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  • Three by Ati Rahimi
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  • 23 December 2014

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Three by Ati RahimiPraise for these three novellas by Afghan author Ati TahimiEarth and AshesA thousand rooms of dream and fear and The patience stone The patience stone is my favorite I hasten to say that each novella was superbly written with well developed characters and themes centered around the culture and politics of Afghanistan It is an insight into the fears of the Afghan people Three short novels—including Prix Goncourt–winning The Patience Stone—that convey years of Afghan history heartache and hope Never before in paperback   Ati Rahimi’s reputation for writing war stories of immense drama and intimacy began with his first novel Earth and Ashes about fathers and sons and the terrible strain inflicted on families when an Afghan village is destroyed by the Russian army     A Thousand Rooms of Dream and Fear takes place in 1979 during a period of social and political upheaval in Kabul On the way home from a night of drinking a university student named Farhad is arrested and brutally beaten A few hours later broken and confused he slowly regains consciousness only to find himself in the care of a beautiful woman who has dragged him into her home to protect him    Winner of the Prix Goncourt The Patience Stone is the tale of a woman caring for her brain damaged husband who was shot in the neck during a petty conflict After years of living in a society of islamic fundamentalism she finds herself strangely liberated by her husband’s condition She tells him her innermost thoughts and secrets many of them dark and deeply repressed never knowing whether he’s able to hear her or not While I found it hard to relate to some of the characters particularly the young man in the middle story I greatly appreciated the themes tackled in these short stories and the way in which Rahimi plays around with style and voice A book I likely wouldn't have chosen for myself but am very grateful to have read Earth and AshesHonestly I was halfway through this story before I realized what was going on I think most of that was because of my unfamiliarity with the style I was also thrown by the way people used brother and father to refer to each other However I felt like the set up for the conflict was way later than it should have been I had little ties to the main character until ¾ of the way through when you learn about what happened to his village and why the trip to see his son was so important This confusion made it really hard for me to connect with the main character Then once I had finally felt like I understood this man he just leaves his grandson in the care of a stranger He does this then he heads off to the mine to tell his son what has happened Only he doesn’t even speak with his son He jumps to these ridiculous conclusions about his son and just decides to waste all the time effort and strain that it took him to get there It’s not that it makes the story unresolved it doesn’t It’s just the disregard of his son that frustrates me A Thousand Rooms of Dream and FearOne of my favorite lines was You should beware of two things about a woman her hair and her tears” It’s amazing because the whole time Farhad is focused on Mahnaz hair and when she pulls it out of her face I love that he uses her hair as way to project his own emotions onto her It is kind of the opposite of the uote above When Farhad see Mahnaz with her hair covering her face he can’t see her at all He only sees his own fear and hopes reflected back at him It’s like the things you should really be wary of about a women are the projections you the man put on herStill Mahnaz really lets her guard down around Farhad She brings him into her life briefly but completely She cooks for him she is naked around him Farhad has only seen his sister and his mother in this level of intimacy She’s brought this man into her house where it could ruin her life Yet she does it bravely Not because she loves Farhad but because he’s someone who needed her help It’s not a surprise that he thinks he’s fallen in loveThe Patience StoneThere are two wars going on in this story The actual war happening outside the room and the war inside the wife She is constantly fighting between what she wants to do and what she should do You see it as she constantly flips between different methods of care for her husband The perfect wife who says the names of Allah and does nothing but care for her paralyzed husband The woman so desperate for escape she plans to leave him there to starve The woman who is driven mad by the solitude who speaks as if her husband were responding The woman so weighed down by the carrying the regrets and secrets of a lifetime who just wants someone to listen to herAs she reveals herself to her husband she gets closer and closer to freedom Freedom from herself and her regrets freedom from her obligation to care for her dying husband freedom even from the restraints society places upon her All of this builds and escalates until she finally gets the freedom she begged for The violence of war is ever present but the violence against women physically culturally and psychologically makes for a distressing read leaving little hope for change in Afghanistan

About the Author: Atiq Rahimi

عتيق رحيميAti Rahimi est un romancier et réalisateur de double nationalité française et afghane réfugié de la guerre d'AfghanistanAti Rahimi is a writer and director of French and Afghan multiple citizenship refugee from the war in Afghanistan