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Crashing into Tess McGreers #1 Was “Crashing Into Tess” the hit of Jake’s lifetime Ivy educated veterinarian Tess Bamberger leaves suburban Philadelphia for a new adventure in Green Junction Colorado Rural ranch work is tough but satisfying; it’s her attraction to rancher Jake McGreer that finds her in one debacle after another Tess has always been confident and carefree so why are her dreams eluding her Divorced single dad Jake is accustomed to hard hits He resists the allure of the talented flirtatious new vet but Tess fits in seamlessly with ranch life She stitches up his favorite uarterhorse and mends his daughter’s broken heart His daughter adores her his friends want a wedding but her parent's are certain he's up to no good Will the vixen veterinarian decide that Jake is her one true love

About the Author: Lilly Christine

Lilly Christine has authored ten titles in the McGreers Series with Too Fast For Love McGreers #10 currently in the Cupid's Caribbean Cruise Box Set Awarded Librarian's Readers' Choice Best Western 2016 #8 My Kinda Bull released October In 2016 Lilly also became an Bestselling Author with Last Chance Cowboy McGreers #7 included in the Cowboy Country anthology which hit #2 in

10 thoughts on “Crashing into Tess McGreers #1

  1. Mandi Mandi says:

    Finally A TASTEFULLY well written love story that didn't turn into porn after the 2nd chapter LOVED this book

  2. Ms. Bean Ms. Bean says:

    I'm a real romance fan so when I saw this as a free kindle download I read the first chapter and snapped it up It's good read funny heartfelt sweet n' sassy dialogue and the kind of small town setting I like reading about It's got a few surprises too and I wound up rooting for Tess as she tried to untangle her feelings while dealing with the challenges I'll be looking for from this author

  3. Yona Yona says:

    Cowboyscowboyscowboys I really enjoyed this one the end didn't feel complete but it was still a nice finish to the story

  4. Ashley Clark Ashley Clark says:

    Cute story and cute characters

  5. Miranda Freeman Miranda Freeman says:

    'Crashing Into Tess' was a wonderful book It captivated me instantly and I found that I couldn't put it down It was well written with several grammatical errors here and there but not to the point where it distracts you from the storylineTess Bamberger is a strong willed veterinarian with skills like no other Knowing this you can only be as surprised as her parents when she takes a job in some tiny hick town She is tired of her parents running her life so she figured moving from Pennsylvania to Colorado would be enough distance right? Wrong Everything she does she feels like she is still being controlled by her parents once you add a steamy romance with its own uirks and issues and you have got a hot pot of stress for twoJake McGreer is your typical stud muffin rancher He knows his manners and how to control his temper but something about the city girl Tess just throws him into a whole new placeafter he puts her in the hospital from a car accident of course He simply doesn't know what to do with himself when he's with her But he must decide if he is willing to take the leap and open himself up to a woman again after his grueling divorce with his ex wife Vicky who is still trying to ruin his life An interesting plot line with twists and turns in their relationship and how its grows and wilts and everywhere in between I found myself drowning in compassion for both characters because they both have reactions and fears that any normal human being would have ion a relationship They are relatable characters and I found comfort in their believable love story Overall it was an adorable novel and a uick read and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys chick lit or is like me and occasionally enjoys a good uality romance I can't give enough praise for this author She has an interesting writing style writing in third person but taking perspective by describing one character's emotions at a time very interesting and she is the sweetest person I can't wait to read from her

  6. Crystal Crystal says:

    As other reviewers have said the 1st edition is rife with mechanical errors though I don't recall noticing any formatting errors I tend to forgive that if I love the story and this one gets that pass Now that I've put that out of the way let me tell you how much I enjoyed the storyIt's always a bonus for me when a love story has an interesting setting and background story Boy meets girl they're attracted to each other something goes wrong it gets fixed they live HEA is fine but a little boring HOwever when you make the boy a rancher with an adorable six year old daughter whacked ex and an enemy and you make the girl a top notch veterinarian AND can back it up with authentic touches NOW you've got a story Another bonus for me was that it was set just a couple of hours down the road from where I live The descriptions were so on point that I had to get out a map to learn if Green Junction is a real townThe story has all the right elements and the author has paced it well plus delivered the goods on characters you can like and a few you aren't supposed to like I would have liked the story to be a bit longer the problems a bit difficult to solve maybe even a bit wooing on Jake's part after the misunderstanding that nearly broke them up but for a debut I have to say this is a very satisfying read I want books from Ms Christine

  7. Heather andrews Heather andrews says:

    Poor Jake the boy doesn't know what he crashed into literally he groaned softly trying to resist Tess I don't usually kiss women I barely know He tries to be a gentleman around Tess but honestly she brings out the naughty version of him I'll be honest If you want to keep this just to kissing I shouldn't come I pride myself on self control but you have a power effect one me He's also a very passionate man Jake's heart lept As he kissed Tess again she responded hungrily and he pulled her to the soft rug on the floor I've missed you baby I's so wanted you for mine This was such a sweet romance and I loved it

  8. Cherie Smith Cherie Smith says:

    I loved the characters in this book especially Alice Tess's sister Sam and Jake's Aunt Olivia It was way better than your typical romance Tess had a lot to deal with and I was glad when she came out on top I liked the animal scenes It did remind me of a chick lit version of a James Herriot I got it as a free Kindle download on my iphone and did not have any trouble reading it I can't wait for this author's next book

  9. Lilly Christine Lilly Christine says:

    I had SUCH fun writing Crashing Into Tess winner of a 2013 Catherine Award and a 2014 Bookseller's Best Finalist Tess is a bit of an awkward heroine a good girl with overbearing parents eager to experience adventure She finds than she bargained for in sleepy rural Green Junction Colorado including hot single dad rancher Jake McGreer Thanks for reading and please leave a review

  10. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    This was a fun exciting read from the first page you are pulled in as two people meet in a most unusual way You watch a small town take in and get to know the new vet As with most things in a small town everyone knows everyone’s business and word spreads fast The author gives you a wonderful love story that builds slowly with some misunderstandings controlling parents icy roads and one person doing her best to prove she belongs only to find maybe she doesn’t One man and a little girl hoping they found the answer to a long happy life and a vet trying to find a place she belongsTess comes from money she could have just about any vet job she wants anywhere in the world She just wants a uite small town not carrying about the money Her parents are not very happy as they try to take over her life she runs from them in hopes of standing on her own two feet She loves them dearly but needs room to breathe Tess really is a very down to earth character with lots of soul for the underdog She has to prove herself before this town will let her in The Doc is hoping she will stay and take over his business leaving him to move to be with their family It doesn’t take long for Tessa to meet the hottest man in town hoping to make it to the top of his list she works her way into his heart She just adores his little girl the feeling are the same for the girl I just love how they enter act it warms your heart to see the love build between women and childJake isn’t looking for love and he seem to fall pretty easy it doesn’t take long for him to find his heart on the line again He had one big city women and just his luck he falls for another one He is hoping this one is different but isn’t willing to take that step in case she runs back to the city He has enough on his plate trying to keep his ranch in the black as he ex tries to take him for all he is worth If that isn’t enough the ex has new ammo in hopes of getting money out of him and taking his beloved daughter to the other side of the US Just as he is ready to give love another try something happens to drive him the other way With lots of misunderstanding Jake and Tess love might not get off the groundI really enjoyed this story I thought the author put a lot of time and thought twisting a wonderful plot that you get lost in There are a few places where you hold your breath waiting for the next shoe to drop She gives you a few twists to keep the story interesting I really like the attraction with a slow build up as two people learn to trust love and forgive as well as finding a new life to start building Of course there are a few rocks that pop up getting in the way and it is touch and go if they will find their happy ever after This is the first I have read of this author work I am really looking forward to reading of it I found this to be very entertaining keeping your attention with wonderful characters that pull at your heartstrings The title really fits this story he really does crash right into her or did she him? If you haven’t read anything by this author and would like to try a new one this would be a great author to start with She gives you a read with wonderful characters that keeps you invest from the first page to the last

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