between Soumchi and Engineer Inbar is, well, extraordinary in its simplicity and narratively quite brilliant The conversation is a turning point I won t say too much about it Only that in this conversation, disagreement does not as it generally seems to in Soumchi s world turn into violence or name calling Below is one of my favorite quotes, Engineer Inbar responding to Soumchi Only you ll have to try to persuade them to see matters in the same light The days of the bible, alas, are over and done Ours are a different matter altogether Who on earth nowadays can turn walking sticks into crocodiles and beat rocks to make water come out Look, I brought these sweets back last week, straight from Beirut, by train Try one Go on Enjoy it Don t be afraid It s called Rakhat Lokoom Eat up Isn t it sweet and tasty Soumchi has lied to Inbar and it isn t clear to me if Inbar knows it, but I have the feeling he does, and that his, in a way, is the voice of the author coming through But who knows All I know is this is a short, exquisite tale of childhood, a fable of sorts, in which Soumchi loses a bicycle, a train and a dog, and finds something much valuable.

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