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Endless Haven #45 It’s been eleven years since Lainey’s story began It’s Harper Montgomery’s tenth birthday and everyone is coming together to celebrate New relationships have formed old relationships have broken off new babies have been born It’s the characters you grew to love and hate all grown and mostly wiser 'Endless' is the Haven epilogue novella set seven years after the final scenes of Before You Say Goodbye Return to Haven North Carolina and see where all of your favorite and least favorite characters ended up told in alternating points of view

5 thoughts on “Endless Haven #45

  1. Abbie Abbie says:

    Actual rating 325This was an okay novella that wrapped the series up nicelyIt was nice to see how things worked out for Lainey and Adam and see how much their lives had changed ten years on from when it all started It was also nice to see how the lives of their family and friends had changed too

  2. Graziella Graziella says:

    And the Haven series has come to an end From the start I knew that this series was going to be amazing Thanks to this series I found a great friend This book actually made me cry at the end The characters have all grown up now and all have different lives and they're all happy I was surprised because I wasn't expecting certain people to become a couple At the beginning it was about two teenagers who were in love and were having a baby They have been through bad and good times but still remained strongly in love with each other A big well done to the author and friend Kaitlyn Oruska Thank you for everything especially for writing these books

  3. Tiffany Poe Tiffany Poe says:

    I loved that we got to find out what all of the characters were up to

  4. Shonna Shonna says:

    Perfect ending to a great series Hoping to see a spin off with Hanna

  5. Julie Reveles (Juls ~ ILST BLOG) Julie Reveles (Juls ~ ILST BLOG) says:

    I really enjoyed this series There were parts I loved and parts that I wish were a little different but overall definitely a 5 star series Loved how this book tied everything together

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