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The Complete and Essential Jack the Ripper Discover the truth behind the myth in The Complete Jack the Ripper by Paul Begg and John Bennett Whitechapel 1988 a spate of brutal murders becomes the most notorious criminal episode in London's history The killer chillingly nicknamed 'The Whitechapel Murderer' 'Leather Apron' and most famously 'Jack the Ripper' is never brought to justice for the slaughter and mutilation of at least five women in the slums of East London But the mystery is deepened by a letter sent From Hell to Scotland Yard accompanied by half of a preserved human kidney In this comprehensive account of London's most infamous killer the foremost authorities on the case explore the facts behind the most grisly episode of the Victorian era Setting the scene in the impoverished East End the authors' meticulous research offers detailed accounts of the lives of the victims and an examination of the police investigation The Complete Jack the Ripper is the definitive book by Paul Begg and John Bennett exploring both the myth and reality behind the allusive killer Paul Begg and John Bennett are researchers and authors widely recognized as authorities on Jack the Ripper Paul Begg's books include Jack the Ripper The Facts Jack the Ripper The Definitive History and he is a co author of The Jack the Ripper A to Z John Bennett has written numerous articles and lectured freuently on Jack the Ripper and the East End of London He has acted as adviser to and participated in documentaries made by television channels worldwide and was the co writer for the successful Channel 5 programme Jack the Ripper The Definitive Story He is author of E1 A Journey Through Whitechapel and Spitalfields and co author of Jack the Ripper CSI Whitechapel Something of a misnomer while it arguably does provide the most essential information on the Ripper murders it's much less complete than several other books in my collection including one co authored by Begg my reason for buying this rather slim volume It would however be an excellent introduction to the topic and it is commendably up to date in its discussion of how the Ripper has become a legendary figure and one of the East End's best known characters The book doesn't claim to solve the mystery though it does dismiss a few of the widely publicized claims and refers readers to the internet if they want to consider the than 300 suspects that have been suggested Did what I needed it to ie give me an indication of life and death that summer and took me through both the canonical and contextual victims Attention to detail goodA thoroughly readable book; I may come back to it for the rest of the argument at some future date Book which covers the crimes the suspects and the theories but doesn't expect you to accept that the author has solved the ultimate uestion I've always been fascinated with the Jack the Ripper case but have never done much reading beyond cursory examinations of the Wikipedia page on the tragedies The cover and overall form factor of this book seemed to me to hint at its being a rather sensationalized cheap depiction or portrayal of the case and so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this wasn't uite so The book is laid out in three useful sections the first details the events of each of the murders; the second delves into the most prominent theories surrounding the killings and the identity of the killer; and the third elaborates on elements of the Ripper mythology that have sprung up and traces their origins All in all the information presented here is rather straightforward and seemingly unbiased Particularly in the first section everything is stated very matter of factly with emphasis placed on the facts of the case versus interpretation That is saved for the second part where the authors very carefully assess the bevy of Ripper literature available today and over the past several decades Here the book really shines in its commentary on how people approach the problem of solving the murders and identifying the killer and how these various methods have at times grown out of the cultures and times in which they are deployedAll in all I was rather pleasantly surprised with the uality of this book and its analysis as well as its prose What I thought was going to be a fairly tawdry reading experience turned out to be uite informative and even thought provoking if not about Jack himself then about the culture and world in which he operated and which we all operate in today

  • Kindle Edition
  • 317 pages
  • The Complete and Essential Jack the Ripper
  • Paul Begg
  • English
  • 09 June 2014

About the Author: Paul Begg

Paul Begg is acknowledged worldwide as one of the leading authorities on the Jack the Ripper mystery He has worked in newspapers television and publishing He has written extensively on Jack the Ripper including Jack the Ripper The Uncensored Facts Jack the Ripper The Definitive History and Jack the Ripper The Facts He is also the author of Into Thin Air The Scotland Yard Files and Mary C

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