Stable Witch Saddle Club #41 MOBI À Saddle Club Epub

Stable Witch Saddle Club #41 When Veronica diAngelo a rider at Pine Hollow Stables discovers that her stirrup leathers have been cut before an important hunter jumping exhibition everyone assumes that practical joker Stevie Lake had something to do with it After all Stevie recently served her friends pancakes made out of plaster of Paris and it's a well known fact that Stevie and the rest of The Saddle Club can't stand snooty Veronica diAngeloBut would Stevie actually try to sabotage another rider and risk injuring her valuable Arabian If Stevie didn't cut Veronica's leathers then who did Is it the work of a witch at the stable And will The Saddle Club ever manage to dear Stevie's name

About the Author: Bonnie Bryant

American author of children's books She is best known for creating the intermediate horse book series The Saddle Club which was published from October 1988 until April 2001 The Saddle Club chronicled the adventures of thirteen year old Lisa Atwood and twelve year olds Stephanie Stevie Lake and Carole Hanson The series was static in time; the girls never aged in 101 books 7 special editions

2 thoughts on “Stable Witch Saddle Club #41

  1. Kerri Kerri says:

    One of the darker Saddle Club books really highlighting just how troubled Veronica really is Sadly her parents will continue to turn a blind eye to this buying her things instead of spending time with her I feel sorry for her in some ways though she makes it tricky to have too much sympathy for her Her parents remind me of those people who buy little dogs so they can dress them up as a fashion accessory and then seem to surprised to realize they have a actual dog that behaves like a dog Veronica feels like a dress up doll almost they buy her pretty clothes and give her lots of things but don't comprehend that she needs attention and boundaries

  2. Camille Camille says:

    Yes A lot

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