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Turbocharge Your Writing If you want to be an academic or researcher you have to write And if you want to be a successful academic or researcher you have to write a lot Yet many academics and researchers never learn the techniues and strategies that can significantly increase their writing productivityTable of contents • Getting Started • Some Writing Myths • Two Golden Hours • But It's Not Good Enough • Keep Writing • The Tool Box

2 thoughts on “Turbocharge Your Writing

  1. Samantha Samantha says:

    Would recommend for any research student in their first few stages of there degree or research I've just entered my second year of my PhD and about to go through my confirmation of candidature This book helped me realise that some of the strategies I was already using were backed up But it also taught me new ways of tackling my writing One of the most important pages for me was the one about feedback

  2. Olwen Olwen says:

    It's a very slim book only 58 pages but it offers some great techniues

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