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Audrey cow This was unexpected in every possible way?I loved it Wow What a heart After reading the first half I thought I would never share this book with my grade 4 students Would it not be traumatic to read about a dinner cow trying to escape her one way trip to Abbat War? But then the second half of her story of her freedom recapture and saving was fun and the voices of the characters were uniue I hope I can create adeuate voices as I read it Based on a true story First sentence How would I describe her in a word? Premiseplot Audrey is not a milk cow or a work cow She’s a food cow But though her so called destiny is set—the slaughterhouse inevitable—she will not go down without a fight This poet cow is on a mission to escape and find freedom But one cow on her own seems doomed to fail but a cow with friendswellanything is possible with a community of support and knowledge This one is written as a script It has many many many characters Cows Sheep A rooster Dogs Deer A skunk A pig Just to name a fewreaders also hear from the humans in the story My thoughts I definitely enjoyed this one I haven’t uite decided if it was love or love love love I would recommend it It’s a treat to read But is it as timeless as Charlotte’s Web or Babe? I am not sure yet But it’s a great way to spend a few hours I thoroughly enjoyed reading this with my 12 year old A story similar to Charlotte’s Web but written in the same vein as a VH1 Behind the Music episode it’s incredibly fun to read aloud and easy to switch character voices as they’re announced at each new paragraph Both fun and endearing this was pure delight to get into during the frustrating Covid 19 uarantine Audrey is a cow with poetry in her blood who yearns for the greener pastures beyond Bittersweet Farms But when Roy the horse tells this bovine dreamer that she is headed for Abbot's War the slaughter house Audrey knows that she must leave her home and friends sooner than she ever imagined With the help of a whole crew of animals and humans alike Audrey attempts to escape the farm she lives on and certain death Cleverly written as an oral account this uniue illustrated tale of an animal on the run told to camera uses over thirty narrative voices including six humans four cows three sheep two sheep dogs one pig and a very silly rooster Full of heart and humor Audrey cow is ultimately a very human story about life and death friendship and holding on to one's dreams based or less on a true story My husband read this aloud because he does fantastic narrative voices I think if I would have read this myself it could have been a bit long winded but with different voices it had a Creature Comforts effect and was uite enjoyable 😂 Did this as a read aloud with grade 3 4 students It started out slow and difficult for them to follow but as we got into the book they really enjoyed it This is the third selection for a children's book club I am facilitating This was recommended by my local branch NYPL children's librarian and it is a great choice Told from multiple points of view we learn about Audrey a Charolais cow who will be taken to Abbot's War abbatoir A plot is hatched to save her and the story is told in the form of interviews with the animals involved as well as the people There are so many topics for discussion and I hope the kids like it as much as I did This may be a bit deep but I cried at times in this book as I found it to be mirroring tales of concentration camps I’m a vegetarian as is my 6 year old son and I read this to him I had hoped it would incite compassion in him even though he’s already very compassionateSuch a cute and wonderful tale and I only wish all cows had the same happy ending as Audrey 3 Based on a true story Read this aloud to my kids ages 13 11 and 7 and it was great fun Told interview style there's lots of opportunity for voice actingif you like that kind of thing There are solid messages of hope and compassion in there too

About the Author: Dan Bar el

Dan Bar el is an award winning children’s author educator and storyteller His writing includes chapter books such as The Very Very Far North and Audrey cow picture books such as Not Your Typical Dragon and It's Great Being a Dad and graphic novels such as That One Spooky Night and Dog Night at the Story Zoo For the past twenty five years Dan has been working with children ages 3 to 13

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