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The Death of Reginald Perrin Reginald Perrin is fed up with his boss and sick of selling ices Driven to desperation Reggie begins his battle against consumerism driving off in a motorized jelly and creating the world's biggest loganberry stick on the way He dumps his clothes on a Dorset beach and starts a new life

10 thoughts on “The Death of Reginald Perrin

  1. Maureen Maureen says:

    Part 2 in my ongoing series Stuff I Loved as a Kid That Is Still Ace And Reggie Perrin is perhaps even MORE ace now that I know what it is to be a glassy eyed commuter and cog in the capitalist system It helps of course that in my mind's eye all the scenes are re enacted by the incomparable Leonard Rossiter Rest in peace Lenny Rest in peace

  2. Darren Darren says:

    Deceptively simple If there's a better depiction of a mid life crisisnervous breakdown I'm unaware of it Funny and poignant superb cast of characters and almost documentary in its detailing of middle class middle England in the mid 70's I didn't get where I am today by not giving this 5 Stars

  3. Derek James Baldwin Derek James Baldwin says:

    I didn't get where I am today by not saying that this book is hilariously funny but also very poignant in ways which perhaps don't uite come across in the excellent TV series The incestuous affair enjoyed by Reggie's daughter was uite a surprise

  4. & & says:

    for being an indifferently proofread large print volume that looks like it was typeset in wordpad don't repeat my mistake; avoid the isis edition this was a p wonderful reading experience wo doxxing myself it's safe to say that a protagonist fed up with their absurd job in the cpg industry and constant public transit delays was UITE relatable content along w some 1st rate farce nobbs is great at putting disparate personalities together in a room shaking 'em up like an ant farm it's also got sth trenchant to say about the difficulty of reinventing one's self there's one plot point involving reggie's daughter linda i'm still absolutely mystified by you'll know what i'm talking about but all in all this one's an unrivaled comic earwig for parsnips of all ages

  5. Ruth Ruth says:

    Reginald Perrin is going through something of a mid life crisis Sick of the minutiae of his job at Sunshine Desserts he is driven to desperate measures and decides to steal a giant lorry shaped like a jelly fake his own death and start a new life This book – the first in a series of three – tells of Reggie’s adventures as he tries to find a meaning to this lifeThe very first line – “When Reginald Iolanthe Perrin set out for work on the Thursday morning he had no intention of calling his mother in law a hippopotamus” – gave me a clue that this book was going to be funny and somewhat surreal What I didn’t expect was that it would actually be tinged with melancholy too It’s easy to sympathise with Reggie’s frustration at his colleagues and his job although the measures he took to find something to live for were admittedly drastic and ridiculousNobbs balances the melancholy out with lots of laughter though During the first part of the book I was amused on several occasions but not enough to make me really laugh However then came the scene describing the funniest dinner party I have ever read about which actually gave me a stomach ache from laughing so hardThe book takes a bizarre turn towards the end and and while it was supposed to be satirical it didn’t strike uite the right note with me because it was just TOO unbelievable However I did enjoy it overall and certainly intend to read the next two books in the series

  6. Katie Katie says:

    It is sadder and poignant than I remember from years ago I can only see Leonard Rossiter who starred in the TV series as Reggie AKA Coconut Matting his school nickname The funny bits are very funny and I laughed out loud many times but Reggie's introspection his fake suicide and ultimate return to his loving and loved wife are beautifully told It was well worth re reading Onwards to Vol 2

  7. Sue Sue says:

    A somewhat surreal and bizarre book revolving around the serious issue of a man having a rather caricatured mid life crisis I loved the first sentence though it went a little downhill thereafter Perhaps worth reading once; the occasional humorous moment but not the laugh aloud hilarity I was promised on the blurb

  8. Timothy Urban Timothy Urban says:

    It was funny sad still fairly fresh despite it being nearly 40 years old now It had a sort of 'modern life is rubbish' theme beneath the main midlife crisis story I wanted of that digs at the way the world is These were the bits that made me laugh and there were less and less of them as is went along

  9. Tony Tony says:

    I revisit this every few years and it touches me each time The TV series is wonderful but the book has a magical melancholy all of its ownThe seuels are enormous fun but this first stands above them Cannot recommend it enough uite superb

  10. Jon Jon says:

    Reggie Perrin suffers a midlife crisis The humor is wonderful—farcical and odd like a 1970s British sitcom The plot lost me in the middle as Reggie plots to run away from his life but the is genuinely moving and uite hilarious

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