Il fantasma del piano di sotto PDF ò Il fantasma

Il fantasma del piano di sotto Leon Garfield ci guida nell'Inghilterra del passato per raccontarci di un giovane apprendista che sogna la morte del padrone e di un gretto uomo d'affari che firma un contratto con il diavolo vendendogli sette anni della propria infanzia L'uno e l'altro vedranno realizzarsi i propri desideri ma il prezzo da pagare sarĂ  altissimo e i due saranno lungamente perseguitati da inesorabili spettri e da incubi spaventosi sino all'imprevisto scioglimento finale Due eccezionali storie di fantasmi scritte da un maestro del genere che sa evocare in modo inuietante il mondo delle tenebre

About the Author: Leon Garfield

Vivien Alcock then an ambulance driver who would go on to become his second wife in 1948 and a well known children's author She would also greatly influence Garfield's writing giving him suggestions for his writing including the original idea for Smith After the war Garfield worked as a biochemical laboratory technician at the Whittington Hospital in Islington writing in his spare time until the 1960s when he was successful enough to write full time In 1964 the couple adopted a baby girl called Jane after Jane Austen a favourite writer of both parentsGarfield wrote his first book the pirate novel Jack Holborn for adult readers but a Constable Co editor saw its potential as a children's novel and persuaded him to adapt it for a younger audience In that form it was published by Constable in 1964 His second book Devil in the Fog 1966 won the first annual Guardian Prize and was serialised for television as were several later works below Devil was the first of several historical adventure novels typically set late in the eighteenth century and featuring a character of humble origins in this case a boy from a family of traveling actors pushed into the midst of a threatening intrigue Another was Smith 1967 with the eponymous hero a young pickpocket accepted into a wealthy household; it won the Phoenix Award in 1987 Yet another was Black Jack 1968 in which a young apprentice is forced by accident and his conscience to accompany a murderous criminalIn 1970 Garfield's work started to move in new directions with The God Beneath the Sea a re telling of numerous Greek myths in one narrative written by Garfield and Edward Blishen and illustrated by Charles Keeping It won the annual Carnegie Medal for British children's books Garfield Blishen and Keeping collaborated again on a seuel The Golden Shadow 1973 The Drummer Boy 1970 was another adventure story but concerned with a central moral problem and apparently aimed at somewhat older readers a trend continued in The Prisoners of September 1975 republished in 1989 by Lions Tracks under the title Revolution The Pleasure Garden 1976 and The Confidence Man 1978 The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris 1972 was a black comedy in which two boys decide to test the plausibility of Romulus and Remus using one of the boys' baby sister Most notable at the time was a series of linked long short stories about apprentices published separately between 1976 and 1978 and then as a collection The Apprentices The adult themed books of the mid 1970s met with a mixed reception and Garfield returned to the model of his earlier books with John Diamond which won a Whitbread Award in 1980 and The December Rose 1986 In 1980 he also wrote an ending for The Mystery of Edwin Drood unfinished at the 1870 death of Dickens an author who had been a major influence on Garfield's own styleHe was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1985 On 2 June 1996 he died of cancer at the Whittington Hospital where he had once worked

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