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Doctor Who Illegal Alien Britain is at war Night after night the Luftwaffe are bombing London A serial killer dubbed the Limehouse Lurker is stalking the rubble strewn streets But a deadlier threat falls from the sky in the shape of a sinister silver sphereCody McBride ex pat American private eye sees the sphere crash land and split open and glimpses something emerging from within But the military dismiss his account of events the sphere is simply a new German secret weapon that has malfunctioned in some way What else could it be?Arriving amid the chaos the Doctor and Ace are the only people to believe McBride The sphere bears all the hallmarks of sophisticated alien technology and whatever was inside it is now loose in LondonBefore long they have embarked on a trail that brings them face to face with hidden Nazi operatives and some very old enemiesThis story features the 7th Doctor as played by Sylvester McCoy and his companion Ace who has always been one of my favourite companions She was very well portrayed here and I could 'see' Sophie Aldred and hear her voice in the Ace scenes The Doctor wasn't uite so well drawn He could have been any number of incarnations at various points in the story Though the author did try sometimes not only with the description of the umbrella and the uestion Mark tank top but with references such as the chess game from 'The Curse of Fenric'It took a while to get into the story but in the end it was uite a good read Mike Tucker to me feels like a safety blanket in the Doctor Who book range Always a solid decent and fun book but never a story that will knock your socks off Since this was his first book my expectations were not very high Let me just say this I was pleasantly surprisedI bought this book for one simple reason I simply adore the seventh Doctor and Ace They are always a pleasure to watch read about and listen to This serves perfectly as a story between the end of the original series and the revival of the show With a bit of darkness from the end of the show still lingering in this tale it really brings out the best in the seventh Doctor and AceThe protagonist is Cody McBride an American private eye who settled in London Unfortunately for him this story takes place in the second world war and the city is being bombed into oblivion During the bombing however he notices something different fall out of the sky Everyone seems pleased to believe it is simply an unexploded new kind of bomb McBride however is not convinced The pursuit for the truth begins but he is thwarted by the police and the military Combine this with the mysterious Doctor and a sassy Ace dragging McBride along their own investigation and a serial killer on the loose and we find ourselves immersed in a story we wish would have happened on the small screenOccasionally a bit chaotic due to a sizeable cast Still easy recommendation for any Doctor Who fan What a great past doctor novelI loved that it was based in Southwark London as I've recently visited the place for a play last month and Jersey which is a island I love very much and have been to it twice It was interesting comparing it to the world war two Dr Who novels in Virgin New adventures Timewyrm; Exodus and Just War This was very early in Ace days with the Doctor so that's how I imagined it with it being mentioned she never visited this era before but when she didI love Mcbride I loved the McbrideAceDoctor gang It gave me very Duggan vibes from City of Death and a DugganRomanaDoctor kind of vibe which I loved and think what the writers were trying to get atI also LOVED the Cybermats made out of small animals and babies I got a Crystal of Cantus vibe with Brax making the Cybermats out of babies and this reading it just made it all the horrifyingWas slow novel to start with but a great BBC bookWould recommend This would have made a great TV episode but as a book it feels a bit overly paddedGreat historical setting and always good to see the Cybermen Though the human bad guy didn't uite work for me Never really bought his motivationAlways liked the DoctorAce relationship It saved a lot of the weaker TV episodes and the writer has done a nice job of capturing it here First Doctor Who book I've read in a while and I really enjoyed diving back into the Doctor Who universe This one focused on the Seventh Doctor and Ace and I really got to know the characters as I never watched Seven's episodes It was just fast paced enough for me to see how it would work as an episode and although it personally took a while for me to get into it once I did it flew by for me4 Rachel Just finished this book today and really liked it much better than the previous novel in my opinion I haven't read many of the virgin new adventures but this year I plan to read them in order to compare them to the BBC PDA novels of the seventh doctor I really enjoyed this whole idea of this is part of a missing series we never got to see with The Hollow Men Matrix and Storm Harvest being the other stories This is a good jumping on point for the PDA novels and the book itself is uite good and doesn't drag in the middle like most doctor who books with the doctor visiting places he has already been to looking for clues for about 50 pages until the plot shows back up None of that is in here and side not McBride is one of the best one of companion to date again my opinion and the twist around Part 4 is just wonderful Really would recommend this one to any Classic Who fan The cybermen have landed during the blitz and both sides want their technology I had only read a few lines of chapter one before I was supplying the easy American drawl of a thousand private eye voice overs A minute or so later I knew that the location was London during the blitz and that a serial killer dubbed The Limehouse Lurker was at work in the bomb damaged streets Put that damn light out shouts a warden a few pages later in true Dad's Army fashion By now the main supporting character is firmly established the scene is set and I haven't yet resorted to flipping the pages to see how far I've got to read before the Doctor turns up The combination of the private eye and the sardonic Special Branch man Mullen are as familiar as the Tardis crew The tv series often borrowed from other genres in order to create atmosphere in a short space of time Mix in Nazi spies and some very old enemies as the cover summary hints blowing the surprise completely with the front cover and the caption Featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace plus the Cybermen and you have a marvellous d├ębut for the TuckerPerry partnership Whenever the cyber mats turned up during the tv series when I was a kid it wasn't a case of hiding behind the sofa it was like out the door so it astounded me when I read somewhere that the critters weren't used in Silver Nemesis because they weren't convincing or scary I wasn't uite out the door when the things turned up here but they still seem pretty effective frighteners even in print Due to the long running New Adventures published by Virgin the pairing of the Seventh Doctor and Ace is one of the most published Doctor Who double acts but I don't think I've ever read a accurate and faithful portrayal of the two before reading this book The NA's Ace never really seemed like the same character even before she underwent her transformation into a battle hardened super soldier The original character seemed to me to have been abandoned with only Ace as a visual template remaining The story is fast paced with many a twist and an about turn along the way A very enjoyable read After the last two badly written Who books this was a breath of fresh air The BBC books are far superior to the Virgin editions The Blitz is at its height As the Luftwaffe bomb London Cody McBride ex pat American private eye sees a sinister silver sphere crash land He glimpses something emerging from within The military dismiss his account of events the sphere must be a new German secret weapon that has malfunctioned in some way What else could it beArriving amid the chaos the Doctor and Ace embark on a trail that brings them face to face with hidden Nazi agents and encounter some very old enemies An adventure featuring the Seventh Doctor as played by Sylvester McCoy and his companion Ace

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