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The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage When the TARDIS lands on a planet that looks identical to Earth the Tenth Doctor and Martha are amazed to find it packed with fictional characters from her childhood But who has the power to create an entire world out of books and why The Doctor and Martha must solve the mystery before their story endsEleven Doctors eleven months eleven stories a year long celebration of Doctor Who The most exciting names in children's fiction each create their own uniue adventure about the time travelling Time Lord

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  1. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    This is the tenth book in the 50th Anniversary event of eleven short stories featuring the eleven doctors along with eleven different companions Now it's the turn of the Tenth Doctor and his companion is Martha JonesThe GoodEverything If you can't read all the eleven stories and you just can read one single short story of this event this is the one If you like the Tenth Doctor andor Doctor Who franchise in general you will love to read this book And also even if you aren't particularly very into Doctor Who stuff but you love to read books and I'm sure you do you will love to read this fantastic short story The Tenth Doctor is brilliant here and Derek Landy the author masterfully brings back a concept of the classic era but with a totally new and fresh twist Even the Tenth Doctor obviously comments that he faced something similar in The Mind Robber storyline however this is a totally different threat and when the things will get complicated you will even love this wonderful taleMartha Jones is a great companion for the Tenth Doctor here and the interaction between the two are pricelessWhile not totally clear it's very likely that this short story is set after the TV episode 42 but before of Human NatureAgain this is easily the best adventure of the entire collection of this short story event And it's not because the rest are bad no there are two stories that I didn't like but in general I loved to read the rest of the short stories however this one is the crown jewel of the collectionThe BadNothing I told you This short story rocksThe OddMany things but in this particular case is a compliment to the wonderful plot and its development

  2. F.R. F.R. says:

    In 1969 the classic Patrick Troughton story ‘The Mind Robber’s was broadcast For those of you who haven’t pored over DVDs of old black white episodes it sees The Doctor Jamie and Zoe trapped in The Land of Fiction where they meet Gulliver Rapunzel D’Artagnan Blackbeard and Cyrano D’Bergerac It’s a classic adventure a welcome change from the many base under siege stories of the Troughton era And it clearly made a great impression on Derek Landy as here we are not uite revisiting to the land of fiction to itself but instead visiting the concept – cleaning it up and taking it around the park to stretch its legs The Doctor and Martha end up in a set of Blyton eue children’s books called The Troubleseekers It’s a famous fivesecret seven knock off and The Doctor’s view is that they’re rubbish but they were big favourites with Martha as a child I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and say that copyright issues probably stopped this being a visit to the actual secret sevenfamous five The jolly hockey sticks nature of that kind of English children’s fiction is well captured with The Doctor and Martha making their way through the world and solving the skulduggerish mystery at the heart of it However resolution in this made up world force the walls of the reality start collapsing and suddenly Hogwarts Dracula Miss Haversham and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with a reference to Stephen King’s ‘Christine’ to boot are breaking through into this reality As you may have guessed it’s a romp but it fun while it lasts and amusing in an utterly inconseuential way And okay the bad guy may turn out to be the kind of entity that 1960’s Star Trek is sometimes mocked for using again and again but that’s almost a link to the Troughton’s times too

  3. Brooklyn Tayla Brooklyn Tayla says:

    I've read the 1st 3rd 6th and 10th now from this series so far though this was a re read I enjoyed it every bit as much as the first Ten was written so canon though Martha not so much But nonetheless a fabulous short that made me laugh and smile throughout

  4. Callie *Fights Censorship* Callie *Fights Censorship* says:

    This was surprisingly enjoyable considering I am not a huge Martha Jones fan I guess it is because I was so attached to RoseI just always found Martha to be so desperate However Martha was at her best in this storyAnother thing going against this story is its length I think it is difficult to write a good DW story in such a short space because you usually have to create and present entire new worlds and characters However this story managed to create a very interesting world by using familiar settings and characters in a strange and interesting way Martha and the Doctor find themselves in a 1950's children's book that is part of a series Martha enjoyed as a children the Troubleseekers The Troubleseekers are much like the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew and even a little like Scooby DooIt is a fun set up and I absolutely loved how the Doctor figured out the fictional mystery immediatelyOf course we are also chased through various other books from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to The Shining and we even meet up with Rapunzel Overall this was a very well done short story and definitely the best Martha story I have read so far Book worms with love all of the literary references Very fun

  5. Rachael Rachael says:

    I am a bookworm and Doctor Who fan so this was a good choice for me to read The Tenth Doctor and Martha visit a world where everyone they meet is a character from books that Martha has read In short this seems like a book lover's dream But as always with the Doctor it's not that simple This was a good uick humourous read and the characters of Martha and the Doctor were portrayed similarly to their televised counterparts I particularly liked the Doctor's sarcastic manner and the links to other Doctor Who episodes When I read the Enid Blyton reference I immediately thought of Donna Noble asking if Noddy was real The only criticism I have is that it was a bit short and so there was not much chance of development Definitely worth a read though

  6. Kribu Kribu says:

    I'm a little hesitant about the it was amazing description of a five star rating on Goodreads if I had to use words I'd go with I really liked it but I did enjoy this story than any of the others in this set of Doctor Who anniversary short stories so well relative to the others five stars it isI expected to like it of course it's Derek Landy who is after all my current absolute top favourite author and I'd read the phone book if he wrote it I would too It would probably be full of hilarious little notes and comments or the names and phone numbers would somehow manage to be funny all by themselves On the other hand Ten is my least favourite incarnation of the Doctor sorry Derek but on the third hand I've always enjoyed Ten in written works than Ten on screen And on the fourth hand paw? I liked Martha very much so there's that And on the fifth hand okay this is getting ridiculous but I'm just going with it now the moment I first saw the blurb I happily cried out this makes me think of The Mind Robber and The Mind Robber is my favourite Second Doctor story so there's that tooAnyway all that said I ended up enjoying it thoroughly It was funny some bits had me guffaw and with stuff going on in my life recently I really needed that I felt Ten was very much in character even if I felt tempted especially towards the beginning to replace him with Skulduggery Pleasant in my head they do share some similar traits except that Skul is hot and awesome and Ten is well Ten and Martha struck me as just right too And most importantly the one thing I've been complaining about with almost every other short story in this series the pacing felt right There was no drawn out introduction; the Doctor and Martha jumped right into the story The ending was perhaps a little hurried; the resolution a little too simple but not by much if at all trulyAll in all as I said my favourite of the lot Whoever writes Eleven's story will have to work really hard to change that

  7. Ashley Ashley says:

    After reading Well that was what's the word I'm looking for? Bad Yes that's it Everything felt forced The characters the dialogue the plot everything And worse it was boring And for the worst of these stories yet to be with Ten that's just cruel Universe What did I ever do to youBefore reading Seriously side eyeing this whole project now Been looking forward to seeing who would get Ten since December and it's this guy? I have no idea who he is Not that he's not lovely I'm sureThat makes me sound like an asshole I do realizeHeh they got Ten's hair right on the cover though Makes my heart happy

  8. Natalia Natalia says:

    Tell me Doctor what does every story reuire of its reader?The willing suspension of disbeliefExactly You have no idea the power generated each time somebody is told a story When a conscious sentient mind willingly ignores what is real what is facr and instead chooses to invest in people and places that never existed It is magnificent It amounts to nothing less than a rejection of reality And when reality is pushed away no matter how briefly it leaves a gap crackling with potential with what might beOf the three I've read of this set this one has to be my absolute favorite and not just because it's with 10

  9. Debbie Debbie says:

    My son and I read this at bedtime over several daysweeks It was very enjoyable for both of us Many laugh out loud moments and the tenth Doctor came back to life for us on the pages with his witty and often hilarious dialogue and actions Even Martha Jones my personal least favourite companion didn't ruin the fun story and actually even made it a bit funnier because the Doctor here seemed to feel much the same about her as we do often good humouredly mocking her HaI've bought from this author since and look forward to reading it

  10. Nicole Nicole says:

    The 10th Doctor is my favourite AND this story also has my favourite companion Martha Jones Delightful Laugh out loud funny in places but also with a typically Whovian message about it not being right to manipulate and harm others The writing perfectly captures the dialogue of both characters and the way they relate to each other The story which has the characters exploring and getting chased through various fictional settings would’ve been a fabulous episode of the show

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