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Mine to Take Nine Circles #1 Spoilers ahead 25Not a bad book really but I found myself bored at the predictability of it allRevenge plotNo cheatingNo OWOM dramaNo real details of their sexual history though neither were virginsI read these books out of order book 2 disgusted me and I'm not a fan of the h's attitude in book 3 so I'm tapping out This is one hypnotizing intense read This is about Gabriela powerful head of a construction company and his uest for justice on behalf of his mother who recently passed away from cancer He is consumed with bringing down the one man who he thinks is responsible for everything horrible he and his mother went through in the past He doesn't care who he hurts in the process as he targets the man's stepdaughter Honor and she unknowingly becomes a pawn in his plan for revengeShe turns out to be no pushover and could really put him in his place Their chemistry is combustible and this book is HOT As their relationship grows closer his inner turmoil and guilt increases At times I felt like I was watching a train wreck in progress and I could not look away Gabriel is not a nice guy but I still found myself rooting for him to get his revenge and win the girl It takes a very talented writer to pull that off The climax to the story is very exciting and even though Gabriel and Honor's story reaches a conclusion the overall mystery does not so this series must be read in order I highly recommend this book and look forward to continuing this series Honor and Gabriel's story was a good read overallGabriel is one of the f ed up billionaires in Nine circles Apart from his business he runs an underground mafia clubWhen his mother passes away from cancer he discovers he was product of rape and vows revenge which ultimately leads him to Honor the rapists' stepdaughterHonor is working hard to save the Tremain hotels since she has invested heavily in them Since her brother Alex abandoned her and their mother 19 years ago she's been the rock holding her familyGabriel approaches Honor to find out information about Tremain and they end up having hot hot sex; hence falling for each other Soon things aren't that simple as secrets are revealed and feelings get involvedThe story was good but I didn't feel connected to any of the characters Kudos to well written sex scenesAlso good secondary characters would love to know about Alex Eva and ZacIt ends in a cliffy and I think the story continues in rest of the books though this couple finds their HFNLoads of pushing away and the heroine doesn't give upSafe3255 Gabriel wants justice It’s the one thing that has kept him moving forward The only way to get that justices is to go through Honor She might have the answers that will allow him to take down the man he’s been gunning for The man that he thinks is the cause of it all the same man that is Honor’s step dad When Honor is trying to find investors for her step dad’s company Gabriel is than willing to put forth the money but he wants a few things in return But what started as a game to Gabriel suddenly become so much after he finds that he isn’t just attracted to Honor that she makes him feel something – something he has never felt before Getting his justice will destroy Honor and even after he reveals it all to her she has to decide to walk away like everyone else has or stick by his sideI struggled with this book There were parts that held my attention and then there were times when I just wanted to skip pages at a time I can’t really even pinpoint exactly what it was but I had to read this in several sittings I think I read about ten other books between the time I started this and ended it By the time I hit the halfway mark I was ready to put it down but decided to push myself to see if something happened to change my mind and bring it all together It never really hit that point I think the mix of so much into the story was what did me in I had to balance the story of Gabriel Honor his friends the fraud with the hotels Gabriel’s past and then a story line that expanded far bigger than where it started Normally that would make this into a fantastic story but something was just off and prevented that from happening for me I think it came down to too much of everything else and not enough of Gabriel Honor’s story It appears that this series will continue with the theme of the much larger story being exposed with Honor’s brother and Gabriel’s friend Alex being up next – but I don’t think there was enough there for me to need to know the rest of this story Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalleyI wasn't sure what to expect with this novel I read the blurb and thought Love and revenge? How could I go wrong? This wasn't an awful book but I really didn't care for it at allHonor was the heroine and uite simply I didn't find that I liked anything about her She wasn't bad or an awful person or anything She was just sort of blah She's sort of a poor little rich girl but she's not really poor Her family almost lost everything when her dad died but they she and her mom sold everything they could get their hands on and then her mom married a rich guy and things were okay But Honor wasn't a bitch or spoiled or anything She has her own investment company but she's invested heavily in her stepfather's hotel business and things aren't looking good She's definitely honest and open So I should have liked her I guess I found her to be a little to simple NOT stupid just not very complex and her name is about as subtle as an atomic bombGabriel to me was a little complex than Honor and as such he was a little interesting He's grown up knowing that he was the son of his mom's rapist And even though she was a Christian woman it seemed to me that in some ways she hated her son She was Catholic so she didn't have an abortion but she had the baby and from around age 10 and up she was terrified of him since he apparently looked like her rapist No offense but shit she sounded like an asshole The fact that Gabriel was aware of his parentage and aware of how his other felt about him was all one thing But however she acted Gabriel for right or wrong translated that to being disgusted with himself hating himself being ashamed of himself thinking he would never be worth anything etc It was awfulto read I just felt so bad for him In fact I felt so bad for him that I couldn't muster up anything other than pity for himI have no idea if Honor and Gabriel had any chemistry I was distracted by the sad awful story behind Gabriel As bad and as obvious as Honor's name is Gabriel's isn't much better since Gabriel in some scriptures is sent to proceed against the bastards and the reprobates and against the children of fornication 1 Enoch 109 which MAY be interpreted by some as being some kind avenging angel type of character For me all I want to do is read hot and sexy books about perfect and imperfect people All of this is a little too above my pay grade And if I'm reading too much into it then this just wasn't interesting enough to hold my attentionAlthough this was a well written book I'm sorry to say that I don't think I would recommend this book The Sexy Time was okay but I was too distracted and turned off by the sad miserable back story of the hero If you are someone who likes a hero who is as damaged as I described above then by all means TRY THIS BOOK But I don't like it and I didn't care for this book I'm going to divide this review into the good the bad and the uglyFirst the good Gabriel has been dead set on revenge for most of his life until he finds himself involved with his mark's step daughter Honor I loved the way these two bantered back and forth in the beginning and how she shoveled his patronizing bullshit right back at him Because I'm not a nice man sweetheartSweetheart? Oh pleaseHe almost smiled at the look on her face Honor thenThat would be preferable Both of them were interesting and well developed and their relationship evolved naturally to show growth on both of their parts There were definitely some well written portions of this story He hadn't liked her dig about his not asking It made him uncomfortable and made him aware of his own boundaries and how he was testing them with his plans for her I also liked the plot The mystery of the money laundering Honor's step father and father and how they related to Gabriel really held my attention The bad Some of the dialogue was pretty cheesy and I didn't like the way the members of the Nine Circles Club interacted with each other like they despised one another What's the point of the club if there's just animosity? I get that they supported each other but I didn't understand why Also parts of the story were over writtenover explained though not so much that I was put off reading it which brings us toThe ugly The last 15% of the story really frustrated me like the author didn't take the time to come up with a plot hole free way to expose all the truths that I'd been waiting so patiently to hear about And talk about an anti climax when all was said and done though I will say that I didn't see the book ending the way it did Kudos for surprising me First in a brand new series by Jackie Ashenden featuring the members of the Nine Circles Club friends bound together by power secrets needand the love they will find and stop at nothing to keep Passion always comes at a price Gabriel Woolf is unstoppable A ruthless businessman he has perfected the art of revenge Ever since his mother's death Gabriel has harbored only one wish To take down the man who ruined their lives But all bets are off when he meets his father's step daughter Honor St James Beautiful and innocent she is everything Gabriel never knew he wanted and now there's no turning back Is her desire worth the risk Honor wasn't born yesterday She knows that Gabriel is a wolf in sheep's clothing willing to cross any line to get what he wantsherself included But Gabriel's passion for Honor in spite of her connection to the man he hates the most cannot be deniedand the feeling is utterly mutual Can Gabriel be trusted The only thing she knows for sure is how he makes her feel And she can't keep herself from coming back to him over and over againin Mine to Take Gabriel is determined to get justice for his mother by ruining the man who raped her To that end he maneuvers himself into position to use Honor the daughter of the man he holds responsible Then angsty romance happensThe Good The Bad and Everything In Between Intriguing setup for this billionaire’s club I like the Nine Circles club and the relationships between its members was interesting from the very first page As isolated as Gabriel is I enjoyed the fact that he had these friends who cared A tragic hero Gabriel needed a hug though he’d probably glare until I backed away slowly and I confess I like my heroes like that The ragic backstory for Gabriel was compelling and completely sold me on his reasons for justice or truly vengeance on the man who hurt his mother The glimpses of Gabriel’s past made my heart break for him and want to see him get to a place where he could accept love A good heroine I love when a heroine can surprise me and not take the path well traveled There are times when you’d expect her to run or shut down and while she certainly does it at first I loved that she didn’t follow a formula and instead was strong enough to handle the betrayals by those she loved Both Gabriel and Honor need running shoes though My notes during this read were “Uh oh she’s a runner Great he's a runner too Well at least they have that in common” As soon as they waded into deeper emotional waters both Honor and Gabriel had a tendency to pull away and actually physically run from the room This was usually preceded by my next issue with this story which was Alot of time spent in their own heads I would have liked Gabriel and Honor to spend time talking to each other hashing out their feelings rather than the inordinate amount of internal monologues explaining their motivations to the nth degree I understood their feelings and concerns and while well written this is something that distracts me in a story when the main characters spend too much time in their own heads rather than interacting with others Ending was a bit anti climactic I wanted to know the big secret and while I appreciate the emotional growth that Gabriel went through I still wanted that knowledge I’m hoping to get it later in the series Intrigued by setup for next book Ahem I would like Alex’s storyright now please Thank youThe Bottom LineWhile I had some issues with the time spent monologuing in their heads I did enjoy Ms Ashenden’s writing style and I would read the next book in this seriesARC provided by publisher through netgalley in exchange for an honest review WellWhen I started on this book I didn't think I'd like it I only read it because Goodreads suggested I read Make You Mine which is the second book of this series and I needed context Another reason I thought I wouldn't like it is because I'm tired of Billionaire stories How many billionaires can exist in the world? And how can 4 of them know each other? How can one reach billionaire status after being a president in a MC and then start a construction company? People I had to suspend belief for A LOT at the beginning of this bookAnyway I ended up loving it I think the characters were really fleshed out As much as there was a lot of drama and hijinks occuring around them this was very much a character driven book I liked both the hero and the heroine Although their initial interactions were stuff of therapist couches I loved how they finally bonded The theme of revenge can get a tad bit reductive but this book did its best to balance the revenge plot with the relationship building between the characters I loved how the heroine remained mostly independent even towards the end of the book This is not one of those books where the heroine gets sucked into the hero's crazy revenge plot and loses her identityHonestly I had never read any of Jackie's books but after this? I think she has a knack of knowing how to balance erotica romance and a thriller Which is uite hard to do Some books rely on the characters to push the story or the sex or the thriller but this balanced out uite nicely I'm intrigued by the mystery although let's be honest which billionaires have time off their empires to investigate murders and intrigue?My only critiue of this book is WHY COULD THEY NOT BE MILLIONAIRES? Even those are few and far between and uite impressive did they ALL have to be BILLIONAIRES? Oh boy believe the hype this book is AMAZING What a rollercoaster ride of secrets pain loyalty revenge love and uber hotness Gabriel is one tormented sexy alpha billionaire biker and smart savvy investment CEO Honor is just the woman to match him in the uncovering of some devastating secrets and rocky road to justice and healingSupport characters in the 'fucked up billionaires club' Alex Eva and Zac give depth but don't overwhelm and I'm thrilled they will be getting their own stories tooA brilliant setup to the new 'nine circles' series and the ending opens the door perfectly for book 2 Alex's story

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Mine to Take Nine Circles #1
  • Jackie Ashenden
  • English
  • 20 March 2014
  • 9781250051769

About the Author: Jackie Ashenden

Jackie has been writing fiction since she was eleven years old Mild mannered fantasySFpseudo literary writer by day obsessive romance writer by night she used to balance her writing with the serious job of librarianship until a chance meeting with another romance writer prompted her to throw off the shackles of her day job and devote herself to the true love of her heart – writing romanc