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Overwhelmed Blurred Lines #1 ARC received from author for honest reviewI became a fan of Marita Hansen after reading My Masters Nightmare and fell in love with that series shortly after I think I started cyber stalking her and getting any information I could on what she was working on When I found out she was working on Overwhelmed excited doesn't even begin to describe what I was feeling First of all she said the magic words Threesome and David Gandy look alike so of course I was going to read this bookAnd what an amazing read it was Marita is an amazing author Her writing is just so clean and smooth does that even make sense? it flows effortlessly Overwhelmed just pulls you in and takes hold of youYou have Tom and Kelly who have been married for 20 years I absolutely love these two together I fell for Tom immediately How can you not? He's a good guy works hard for his family and adores his wifeand he's HOTKelly is trying to make a go of it as a full time writer while taking care of her family Writing has been her dream but Tom feels like writing has become Kelly's top priority and hasn't been getting enough of her attention To try and spice things up Tom suggests they got to a sex club A hesitant Kelly decides to do this for Tom While there they meet Eric a rich good looking older man Did I mention he's the David Gandy look alike? Well he is and that would have been all it took for meBut I'll admit DaviderI mean Eric had to work for my affections Tom had already won me over from the beginning We got parts of the past in this book We learn how Tom and Kelly met we get pieces of their time dating and getting that history just made me fall in love with Tom even And even though Eric looks like my David yes I said MY David Tom stole my heartand then towards the end Eric stole a piece too Yep he worked for my affectionAs I mentioned you'll get parts of the past and present as well as POVs from the 3 main charactersFor me this book made me reflect on things in my life and I love when a book can do thatI think you are going to love these characters they are wonderfully flawed and so close to real I can't even pick just one to be my favorite and that is saying something because HELLOEric is a look alike of my David I'm not gonna lie I went in thinking he was definitely gonna be my favorite but as soon as I got to know Tom I thought 'Oh hell how did Marita make me fall for someone other than the David look alike?'I'm so torn between the two I may just need a threesome with them to decide Oh'wait that's how Kelly's problems startedYou ask what problems? What happened?Well you are just going to have to read this book to find out side note If the real David Gandy sees this there would be no competition You would win REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised4 STARS out of 5Genre Adult Romance EroticaNOTE This review contains mild spoilers as I discuss the characters But no major plot twist andor major reveals will appear ‘Sex was now on the menu with me and Tom as the main course’ In Overwhelmed Kelly and Tom Hamlin go to a sex club called Top Hat in hopes of spicing up their marriage only they leave broken than they were prior to arriving whether they know it yet or not When Eric Firth spots Kelly at the Top Hat he knows he’ll fuck her After all he’s a man use to getting what he wants Once he has her he decides that he’d like Kelly all for himself Because who cares if she's married right rolls eyes ‘I was an addict and writing was my drug’ Kelly Hamlin is an indie author and although I do not recall her genre being specified in the book at one point it is clear that her current WIPwork in progress is a romance She’s been with her husband Tom for 20 years they have 2 kids a boy Remy around 10 or 11 sorry I’m unsure and a girl Nicky around 15 or 16 Kelly is so completely immersed in her writing that she has been neglecting her home her kids and her husband in the process Safe to say that her life is falling apart right before her eyes however she has her face stuck in a screen without a damn clue That is until real life slaps her in the face with issues that must be dealt with immediately ‘I was failing as a wife and a mother I put my hands to my head I could feel tears prickling at the back of my eyes’ So as I was saying in the beginning of the book it’s clear that their marriage is not doing well Looking to fulfill their sexual fantasies they decide to visit a sex club My first thought umm this is not a good idea guys Do they listen No hangs head in disappointment yes I'm judging themWhile at the sex club Kelly finds herself attracted to a British guy named Eric A guy whose been eye fucking Kelly since he walked in the club that night Mind you none of this goes unnoticed by Tom After the couple has some fun with each other alone few times winkwink Eric mumbles ‘asshole’ to myself Ok where was I? Eric yes Eric Firth invites himself in to the mix They agree to a threesome andwell that is when things become AWKWARDThe whole threesome scene was just weird and II felt soooo bad for Tom It becomes abundantly clear that he is not happy with another man fucking his wife yet he allows it to continue instead of stopping it; in a very cringe worthy scene that will leave readers not so happy Hell Kelly is so distracted by her unwanted attraction for Eric and the love she has for her now uncomfortable husband Tom that she can’t even get off hangs head down in shame It was bad folksThunderstruck What made the story appeal to my reading taste buds was how Marita A Hansen takes you on a little ride with her main couple by going from present to past In flash backs she allows readers to see how Kelly and Tom got together which was absolutely ADORABLE Kelly with her innocence and Tom with his far from innocent self Hansen intertwines it with their present story causing my heart to give a flutter with scenes that capture the moments of first love Another thing she did was make the family life in your face real Kelly is not the best mum or wife She admits it and knows that things could be better There are a few issues with the oldest child Nicky that’s slowly revealed throughout the story proving things to be much deeper than any parent can imagineWhile Kelly attempts to fix her family Eric plans her undoing In a move to ensure he’ll get the girl Eric decides to approach Kelly with a dream deal One he knows she is sure to take andshe does much to my dismay ‘She wasn’t just business she was my pleasure’ Eric ‘The line between what was right and wrong had started to blur again making it harder to know whether I was cheating or remaining faithful’ Kelly My Sweet and Sour My Sweet I loved the flashbacks to the past it explains a lot about both Tom and KellyMy Sour Eric I HATE HIMMy ThoughtsThese two had no damn business going to a sex club Sex was not the issue in this marriage in fact they seemed to have a pretty healthy sex life Now EVERYTHING outside of the bedroom was the issue Even after the first time knowing damn well they both were uncomfortable with the whole ordeal they agree to another sexcapade NOJUST NO This really pissed me the heck offAs far as the main characters go I consider Eric a villain Not sure if that is what Marita A Hansen was going for but it’s the vibe he gave off in my opinion Nothing about his intentions are pure and I could not stand his ass #TeamTom Tom is sweet loving and caring he just wants his wife to be happy and he has no idea how to get their marriage out of the dump that it’s in Kelly Infuriated me at times a lot of the weight of their damaged marriage rests on her shoulders and her inability to put forth the effort needed to make things right She had no balance to her life and neglected all that was importanther husbandher kidsMy Rating and WhyI fought with myself on how to rate this book However the writing was great and I knew it was my issues with the characters that took root and caused some disgust within me I loved Tom and Kelly although she had her moments I still loved Kelly Eric not so much I HATED HIM He did not appeal to me and I did not feel the pool that Kelly felt towards him AT ALL Hence the disgust I decided to go with 4 STARS because the writing and plot was strong I thought there was a few things off in the beginning but soon the story just flowed for me and I was completely pulled in Great job Marita A HansenMy RatingsCharacters Sweet Sexy and then some are annoying and manipulativeWriting Style ExcellentPlotStoryline Married couple goes to sex club looking to spice things up but come home with much then guiltSteam Factor HighVery Steamy on a scale of 1 10 I say 85Entertainment Level From Lo Med Hi I say MediumOverall I enjoyed it My Recommendation Read itNow go forth and read Then come tell us about it on GoodreadsFor reviews got to wwwrealitybites letsgetlostblogspot Like us on Facebook wwwfacebookcomrealitybitesletsgetlost Copy kindly provided by the author for an honest review It's now live Threesomes are by far the most common sexual fantasy Kelly and Tom have known each other for 20 years They met at school and even though Tom has had brief previous experiences before meeting Kelly for her its only ever been Tom With the everyday pressures of raising teenage children and with Kelly's obsession with writing and desperate to get publishedThe couple find themselves drifting into a stale relationshipTom makes a suggestion to Kellyto spice up their sex life A threesome they have tried it before but only observed from a distance now they want to see if they can take it to the next stepAt first she is unsure with his suggestion but Tom reassures her that they don't have to do anything she feels uncomfortable about Eric is rich older successful and good looking when he enters the Sex Club and notices Kelly she is someone he wants If they agree for Eric to join them how will it effect their relationship after?Are they prepared for the aftermath? You see Eric wants than one nightSo when he offers her a chance to make a million dollars from her books will she accept and what will Tom sayWhatever happens I'm not sure if life will ever be uite the same for Tom and Kelly My thoughts I'm a huge fan of Marita A Hansen's Behind theseries and My Masters Nightmare so I was very interested to read a contemporary novel from her A story of a normal married couple who just want to experiment have some fun Tom wants Kelly to have the chance to experience another manKelly just wants to please TomWith their lack of communication I wonder if they really thought their decisions throughYou feel Kelly's awkwardness and Toms painIts about feelings and the conseuences their decisionsI loved Tom He works hard for the family He loves his wife and Kelly really loves him But her experience with Eric awakens something inside her that she finds hard to ignore I think there is still to this story and hopefully their journey will continueHEA view spoiler Yesfor now hide spoiler 4 OVERWHELMING StArSIT'S NOW LIVE There's no denying I'm a big fan of Marita A Hansen and have enjoyed her books for some time Overwhelmed is a great addition to her collectionThe story begins with Kelly HamlinKelly is determined to try and make a success at being a full time writer Working all hours on her writing and juggling her busy home life caring for her familyBut she fails to see that her marriage to Tom is becoming stale blinded by the fact that she is overwhelmed by her need to write her need to be successfulTomKelly's husband suggests that maybe they should go to a Sex Club to see if they can spice up their life's try something a little different Kelly reluctantly agrees thinking that maybe Tom isn't uite so happy in their marriageTOM His eyes sparkled with MischiefAlthough Tom is thinking maybe Kelly might like to experiment a little as she has never had any other sexual encounters other than himself Kelly only everbeen with Tom KELLYThe story goes from present dayto the pastback to the present and told in all 3 of the main character's POV'sERICThe Sex Club scenes were great and are well written This is where Eric Firth the Suave Wealthy British Publishing Company CEO set's eye's on Kelly and desires her A threesome takes place totally overwhelming Kelly Ericwant's and set's about enticing Kelly under false pretences of a book deal to get what he wantshe is enamoured with her and will stop at nothing to get what he wants It's the transitions that occur after the threesome that change everything So my thought's Well I must admit I had a bit of a crush on Tomhe was hot funny and uite obviously in love with his wife why he thought going to a sex club would be a good idea I will never knowEric was definitely smoulderingly hot but I was on the fence over Eric not sure whether I liked himFor me my favourite character was the Russian Sex Pot Natalija she was hilariousabsolutely Fabulous and stole the show for me with her overzealous sexual appetite The thing about triangles isthey areanstyand messy and make for a good read Enjoy ARC courtesy of Marita Hansen in exchange for an honest review ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review☆☆☆☆☆ 4 12 Overwhelmed Stars ☆ ☆☆☆☆ Overwhelmed by Marita Hansen is one sexy read where fantasies lust and desires becomes a reality Ms Hansen takes her readers on hell of a ride where readers are thrown into the lives of Tom and Kelly Hamlin When Tom brings his wife to a sex club he wanted to fulfill her sexual desires Being the total sweetheart that Tom is this experience was for the love of his life Kelly even if it means a threesome When Eric decides he wants than one night with Kelly marital trust and bonds are tested Who will Kelly choose? Loving husband Tom or mysterious lover Eric? First and foremost I am TEAM TOM all the way I love Tom and his undying love for his wife was felt throughout this book As for Kelly I think this experience was than she bargained for The moral of the story is that communication is key and sometimes three’s a crowd For Kelly she should have been careful for what she wished for especially when love and marriage are at stake My heart ached for Tom and when he told Kelly that “If you cheat on me no matter how much I love you I will leave you” Overwhelmed sucked me into the lives of Tom and Kelly and I couldn’t stop reading because I had to know if there is HEA And let me tell youI’m gonna pretend that I didn’t read that epilogue Ms Hansen did a fab job in helping readers see the lives of Kelly and Tom Hamlin and what led them to where they are now Overwhelmed is one sexy hot read that you couldn’t put your kindle down This book had it all from sexiness steam angst and suspense I can’t wait for Hungover which happens to be Tom’s book Yay because I am TEAM TOM 3 Marita A Hansen 4 12 StarsNOW LIVE MY RATING ☆☆☆☆☆ Overwhelmed Blurred Lines #1 by Marita AHansen ☆ Complimentary copy provided by the author Marita AHansen in exchange for an honest review ☆ One night that changed everythingThis book got to me on such an emotional level it ripped my heart out and spat it out TEAM TOM How could they not see how much they loved each other I just wanted to jump in the book and shake them both what they had and have was so strong you could see that at one stage I even had tears in my eyes as the hardship of life got in the way of that strong connection they hadA love like theirs is so hard to find and when you do find it you hold on for dear lifeIf only they had voiced to the other the thoughts that were in their heads I do love you even though you drive me crazy After reading this I looked at my partner and thought I could never watch another woman loving him touching him and if he ever mentioned a threesome I would chop his nuts off and feed them to his dogs See how this book got to me When did my career become important than my husband? Everything was piling on top of me and I didn't know how to fix itFor me the lines were blurred between cheating and not cheatingThis here gave me a tear leak Someone took a hold of my left hand their skin calloused I smiled knowing it was Tom Even though a gorgeous woman was riding him he still wanted to hold my hand I worked hard all day yet when I got home she was usually glued to the computer concerned with her writing than spending time with me It hurt but I put up with it because I loved herIt was Tom's idea to go to a sex club to spice up their sex life they had been together for 20 years she had only ever had one lover TOM high school sweethearts This isn't just for me Tom frowned I don't want to hold you back I've experienced plenty before we met but I'm worried you need than me an his frown deepened that I'm not enough for you anyI want that spark back I want excitement Sowould you like to hook up with anyone here maybe a threesome or a foursome? This is your opportunity to experience whatever sexual fantasy you have but as long as we both feel comfortable This is for you and me not anyone elseA Love Triangle I have a very addictive personality Once I see something I want it's very hard t get me away from it It's funny how the short blurb says a lot about the book pulls you to the story but still says so little Owerwhelmed is not a simple one dimensional story I thought it would be somewhere on the line of Tempted because they're both about a married couple including a third one in their sexual life But that is exactly where the similarity endsThis book is so much Tom and Kelly are highschool sweethearts married I think for about 15 years with a couple of kids too which surprised me I don't know why but it really did Hope this is not a big spoiler but I have to include it in my review Kelly's a yet unsuccesful writer and it's creating a little problem in her relationship with her husband I don't know if this is a personal thing the author has but I know a lot of them out there are dealing with this wanting to write but you often can't live out of that Amd Tom he's as supportive as he could get He's such a wonderful man ohhh so very hot I'm shaking even now a good guy that wants to help his wife And he suggests going to a sex club It's a little awkward at first that's normal and then comes EricNow this is something I thought a lot about I have absolutely no idea how marriage works and how things change as the years pass But I'm certain that you don't go blind when you put a ring on your fingerMany married woman ogle naked guys right here on GR nothing wrong with that But there are too many romantic readers out there that will probably hate Kelly but you just can't The woman is a great mother I fell in love with her caring about her daughter Nicky and she honestly irrevocably loves her husband But she's attracted to Eric a little too much Menage stories have characters that find the experience eventually if not at the beginning very hot and comfortable for everyone This too was hot there was even then a simple threesome but I'm not going to spoil it PBut all this was a little awkward I guess that surprised me a lot I'm not used to that kind of menage story But I loved how real it is I totally got into it my jaw on the floor the whole time I was reading and I'm all WTF whyyy nooooo YES Oh my God; and multiple other reactions There wasn't a speck of the eye rolling drama only the good one in the last 50 pages when money falling out of the sky couldn't glue you off the book It was masochistic even but amazingly original and captivatingEric won't be just a third wheel He'll get into their personal lives too which was an awesome twist He was definitelly not what you would expect I assure you I warn you He's the source of all my issues about his book I can't understand the guy I'm not even going to mention the ending I'm still shellshockedThe composition and the writing were topnotch I now see why Marita Hansen is so praised And she doesnt' write about one thing but brings out a thousand topics and issues to discuss Mainly about family and marriage and lack of communication which is very important and how can bringing extra sex partners affect your marriage What happens when things don't go as planned? Many thing will surprise you reading this book many will make you hate the characters many will make you love them making it all a big damn clusterfuck It will be a race to see if you like it or notBut I challenge you to like this book becuase it's amazing as awkward it is and nothing of the usualI look forward to reviews once it's out The ARC was kindly provided by the author in exchange for a review Thank you Before Reading Got the ARCA husband and wife And another man that could change it allCan't wait to startApril 2014 Woah Hold your horses Just look at that beautiful cover And the blurb? I'm sooo there Haven't been this excited in months And I've already heard many great things about this author and her Behind the lives series Any ARCs out there? I'd kill for one Where to begin Once upon a time a boy asked a girl out and they fell in love and got married and lived happily ever afterueue the scratching sound because twenty years later they are living not so happily ever after Kelly is unhappy She still loves Tom and who wouldn't he's fucking great but with their differences in opinion on her work and the trouble they are having with their daughter it all starts wearing down on their marriage taking that shine off and leaving it dented and in need of repair So Tom suggests going to a sex club to spice up things Well Tommy boy you asked for it and that is where Eric walks in and makes their marriage problems so much worse Kelly and Tom end up having a threesome with Eric both men only concentrating on Kelly both men only wanting Kelly Eric becomes infatuated with Kelly and doesn't intend on leaving it a one night only thing Throw in a sex mad crazy Nympho Russian bombshell and you have uite a ride hereCharactersTOM Tom is my favourite character by far He is loyal sexy as hell hard working and Kelly shouldn't even look at anyone else with him in the roomKELLY Kelly is a small time writer who can't voice her opinions aloud because she's too scared it will cause even trouble She wants to write for a living but her husband doesn't like all the time she spends on writing because it's affecting their marriage but in turn it is affecting their marriage because she doesn't feel like he supports her in her dreamsERIC In walks the big publisher Eric Firth the second man in the threesome He waves a magic million dollar contract in front of her face but is it for her books or to buy her stealing her away from TomNatalija The Nymphomaniac Russian bombshell is Eric's live in f buddy but she wants from Eric than he is willing to give Eric only wants Kelly so Natalija sets her sights on Tom She is crazy and gave me uite a few laughs She's greatI'd recommend this to people who likes Romance and also two hot guys fighting over one female Though it does have depth than these usual stories have with a different twist with the swinging club Threesomes foursomes How can anyone be the same after experiencing that D Things will never be the same again It was a chance meetingThat changed everythingBefore only one man loved meNow two doOne is my husbandThe other a loverI didn’t cheatWe had a threesomeBut the problem was what followedMy lover wanted than one nightMy husband got angryMy lover got dirtyAnd I got overwhelmed

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