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  1. Jack +Books & Bourbon+ Jack +Books & Bourbon+ says:

    Nun themed tentacle erotica set in England during the dark days of World War IIyup my goal of getting out of my usual Sci FiFantasy genre comfort zone is off to a BANGING startTo be fair I didn't know just how graphic this story was going to be going in I was torn between reading all the reviews on Goodreads in detail or just skimming them enough to get a gist I eventually opted for the latter as I find I enjoy books when I go into them without much prior knowledge or bias What I did know was that this was a Cthulhu inspired horror tale with some sexy bits thrown in And hey I'm a huge Lovecraft and Cthulhu lover and who doesn't like sexy bits? And yeah at a macro level that is exactly what I got with Tuesday Apocalypse However this is very much erotica and uite explicit erotica at that Vanilla this is not as it includes hetero sex lesbian sex group sex anal sex and all sorts of tentacle penetration Some of it is willing some of it is forced consent and all of it is written in detail So if any of that doesn't sound like your cup of tea you'd best steer clear of this one And while tentacle erotica wasn't my thing before I started this book and still isn't my thing after finishing it I can at least admit that this is without a doubt very well done tentacle erotica And it IS sexy Uncomfortably sexy but sexy nonetheless Tuesday Apocalypse is written in an epistolary format much like Dracula or World War Z Since we only get one POV main character aside from one small chapter this comes in the form of journal entries made by Sister Barbara a Catholic nun and volunteer nurse At first the epistolary format seemed an odd choice but it mostly works well perhaps given that the story is set than 70 years ago It definitely helps sell the time period I would imagine that tales taking place in current times would be harder to pull off this way That's not to say it works perfectly Given all that is taking place in the clinicchurch where Sister Barbara and other survivors have holed up and that there's some SERIOUSLY freaky shit going on it's hard to believe that she would have the timeenergyinclination to be doing all this journaling Kind of like in found footage films where the person holding the camera somehow keeps filming during all sorts of horrorsci fiaction shenanigans But this is erotica after all so I'll shut up and go with it Ironically enough this is not the first Cthulhu inspired tale written in an epistolary format that I've read Mrs Cherie Priest wrote some amazing novels called Maplecroft and Chapelwood which were an effective mashup of Cthulhu and Lizzie Borden stories also told through journal entries and the like However those tentacle monsters were only angry and evil not horny like the ones here But I digressSister Barbara is a competent narrator detailing and commenting on the strange events taking place around her while also giving us insights into who she is and some events that shaped her life She's a brave soul in the face of this supernaturalerotic epidemic even though she sees herself as a coward She's easy to root for as a heroine even if she occasionally has some face palm moments Because for all that she carried the story well and was a worthy protagonist she's kind of a dumbass sometimes I don't think I've ever read a book with a main character who is uite this adept at self deception She sees some amazingly naughty and freaky things proceeds to write about them in detail and then a few sentences later doubts what she saw or dismisses it outright Groan Still I wanted her to triumph even when I shook my head at her occasional ditzy momentsAs for the story itself the WWII setting is a perfect fit for the Cthulhu inspired creatures and horror populating the novel The atmosphere is oppressive and bleak with atrocity already running rampant across England long before we get to the horny tentacle monsters These creatures themselves are wisely kept in reserve for most of the book however which increases the impact when they are fully revealed There really are no punches pulled in this tale People die in horrific and gruesome ways often without warning I like gruesome as much as the next guy and Tuesday Apocalypse certainly doesn't skimp The fraying of sanity cue Metallica is also on full display here as the frail human psyches of Sister Barbara and the other survivors already in shock from the effects of war simply can't handle the physiological and psychological assaults taking place all around themSo far so good mostly right? Right Butthere were some parts of the book that did vex me First I'm pretty sure the word ugh has only appeared in the written English vernacular in the past decade or so It was rather distracting to get a few paragraphs of various descriptions and then to have an Ugh thrown in there All of a sudden it was like I was reading a text message Babs Ugh This clinic is the worstRob What's up girl?Babs just Joyce being the slut she always is U know how she doesRob TotesBabs I think she left a slimy sex toy in my room EwwwwRob WTF?Babs I def need to get outta here but I can't leave the patientsRob we should def run away togetherBabs smh we've already talked about thisRob UghSo yeah like that Also there are some passages written that just make no sense at all or were so frustratingly contradictory that it annoyed the hell out of me And I have a lot of hell IN me so to annoy it OUT of me takes effort There's one part in particular that goes a little something like thisI do not know if what I saw was realit was so dark and I only caught a glimpse Let me put it in context She writes this little ditty at the end of an entire CHAPTER'S worth of a journal entry about watching two people go from a makeout session to foreplay to heavy oral sex to the end of the oral sex and the eventual departure of the couple Oh and she gets herself off while watching this encounter And she calls it a glimpse? She's not sure what she saw? She came across a couple enjoying their naughty bits pulled up her habit and MASTURBATED while watching them and then after writing about it in graphic detail she's not sure she even saw it? Ugh see what I did there?Anyways enough high horsing and soapboxing This is a tale primarily designed to arouse and also to scare and I think it accomplishes those goals uite well So I guess I can consider myself scaroused I should trademark or patent that If this sounds like it's something that you'd enjoy then I encourage you to find this book and check it out

  2. Wol-vriey Wol-vriey says:

    Okay so I'm not a fan of books written in first person who cares?Okay so this is written in 'old school' mode—it's literaryclassical horror and the author seems possessed by the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe who cares?So it takes place in 1940 who cares?Okay so there's a soppy romance included who—yeah you guessed rightSo I utterly hate the end who cares?Seriously who fn cares? It's tentacle erotica horror porn Bed to bed fiction with plot and monsters included for added flavor lolThat said this is a delightfully written book The author has great descriptive flair and can tell a good gripping story The characters are well painted the imagery is brilliant the atmosphere is deliciously gloomy etc But once again Yeah Who cares?Dudettesdudes just read this book for the sex scenes They're awesomeNuff said

  3. Sally Sally says:

    It's funny how our literary tastes change as we get older I remember trying to read Dracula when I was young and finding the style boring and then trying again as a teenager and finding it far too literary and then reading it a third time as an adult and being delighted by it The epistolary format is an unusual one and I think Vicy Cross takes some liberties with it here but it's absolutely perfect for the tale she tellsPersonal intimate and full of atmosphere Tuesday Apocalypse is a magnificent story that works on so many levels or perhaps layers romance drama erotica and horror This is not a story that bounces around between those genres but which embraces them all and blends them together often within the same sceneReading this reminded me very much of enjoying Stoker's masterpiece for the first time I was unsettled by my reactions uncomfortable with my own thoughts and often unable to reconcile my heart with my head I fell in love with Sister Barbara I wanted to reach into the book cradle her softly in my hands and carry her to safety At the same time I wanted to drop into the book hide behind the bombed out ruins and watch her being violated by Tuesday's alien tentacles It's not easy to titillate and terrorize within the same scene but Cross does a lovely job of forcing us to see both sides of the encounterThe slow creeping madness the insistent wanton seduction the gleeful violation of vows the tortured desire to succumb to temptation the desperate pleas for salvation the anguished attempts to hold onto something of one's true self Cross offers us all of that and I loved the many layers beneath which she allowed her evil to creep robbing Barbara of her sexuality on so many levels Here we have a young woman already tempted by betray her vows by a handsome young man who suddenly finds herself lusting after gasp another woman and who ultimately finds herself fighting the urge to surrender to tongues and tentacles Wow and oh myI don't imagine Stoker ever dreamed of writing something this explicit but there's no denying that the two tales share a lot in common For him it was teeth that pushed the edge of taboo while for Cross it's tentacles that do the same thing His seductive sense of evil may have come the grave rather than from beyond the stars but they both have the same horrifying impact This was just a gorgeous story and one that is bound to give you the chills and I mean that in every sense of the word

  4. Jackie - Fire & Ice Book Reviews Jackie - Fire & Ice Book Reviews says:

    Tuesday Apocalypse was so good I loved it I was automatically hooked by the blurb and the book definitely followed through It kept me on the edge of my seat It was a bit creepy but so captivating I dived in head first into the world that Miss Cross created I liked all of the crazy characters The book was set during the time of Hitler and the Nazis So while all of the killing was going on aliens was taking over the characters I really enjoyed the twist and turns through out this book It always kept me guessingI love the writing style of this book It was written in a diary format Usually I can't get a feel for first person books but I really liked it It was action packed and there was never a dull time Between people being killed going missing or being taken over by the aleans it was all so excitingOver all I really liked the flow plot characters and just the book itself I definitely recommend this book You will be entertained Book provided by author for review

  5. Rich Jr. Rich Jr. says:

    Love conuers all is the theme of Vicy Cross's paranormal erotic novel entitled Tuesday Apocalypse Set near London during the Nazi siege of World War II the patients and staff of a shell shocked Catholic Hospital must learn to deal with one another's vices phobias and personality disorders as they try to survive together under the extreme stress and trauma of war which has evacuated and decimated the rest of the town of Gloucester But how can a couple of nuns serving as nurses and an aging widower make for an erotic paranormal romance? Dream seuences Dream seuences wetter than the River Thames Dream seuences hotter than a 1kg Luftwaffe incendiary bomb Dream seuences graphic than Josef Mengele's medical journalBut it takes a downed RAF fighter pilot's mysterious admittance into the hospital for the main character's sinful dreams to begin to become reality specifically the sinful dreams of vivacious and voluptuous Sister Barbara Shirley Babs has a hard time believing the injured pilot's rantings about the evil flying tentacled creature that caused his plane to crash into the Gloucester street adjacent to the hospital Yes Sister Barbara Shirley is in denial Sister Barbara Shirley is in denial about the pilot's story Sister Barbara Shirley is in denial about her love for a young soldier named Robert who assists at the hospital Sister Barbara Shirley is in denial about the origin of a young naked anonymous girl the staff finds in the garden one evening whom the staff decide to name Tuesday since Guy Fawkes is not a very feminine nameWhen the menfolk at the hospital including Robert start to take notice of Tuesday than they do of the vow affirming stuck up nun Sister Barbara has a wardrobe change and turns in her good habit for a bad habit Tuesday also brings out the worst in the personalities of ego maniac Robert drug addicted Dr Duckworth raging hormonal pubescent teen William grief stricken widow Tuttle manic depressive ex nun Joyce and lunatic pilot Frank Mullen Indeed the perceptive and proactive Frank Mullen attempts to circumvent the cult of personality by wiping Tuesday off his event calendar but the rest of the group end up hiding the bed ridden party pooper in the boiler room and refuse to invite him to the orgy planned by Duckworth Oh yeah did I mention that a few people lose fingers and toes during the ravenous climax of the orgy? Oh yeah there's a lot tentacle sex too if you're into that kind of thing and honestly who isn't right?But as I mentioned above love songs may calm the savage beast but its the unreuited lust of heavy metal mayhem which makes for true thrills Tuesday Apocalypse is indeed a thrill ride of epic proportions

  6. Gary Vincent Gary Vincent says:

    ☆☆☆☆☆ Paranormal romance gothic horror and era based fantasy what could you ask for? I discovered Vicy Cross through recommendations from author friends of mine Rich Bottles Jr Lumberjacked and Wol vriey Vegan Zombie Apocalypse who made glowing reviews about the book and sparked my curiosity Tuesday Apocalypse was my first exposure to Vicy Cross and I can say that I really enjoyed her writing style It was written much the way a diary reads and one could draw similarities to Lovecraft Poe and Stoker – speculative fiction and dark fantasy The key difference in Ms Cross’ work is that her erotic scenes are fantastic and panted in a highly visual way especially when told from the first person standpoint of a nun There is an interesting thread throughout the story of taboo social norms and crossing them Tuesday Apocalypse takes risks and I greatly look forward to future works put out by this author Gary Lee Vincent Author of Darkened Hills

  7. Donald Armfield Donald Armfield says:

    Vicy Cross can tell a story Her words collide together and string out pure prose writing that makes you want to read again A romance erotica a historical masterpiece with a lovecrafting touch of a parasite tentacle monster I'm not going to give a huge description of the book Read the synopsis and trust me this will be a book you will give you a memorable read With Cross's likeable characters and amazing writingAlso check out my updated status uotes from the book

  8. Victoria Zagar Victoria Zagar says:

    In the war weary year of 1940 just one rundown hospital survives London's collapse Sister Barbara a nun and volunteer nurse inspires hope in her patients but that faith is shaken when an unidentified aircraft explodes near the hospital The half eaten corpse beneath the mangled wreckage appears to corroborate the pilot's story that some sort of tentacle monster attacked his plane However Sister Barbara pushes these dangers aside and plunges beyond the rubble when the man she loves disappears in the wastelands She discovers a bloodstained beauty in his place but the girl's outward innocence hides a voracious sexual appetite and an even disturbing secret This book was not at all what I expected and yet compelling all the same When I added this to my Xmas wish list what I expected from the cover was a historical lesbian romance What I got was a bizarre and sometimes horrifying monster porn tale that captivated me for its out of the box weirdness than for any personal kinks of my own I'm not usually one to go for tentacle tales My usual tastes revolve around consenting adults professing their undying love for one another Yet this sexy horror romp had me on the edge of my seat at times even as I hid it from my coworkers lest they get an idea of what I was reading and be scandalized by it The historical angle is for color than anything If you pick this book up what you will be getting is some forbidden mf romance since the main character is a nun and some mf ff and fmonster porn A lot of the erotic fantasy in this book revolves around Sister Barbara wanting sex she's not allowed to have The horror angle is not for the faint of heart either There's death tentacles bodily fluids and an alien pregnancy of sorts The action is at times visceral and gruesome but one thing I'll give this book is that once it gets going it's a non stop thrill ride I could never claim to be bored and I had to keep reading like one stares at a bloody car accident with eyes that cannot look away from the horror The writing is fluid and seems fitting for the era with Sister Barbara shocked at the things happening all around her and writing it all down in her diaryHaving finished it I still can't say I've become some sort of overnight convert to monster porn but I am intrigued I'd say I would definitely try this kind of book again though I have to be in the right mindset to appreciate something like this in all its horrific glory instead of just being outright disturbed by itIf you're looking for an unusual read that's heavy on the sex and horror Tuesday Apocalypse might be your perfect wet dream I don't recommend it to the easily disturbed however This review was cross posted to Infinite Love

  9. Silence Welder Silence Welder says:

    The writing style of this book is Gothic and reminded me of Bram Stoker's Dracula Like Dracula however it shared the element of an incredibly stupid narrator Attractive Kind Courageous But stupid I like the tension between what the reader knows and what the narrator knows this novel pushed it too far for me explaining things away as dreams or confusion despite the clues stacking upThe setting and story I found odd Nun 1940s Plane crash Tentacles Intriguing I immediately added it to my 'want to read' listI soon got into the story and the way each chapter opened was electric keeping me reading even when I said that I would stop the for evening The sex scenes were amazing and intense The connections between the characters their motivations and personalities were all entertainingThe horror was reminiscent of many things I'm thinking of a number of horror movies but I don't want to spoil the surprises I'll leave it as saying that I thought they were effective and fun and creepyI've not read any tentacle sex horror before and I think was probably a great introduction In summary I'd recommend this The narrator's lack of insight about what was going on around her or at least her refusal to face up to it didn't seem believable to me I enjoyed the story though; it had great sex and amusing in the best way horror scenes S

  10. Clare Lune Clare Lune says:

    Dark and sexy

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Tuesday Apocalypse In the war weary year of 1940 just one rundown hospital survives London's collapse Sister Barbara a nun and volunteer nurse inspires hope in her patients but that faith is shaken when an unidentified aircraft explodes near the hospital The half eaten corpse beneath the mangled wreckage appears to corroborate the pilot's story that some sort of tentacle monster attacked his plane However Sister Barbara pushes these dangers aside and plunges beyond the rubble when the man she loves disappears in the wastelands She discovers a bloodstained beauty in his place but the girl's outward innocence hides a voracious sexual appetite and an even disturbing secret One by one the terrified patients vanish from their beds Titillating tentacles lick the hospital walls at night And the dreams always the dreams drawing Sister Barbara deeper into a well of madness She suspects she and the other women at the hospital are transforming into something unholy Sister Barbara knows she must figure out what before the evil in their midst consumes them all

  • Paperback
  • 212 pages
  • Tuesday Apocalypse
  • Vicy Cross
  • English
  • 19 May 2014
  • 9781627570312

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