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Sakura Taisen The action heats up both on stage and on the streets of Tokyo Sakura's first starring role in the theater is a complete disaster but fortunately she can still hold than her own on the battlefield Demon invaders and sinister forces provide uite a challenge for our talented troupe but it's nothing that a little teamwork and fighting spirit can't handle Plus there's always time for a little romantic intermission though Love may be blossoming on the battlefield despite all the odds

3 thoughts on “Sakura Taisen

  1. Kirsten Simkiss Kirsten Simkiss says:

    You know I kind of like this new lady I enjoy how different all of the women are from each other I'm still waiting to see what ualifies Ogami as the only guy capable of piloting the Koubu but I'm sure that will come with time It seems to be picking up and the villain has a clear motive

  2. Nil Patel Nil Patel says:

    very mysteriousfull of action

  3. Brianna Wichlacz Brianna Wichlacz says:

    I love this series

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