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  1. Kelly Cooke Kelly Cooke says:

    dr sears is not for everyone but he may be for you are you distressed or angered or bewildered by modern parenting advice? do you prefer to rock and sing or nurse your baby to sleep rather than make her cry herself to sleep? does it seem weird to you that baby sleep experts implore you not to pick your baby up whatever you do when she's crying at night? do you prefer a baby sling to wearing a f%ing 30 pound car seat on your arm? i have seen women do this while shopping it's bizarre dr sears will make you feel sane again i'm beingsomething something annoying but seriously if you are into natural ways of parenting wearing your baby so she's close to you a lot breastfeeding nighttime parenting cosleeping etc then you should read lots of dr sears if you are not into that stuff dr sears will piss you off but he and his wife and sons are extraordinarily helpful to many parents who have waded through lots of parenting books that have made them cry the thing i like most about dr sears is that he says that attachment parenting is really just how you would parent if you were on a desert island away from parenting books and people who have negative things to say about how you are parenting and i think that's true i don't like that attachment parenting is considered a method i think it's just parenting

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    If you want to feel bad about yourself as a mother a woman and a member of Western Civilization this book is for you Full of positive information about how if you don't spend every waking minute of your life hugging and soothing preferably with your breasts your newborn you are setting them up for a life of failure Every possible problem your child might have can be traced back to your shameful willingness to let them cry or be without you for any period of time Although they don't come right out and say that working mothers are evil they imply it time and again Better that we all be like women in some remote African tribe who have their children strapped to their backs all day suckling on their teets every minute or twoAnyway this book is a big flaming terd

  3. Deborah Deborah says:

    The key thing I learned from this book and the key thing I wish to pass on to any parent or parent to be looking for THE magical answer book is this Trust your instincts They will truly serve you better than anything written in a book That said this book will time and again ask you to do just that Listen to your gut and your heart when it comes to your baby Many of us have been doing what is called attachment parenting all on our own without the fancy label for years I found many things about AP attachment parenting worked well for me and some others did not I took what I needed from it as a parenting approach and in the end I followed what was best for my family Something to keep in mind because mixing with so called AP parents in real life proved very much a downer for me as I was not AP enough for them It's not an all or nothing deal This book will be a radical departure from the solutions offered by other mass market parenting tomes It posits a great deal of what seems like duh advice such as hold and rock your baby when he or she is crying But let's face it some people need to be told it's okay to do this and not an outright attempt by a days old infant to cruelly manipulate them Some of the advice is truly life altering For me it was the sidebar about GERD infant reflux that explained why my tiny newborn was crying like the damned after being put down after feeding This book is filled with a lot of wonderful simple ideas that will help you stay sane in the trenches Very reassuring These people had a lot of babies and they learned what really worked They make a lot of claims about the beneficial effects of AP style parenting and though they do not back these claims up with a great deal of cited research my own anecdotal experience bears out their claims I've got a very happy healthy clever and well adjusted 7 year old and another baby on the way Happy parenting

  4. Elyssa Elyssa says:

    Thankfully I did not buy this I read most of it at my sister in law's house Dr Sears provides some good practical advice I will give him credit in the form of 2 stars for that A huge part of the book promotes attachment parenting with little proof of its effectiveness and the book is easier to digest if you agree with him My big problem is that his theories are very mother centered so the father or partner are relegated to support the mother as she is caring for the infant ie wearing the baby in a sling exclusively breastfeeding co sleeping and not working outside of the home Personally I found this method to be sexist but I don't share the belief that mothers should be the primary parent I think fathers are often left out and not given the opportunity to be active parents and that eually shared parenting is the goal I don't recommend this book unless the parents are clear that they want to subscribe to his theories and that the mother is ready to commit fully to the primary role of being a parent and the other parent is okay with taking a secondary role

  5. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    I wish I could give this book less stars Aside from the Sears family's love of soy I think they do a great injustice to society The expectations they put on women to do things exactly the way they did is insane People need to tak ethis book with a grain of salt before it make sthem crazy insecure and unhappy

  6. Janey Janey says:

    I am not a fan of Babywise or What to Expect When books This is my go to baby book It has literally everything you need to know Time and time again I'd check the awesome table of contents and there was the answer to my uestion or challenge I call it my baby bible I love their focus on The Seven Baby B's of Attachment Parenting1 birth bonding2 belief in the signal value of your baby's cries uote Pick up your baby when he cries As simple as this sounds there are many parents who have been told to let their babies cry it out for the reason that they must not reward bad behavior But newborns don't misbehave; they just communicate the only way nature allows them to Imagine how you would feel if you were completely uncoordinated unable to do anything for yourself and your cries for help went unheeded A baby whose cries are not answered does not become a good baby though he may become uiet; he does become a discouraged baby He learns the one thing you don't want him to that he can't communicate or trust his needs will be met This is one reason I fell in love with this book I did not want to let my baby cry it out when he was obviously trying to tell me something3 breastfeeding4 babywearing I tried this and went through a couple baby carriers that I did NOT like I did enjoy the carrying part so next child I will look again for a comfortable carrier5 bedding close to baby Tried this Didn't uite work for my new mom anxiety at every little sound worried that he was waking up for another three hours Hopefully I'll be relaxed next time6 balance and boundaries7 beware of baby trainersI did about 5 out of 7 of these and truly loved it More uotes Remember while attachment parenting is not the easiest style of parenting if practiced properly it should be the most joyful oneBe prepared to be the target of well meaning advisers who will shower you with detachment advice such as Let her cry it out Get her on a schedule You shouldn't still be nursing her and Don't pick her up so much you're spoiling her The last uote is so true; so many people would tell me these things and it would go against my motherly instinct I think I was the one being spoiled by attachment parenting and I thoroughly enjoyed it Your babies are only babies for a short time

  7. Inder Inder says:

    We love this book and refer back to it often But then we are generally unapologetic co sleeping baby wearers My hippy parents and their friends practiced attachment parenting before the term attachment parenting was coined I spent my early years in a commune where small babies slept with their parents were never left to cry it out in a crib down the hall and spent most of their time in someone's arms This approach may not be for everyone but because I was raised this way it feels natural and right to meSo stepping away from the politics of child rearing for a second what I love about Dr Sears is not that he converted me to his parenting method but that his books are supportive of and elaborate on my existing parenting philosophy I take some aspects of his methodology with a grain of salt naturally but what a relief to read a book that actually recommends co sleeping for a changeOf course if you want to get your baby to sleep through the night in a crib in their nursery and there's nothing wrong with that this is not the book for you

  8. Lauren Lauren says:

    I avoided Dr Sears while I was pregnant Most everyone who tend towards the same lifestyle choices we make seemed to be fans but there was something that just struck me wrong so I spent time with other books the Mayo Clinic book Heading Home with Your Newborn the Working Woman's Pregnancy Book etc etc And then we had our little one and I found myself spending virtually every minute of those early days nursing he was always in our arms and he was sleeping in a bassinet in our room rather than the nursery we had spent so much time making perfect for him All of a sudden we found ourselves doing attachment parenting without having read the booksSo now I'm reading some of the books I read Dr Sears' Attachment Parenting one and now I've finished the big Baby Book And I go back and forth on how much I like them I generally agree with AP principles for our specific family not saying it's the right solution for everyone And these books actually do make me feel better about some of things we're doing that are less traditional Yet as I read them I wonder what me of five years ago or the me of five years in the future would have thoughwill think Dr Sears is making a case that research shows AP is best Yet his writing doesn't cite research in the way that makes it easy to track down studies and much of his writing is anecdotal When you're tired and the baby doesn't want to sleep in the crib but the baby does sleep well in your bed maybe you don't need the best research in the world to make you feel better about your decision But for those on the fence it'd be nice if he really offered a little back upBut primarily I have a hard time aligning my feminist personality with the books He clearly believes that only mother knows best If so really shouldn't Martha have lead billing on the books? To be clear he does highly recommend an involved father but you get the sense throughout the book that you're a really lucky mom if you have that and the best you can hope for is someone who will occasionally rub your back while you nurse And really based on everyone in my circle the fathers are really involved They want to be just as the moms want to be And there are times that the father knows than the mother I really like it that way I love that my son will be raised by two parents who are both very involved that have different areas of strength to draw fromI'm also particularly bothered by Dr Sears' discussion of working mothers He talks about how some moms have to work for economic reasons and hints that there might be other reasons but I finished the working mom section feeling like I'm not as devoted to motherhood as I should be When in reality going to work is what gives me the space and perspective to be fully on for the entire evening and lunch when I'm around the baby I just don't think he has a really good perspective on the complexities of identities for mothers and describes the world through a black white lens I was talking to another mom at our daycare about it and I was complaining that he only seems to think women work when they need to She pointed out that some of us need to just for reasons beyond financial If he even put it that way I'd feel a lot betterSo I'm all over the map on this one I basically agree with the general themes and ideas though I think the research is uestionable and find the books to be difficult as a feminist However I know I'll keep this book around and will continue to refer to it so it clearly has value for my parenting style If you feel like you have a good basic understanding of babies from other books but want to know about AP I'd recommend his book focused on Attachment Parenting rather than this one This does go into a little depth in some of those ideas but most of the additional length came from entirely different sections on things like development which if you're like me you have a shelf of those books to start with

  9. Marie Anderson Marie Anderson says:

    This book has been a great resource book for my first year as a mom I've used it mainly as a reference book when I have a specific topic I want to look up It really does a good job of covering the main areas and providing me with the information I'm looking for I've really appreciated the developmental section which includes ideas on how to play with your child at each stage and what some of their favorite games and activities will be This has been so helpful for me and I have received some great ideas on how to interact with Lauren in a way that will be helpful for her development One note about the book Dr Sears believes in attachment based parenting and thus the book is obviously focused this way encouraging things like baby wearing cosleeping breastfeeding etc While I don't agree with all of his suggestionsbeliefs the book has still been a great resource for me especially at 200 am when the baby has a fever or won't stop crying and you don't know what to do

  10. Amy Amy says:

    Lots of good information Contrary to what some other reviewers have said the Sears ABSOLUTELY state over and over again that you need to do what works for YOUR family The information is NOT presented in a way that should make anyone feel bad about that caregiving Nor is my way is the only and right way preached or expected Attachment parenting is the foundation of the book and if you are not comfortable with this kind of parenting then perhaps this isn't a great book for you to read however there is alot of good information not related to parenting style I happen to be this attachment kind of parent so the ideas weren't out there for me I initially decided to check this book out after some media coverage of attachment parenting gave a name to what I was already doing I am a full time working mom and this is what works for our family After reading this book I felt empowered to continue to do what we think is best for our child regardless of what the norm of this country is Anyway to each their own

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The Baby Book The baby bible of the post Dr Spock generation already embraced by hundreds of thousands of American parents has now been revised expanded and brought thoroughly up to date with the latest information on everything from diapering to day care from midwifery to hospital birthing rooms from postpartum nutrition to infant development Dr Bill and Martha Sears draw from their vast experience both as medical professionals and as the parents of eight children to provide comprehensive information on virtually every aspect of infant care Working for the first time with their sons Dr Bob and Dr Jim both pediatric specialists in their own right the Searses have produced a completely updated guide that is unrivaled in its scope and authority The Baby Book focuses on the essential needs of babies cating sleeping development health and comfort as it addresses the uestions of greatest concern to today's parents The Baby Book presents a practical contemporary approach to parenting that reflects the way we live today The Searses acknowledge that there is no one way to parent a baby and they offer the basic guidance and inspiration you need to develop the parenting style that best suits you and your child The Baby Book is a rich and invaluable resource that will help you get the most out of parenting for your child for yourself and for your entire family