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Conklins Foundation Conklins Trilogy #2 As we continue Becca Tyler’s story we learn and about them both I didn’t review the first book Conklin’s Blueprints but I did read it for this review You do need to read these in order as the story does continueWe open in this second book right where we left off Becca had just told everyone she knows exactly how she feels I for one was fist pumping her and yelling “Go Get `em” like crazy However when you do something like that guilt usually follows It hits her hard and she thinks everyone hates herBecca ends up with a promotion that carries her to Miami for several weeks It’s going to be hard on their relationship but they are both confident that they can get through this It’s important to the company and very important to Becca’s careerTyler finally realizes he needs to open up with his family and formally introduce Becca to his family He also gets a visit from his past He also decides to keep a huge tidbit of his life to himself This does not go over well On top of their temporary long distance relationshipthings are strainedWill Tyler completely open up to Becca and allow her in all aspects of his life? Can he really let go of his past? Will Becca become comfortable in her own skin and stop being a doormat and realize she is beautiful? I really enjoy the personal things that touch this story The differences in their upbringing and I don’t mean money I just mean that they way the family interacts is very different I like that part of the story It’s not a big part but it just seems so personal from the author I also love the way they interact with each other Yes it’s all romantic but neither of them allow their love to rule them They are people with problems that need to be resolved too They love each other but they are individuals too I highly recommend this second book in the series and I can’t wait for The final book will be out Fall of 2014 Can’t wait for this conclusion Review for BareNakedWords 'Conklin's Foundation' is the second book in the Conklin's trilogy and I just have to say You cannot read this book without reading 'Conklin's Blueprints' firstSo if you haven't read that yet I suggest you go and do it nowFoundations picks up right where Blueprints left off Becca had reached breaking point and dished out some home truths to everyone that she thought she loved And boy she didn't hold back But it workedNow with that out the way and things forgiven Tyler and Becca can finally move forward and be in the relationship they both want without it being kept a secret Both Tyler and Becca have got insecurities Becca with her body and eating issues and Tyler with this new idea of a relationship He's never had one unless you can call his 10 year 'relationship' with his older Nanny Margo But that so much different to what him and Becca share Margo was all about sex With Becca its soul deep She is his calm his everythingI'm in my own world when I'm with you where no one can do or say anything to piss me off It's just you and me perfect and tranuil TylerBut just as things start to settle down for them things start getting in between themBetween Tyler's past 'relationship' knocking on his door and worming her way back into his life a shady character known by both Tyler and Becca's parents and the police and a job that see's Becca having to leave for a while things get a little strainedBecca is irritated with the arrival of Margo which is understandable she's a complete bitch Tyler doesn't exactly help with things though as he keeps uiet about his meeting with her to begin with But he soon opens up and tells Becca everything And the way Becca handles her in the book is commendable as well as funny You see a completely different side to Becca and shows you just how far she has come with her insecurities I felt stronger and connected We were becoming something so intense and real and it was the most invigorating feeling I had ever had BeccaJust who is this shady character that keeps popping up everywhere? Becca asks but Tyler is very evasive on answering She knows he's keeping something from her But what? This person is not nice at all and will go to great lengths to get what he wants Just what does this person want?How bad is he?You'll just have to read to find outI absolutely loved the ending It left me with my mouth hanging open shouting HOLY SHIT It's not much of a cliff hanger but it definitely leaves you with knowing that things are about to get a lot worse for Tyler and BeccaBut together they are stronger and will face it head onI was safe in his hands It was only Tyler and me forever and always BeccaBrooke's writing is just fantastic She has a way of connecting you to the characters and to the feelings that they are going through throughout the book And I love that about authors that's when you know you have come across a truly talented author I really can't wait for the third book in this trilogy and future books Brooke Page will release Becca finally found her courage and faced her tormentors head on to get what she deserved respect and Tyler Conklin With her new found strength in herself Becca’s faith in Tyler is solid but is he willing to completely open up to her They both have past baggage and as Becca says Tyler’s is particularly old Will they finally get over their inner turmoilWith everything they have been through you would think Becca and Tyler have learned that secrets get them nowhere They have made great leaps and bounds in their relationship but Becca can’t help but feel he is still keeping something from her Between the local detective snooping around and asking uestions at the Conklin building and Tyler’s evasive answers Becca remains skeptical about his excuses Even though the detective seems interested in RJ’s “projects” Tyler’s hands seem to be in the pot as wellUnfortunately Tyler’s past comes back in his face along with his shady business Will Becca hold true to her new found confidence and claim what’s hers including Tyler Just as amazing a book one Everything was just as consistent I just love that their behaviors are consistent with age There is jealousy but it is not extreme Love seeing Christmas with the Conklins It had an interesting dynamic And I for one couldn't believe that Nathan was ok with gifting gift cardsMy only hang up is that with book one and two I wish the prologues were not there I felt they were very telling of what was to come I think the surprise factor would have been bigger if they had been left out or regarding something elseAnd one last thing what was Mitch getting at or was it RJ? with those damn bricks at the end Where to start Overall really enjoyed the second in the series I love how the title really correlates with the book's theme Becca and Tyler are building the foundation of their relationship in this book through love trust support and communication The trust part is Tyler than Becca She seriously seriously got annoying with her petty thoughts and needs to begin to trust him already By 60% in the book you should trust girl You know he loves you and adores you so why on earth would you think the way you wereSaying that this book begins where the first left off Tyler and Becca are going public with their relationship Families have been met declarations made and communication is beginning to open up Until the past keeps coming back Margo comes back RJ wants to be a father Lee Chino is pressuring the firm Becca is away for her job which at first she was ungracious about and that is all kinds of wrong and Becca has some parts of her past pop up as wellTyler is as wonderful as ever Flawed jealous and protective but loving and caring as well He tries so hard to shield Becca from the bad that is surrounding them He is so supportive and proud of her career it is amazingly tender to see As he deals with being away from Becca his dad's changes and the problems of pressure from Lee Chino he tries to communicate and build a trust foundation with BeccaBecca at times like said earlier was really aggravantingly annoying Her issues with not trusting Tyler and than letting it fester until things are said that can't be taken back is really old girl You need to open up and trust him One betrayal isn't going to lead to another You know Tyler loves you and adores you trust in that Also when she gets the promotion railing on Tyler like she only got it because they are together and that he should have talked to her first to see if it was what she wanted no way That doesn't sit right First it is business as he tells you calmly and second it doesn't show much trust and faith in Tyler and the company Sometimes letting go of things needs to happen She was as Tyler said hypocritical calling Tyler out on things when she would turn around and do exactly what she yelled at him about except he was in the open about itShe snuck around and did itAs pressures at work build things come to a head with the surprise Tyler has for Becca Not relationship wise but work wise that leads to danger for Tyler and Becca in the long run tyler and Becca are building a foundation for forever pressure around them buildsA fast paced sweet and tender read at times and hot in others So great to see the other side of Nathan and learn about the man behind the business exterior A wonderful read that will have you wanting to know what is in store for the business and Ty and Becca ARC received for an honest reviewConklin's Foundation follows on directly from Conklin's Blueprints so you will need to read it first to keep up with the storyAfter finally telling everyone what she really thought of them after years of holding it in and being the nice guy Becca thinks she might have finally pushed everyone she loves away I LOVED how she finally let loose on everyone No one was safe and I was so happy she did this as she really was a bit of a doormat up to this stageNever fear Tyler is here to save the day in a knight in shining armour kind of way He is proud of her for finally standing up for herself and falls a little in love with herBut the road to true love is never an easy one and both Becca and Tyler's pasts are always there waiting to poke their head around the corner and cause a little troubleTyler and Becca are separated uite a bit for Foundation and this leads to a lot of the misunderstandings and arguments between the pair With them split so much it is testament to how strong their relationship has become that they did not allow it to break them Becca's ex Connor comes back on the scene the infamous Nanny Margo hisssssss is still hanging around and causing grief RJ Tyler's father really is creepy Seriously creepy But I loved the rest of his family mum Mary and brother Nathan and Mitch Love love love the banter and interaction between Nathan and Becca's BFFf Jamie with a bit of a surprise thrown in there And there are some scenes with Becca and her friend Gage that are frustrating and heartbreaking all at the same time as being filled with so much love that I wanted to throttle him and hug him at the same timeConklin's Foundation carried Becca and Tyler's story forward extremely well It is filled with love and lust jealousy trouble making exes secrets and lies I felt that the way the characters handled the situations felt natural There was no instant forgiveness for all discretions they fought they loved they laughed and things progressed as they shouldFoundation ends setting us up for the 3rd book in the series leading with the legal problems that were alluded to in book 2 How much do the sons know of the deals that Tyler's father and grandfather have set up?I guess for that we are all going to have to waitThroughout Conklin's Blueprints there were some pretty glaring grammatical errors these may have been fixed since I read it and they may not bother you but they really stood out to me I was pleased that these issues were not present in Conklin's FoundationMs Page has drawn me into the lives of Becca and Tyler Becca's friends and the Conklin family and I am really looking forward to seeing where things end up in this series I was giving an ARC of this in exchange for an honest review So here goesCan I just say from the start that I LOVE Brooke's writing I may have went stalker on her after the first book Just to keep an eye on this book Its her own fault though Leaving me hanging waiting on book two AND now the same thing is happening because as soon as I finished book 2 I wanted book 3 Ughthis waiting business is a killer but so worth it to read about Becca and Tyler again As we know from the first one Becca and Tyler got really serious about one another And at the end of book one she forgave him for what he had said to his dad about her She know;s he was just saying that to keep RJ away from her So that's were the book takes off There just trying to work things out and be a proper couple now And not one that has to hide in the shadows and be kept a secret This is all new to Tyler The only long 'relationship' if that's what it could be called was with his 'Nanny' for ten years BUT that was about sex then anything else This thing with Becca is his life Deep down he love's her then anything But is so afraid to show it in case its not giving back HELLO he must be blind because her love for him seeps out of this book Becca is scared She doesn't wanna doubt Tylers Love for her But things from that past creep up and it just can't be helped For both of them actually As Gage and Connor from her past appear in thisThey get over some BIG things in this book with it been Christmas Its time for the family to meet there partner on both sides Poor Tyler is terrified that his family will Scare Becca off AGAIN he doesn't see the love she has for him The family meeting isheated to say the least It is his family after allwhat else would you expect? BUT drama pops up in this book A name keeps popping up between Tylers Job and Becca's dad And A detective is always floating around Becca has no idea whats going on And Tyler isn't coughing up any information any time soon But the feeling about this person is not good as you will see for yourself I can see book 3 been filled with drama then a soap opera because of this person But Tyler and Becca are in it together no matter what Facing things head on But when someone strikes againist them you can tell this was just the touch of the iceberg Things will only get worse before they get betterI'm freaking out waiting for book 3 already and I'm not long finished 2 You guys will be in the same boat BUT as it was it will be worth it AND I plan and stalking Brooke twice as much now until I get book 3 ; Conklin Foundation Picks up right where Conklin Blueprints ends Becca is at Tyler and wakes from a bad dream Becca feels guilty after she spit fire at the ones she loves the night before and needs to make it right At least she hopes she still can make it right Becca and Tyler have worked things out and Tyler is Bringing Becca home For Christmas to meet his Family we know this is a big and scary step for him but if Becca has shown him anything it’s you can’t hide from the people you love the most It just makes you mad and makes you feel worse about yourself in the end he was done running and hiding “Like you said we will have to learn from our mistakes I’m afraid I’m caught in your web” They Have Christmas with Becca’s family and head to Chicago to Tyler’s Family’s house for Christmas dinner Becca ask if they will have time to stop by his condo so she can change He told her no So when they arrive at his parents house and everyone is dressed up she changes and Tyler is not happy to say the least Christmas dinner went great Tyler and Becca ended the night back at his Condo and that’s when that perfect day was turned upside down by a knock at the door The one person from Tyler’s past that could destroy him and Becca“I’m in my own world when I’m with you where no one can do or say anything to piss me off It’s just you and me perfect and tranuil”In Conklin Foundation we see the characters go through so much they learn to trust let go and most of to love them self as they are You can’t always please everyone or you your self will never be happy you have to make yourself happy before you can make others happy and you also have to have trust to have a happy and healthy relationship I loved all the growth we seen and I can not wait for book three I give CONKLIN FOUNDATION 5 STARS “I love when you touch me Your Hands erase everything that makes me edgy Nervous frustrated all that runs through my mind is your beautiful baby blues staring up at me calming every nerve in my body” This is book 2 of the Conklin's trilogy and let me say this I love Tyler even nowThis book continues where Book 1 left off Becca and Tyler are now in a relationship and working at it Tyler is affectionate to her and makes it known that they are together now She is still working on her insecurities but with Tyler by her side she is learning to let them goBecca and Jamie reconcile which I was happy to see and their friendship is one of the best I've seen Tyler's bothers are hilarious especially Nathan still cant believe that about him because I didnt see that coming lol Becca and Tyler do have a strain on their relationship when she has to go to Miami for 5 weeks because of the job A blast from his past makes an appearance and Becca starts to uestion Ty's commitment and faithfulness to her Will their love survive? You have to read to find out This book had it all angst love huverything and it was great I can't wait for Conklin's Corruption which comes out in the fall I want to see how everything plays out with Ty's dad RJ and his brother MitchAwesome job Brooke 3 What? Wait don't end thereWhat can I say? I am hooked on this series Brooke Page has a way of telling a story that captivates you and sucks you in Tyler is pulled in so many directions but all roads always leads back to Becca I'm so glad that Becca found her backbone and now isn't afraid to stand up for herself and what she wants The love they have for one another is tender one minute and explosive the next in the best kind of way I love Alpha Tyler and I love all the secondary characters ok not ALL of them some are real pieces of work What do I regret about this book? Good uestion I regret that it ended I regret that I have to wait for book 3 What I don't regret is reading it and neither will you