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  1. Nicola Nicola says:

    If you have read The Pleasures of Autumn this gives extra content to one of the major parts of the story If you haven't it will give you a taste of exactly why you should read TPoAIt's fast paced sexy sensual and erotic and has left me loving Niall Moore that little bit I am now seriously hoping that Captain Andrew Campbell McTavish will get a book dedicated to his fine self

  2. Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου says:

    Αρκετά καυτό στη λογική των director's cut που έχουν οι κινηματογραφικές ταινίες αλλά που δεν έχει να προσφέρει αυτό το κάτι που έλειπε από την αρχική ιστορία

  3. Stephen Clynes Stephen Clynes says:

    This is an erotic short story set in a fetish club in Paris Sinead O'Sullivan is playing around with Niall Moore and they are both having fun But there is to this story than their relationship as they interact with the other guestsThis short story is different because of the sub plots involving the other characters But it is not an exciting read The writing is clear and articulate but the story telling is poor It does not shine in any area and is a disappointing read This is not a very erotic tale and you will get thrills from walking around Asda The sex is rather tame and will not upset a GrandmotherI got very little pleasure from reading this short story and found it a POOR read which I can only vote 2 stars Eileen Gormley and Caroline McCall work together under the pen name of Evie Hunter and I do not think their team work has brought anything to the erotic short story genreA Touch of Autumn is available as an Kindle eBook and was written in 2013

  4. Joanna Joanna says:

    The description for this book is the same as the Pleasure of Autumn just worded differently so is this meant to come afterwards or what?I've officially read this now why wouldn't you when it's free? and I get what it is It was strange reading it after the Pleasures of Autumn as it meant that I had already read what comes next but there you go It was written with the same skill as the main book so yeah I enjoyed it though there were a few typos in this one

  5. Ava Ava says:

    yep this one was the missing part from the bookWhile reading the pleasures after the party I was really wondering how things went at the party the two of them felt in bliss and whyso much happened and I didn't expect to read Andy in action it was really hot read from the beginning to the end And add it with some not standard size fun

  6. Pauline (Passionate About Books) Pauline (Passionate About Books) says:

    Watch how sparks fly with Niall and SineadA touch of Autumna sexy novella with Sinead and Nialltotally new story added but with the same characters from the main novelIt had everything suspensehot Ds scenesBDSM and humorI enjoyed this one just as much as all the rest from this author5 twinkling stars for you Evie Hunter

  7. Kooky Kooky says:

    An ok follow up but I wish it was follow up story and not about action from the period in the middle of A Touch of AutumnSinead continues to amaze Niall with her ability to play the powerful domme and there is a mini plot involving Niall and Andy

  8. Esra Esra says:

    Novella Sinead ve Niall'ın Paris'teki küçük bir macerasını anlatıyor

  9. Wee Shubba& Wee Shubba& says:

    Review coming soon Hot as usual Takes place within the story of The Pleasures of Autumn Kind of like deleted scenes

  10. Sheila Lord Sheila Lord says:

    Pretty good for a short story but I guess it's part of another book

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A Touch of Autumn Pleasures #35 She’s playing with fire Sinead O'Sullivan's life destroyed when she is accused of stealing a fabulous ruby called the Fire of Autumn Her search for the real thief leads her to the shady underworld world of Parisian BDSM clubs and into the arms of private investigator Niall Moore The attraction between them is white hot but that's not their biggest problem Their hunt for the jewel draws them into a web of intrigue blackmail and danger Believing that the ruby will change hands at an exclusive fetish ball Niall and Sinead must pose as Mistress and Slave a role the fiercely Dominant investigator resists Niall may play at being her submissive in public but in private he wants Sinead in his bed and under his command And before the party is over the sparks are going to fly Show Show less