Active Birth The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally

Active Birth The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally I recommend this book to pregnant people even if like me you hate yoga While a lot of it is about yoga there's none of that annoying crap that makes yoga so awful eg being made to chant My baby is happy healthy and holy while rubbing your stomach as happened in a prenatal yoga class I insanely took despite knowing how much I hate all that stuff Active Birth has really good practical explanations of what's happening physically during birth stuff like how the baby moves out and the way your hips open up that make sense of why you're better off moving around Plus it's got cute pictures of adorable circa 1991 ladies in striped leotards doing yoga and also many of them au natural giving birthUnlike many other childbirth books this one has a measured rational non judgmental tone and you can either do her specific exercises if you want or just use bits and pieces and her general point about being physically active during labor which is what I did She gives you stuff to do to make pregnancy suck less physically which is nice; there's also a program for postpartum rehabI think reading this really helped prepare me so that when I went into labor I knew beforehand that I wouldn't be comfortable lying still and I moved around a lot which was good When I got to the hospital and they made me lie down on my back to push I freaked out for a minute because of this but lying down at that point turned out to be fine though if I'd been at home or in some nice hippie birth center I might've tried to stay upright longer I do think all the walking around and sitting up and hip opening stuff I'd done earlier helped that baby get down out of there and even though I didn't draw on her specific exercises during labor I credit this book with getting me prepared for it Before giving my review it seems relevant to mention that I'm not a particularly granola type of person I prefer hotels to camping lipstick to chapstick and even after reading the book I still feel secure delivering in a hospital than attempting a home birth or using a midwife I mention this because the one with nature type of person is clearly the author's intended audience That being said I am very glad to have read this book Based on the information provided photographs diagrams and general open mindedness I feel very informed in the variety of ways that a woman can deliver a baby as well as empowered to have of a hand in participating in the direction of the coming birth of my own child even in a hospital In many chapters I was actually left with uestions than answers which normally is not a plus but in this circumstance by exposing her audience to the variety of options available without necessarily over detailing each option the author gave me the space I needed to think about things on my own terms I think reading this book along with other books on similar topics or paired with a local birthing class is the best approach to understanding all of the concepts discussed If you can make it past the occasional kum ba ya rhetoric then this really is an informative and accessible read for expecting moms and dads Fantastic clear empowering and motivational Even though the book was published in 1983 Janet Balaskas draws clearly from movement history and tradition around childbirth to write a book that seems even now in 2019 ahead of the curve in natural childbirth trends Glad I found it at a book sale and glad to have read it with about a month left in this pregnancy I am so glad I read this book I already knew that lying on your back to give birth can close the birth canal by a third but I learned several other reasons why it is actually one of the least practical ways to give birth and can even be harmful In the semireclining position you can be hooked up to the technological monitoring euipment but lying in that position may cause the very fetal distress that would necessitate a monitor to measure While this commonly used position may be very convenient for attendants it gives the mother a much less powerful role lengthens her labor and makes her contractions painful and less effective It is less than ideal for the baby as well While this book is certainly repetitive the valuable knowledge within bears repeating From the start Balaskas explains convincingly and practically why using upright positions for the birth process is so much intuitive and common sense During the course of reading this I learned that my prenatal yoga instructor actually trained with Balaskas in England and realized how well some of the movement principles and positions we were practicing in class fit with those in the book So invested did I become with the principles in this book that I even had a dream about them In the dream I asked my doctor if she'll allow me to give birth in a suatting or kneeling position she flat out said no and I faced the task of finding a new doctor In reality I do certainly hope that my doctor and the hospital staff will give me the freedom to use this great knowledge as I wish as I firmly believe it will make the birth experience so much better for me I also have to hope that I remember enough of the guidelines to use them in my labor by the time is comes around Balaskas often reassures readers however that most of these actions are instinctive and if a woman is left to herself to do what comes natural she'll have an active birth This includes using upright positions like various standing sitting kneeling and suatting postures as well as moving around and changing positions freely After reading Active Birth I feel much empowered and motivated going into the birth of my first baby I'm actually really looking forward to applying the techniues and hope I get to witness their success and realistic advantages firsthand I have read uite a few pregnancy books since I like to read and I am a planner Active Birth was written in the 1990's so it hasn't been updated in uite a while but still provided a good deal of useful information I personally tend to lean towards a natural and crunchy approach to most things including pregnancy and childbirth Active Birth is as the title states focused on a natural and non medicated birth The thing I found the most useful about this book was the inclusion of all the different birth positions which usually featured pictures of women in those actual positions while giving birth I also enjoyed the outfits from the 1990's that the models were wearing in the exercise portion of the book The book of course touches on many important aspects of unmediated child birth such as different labor positions pain management and the different stages of labor I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about unmediated birth My favorite of the 20 or so childbirth books I've read It makes a great case for laboring in the upright position and teaches you how to do it It gives you a whole manual on exercises to do during pregnancy It walks you through how labor begins how it progresses good positions for each stage of labor tips on birthing at home and in the hospital Lots of statistics on how her methods have been used successfully I am a believer I always shock the nurses during my births by showing them the control I have over contractions just by changing positions very empowering Good supplement for people birthing using the Bradley Method Strong where I feel Bradley is weak Very helpful with maovement and breathing practices Makes you very aware of how much control laboring women really do have over their birth experiences and how much a woman can truly participate in her own birth A lot of yoga stuff towards the beginning that I kinda skimmed The actual chapters on childbirth I did find useful The book is slightly dated by her obsession with bean bag chairs and recommending bringing change to the hospital for the pay phone Janet Balaskas led a movement of women who refused to give birth lying down She has been teaching women about active birth ever since In this updated and Americanized guide Balaskas explains how to prepare for and experience a truly natural birth She leads the pregnant woman through yoga based stretching exercises and massage practice and describes the stages of labor and comfortable positions for each at home or in a hospital Balaskas has also included a chapter on water birth as well as postpartum exercises a good addition to pregnant women interested In natural childbirth has good tips and informationhowever it is simplified and it doesn't cover all the topics related to childbirth

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