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A Hard Day's Work Jo fancies her straight married boss Amanda She's convinced her crush is a hopeless one until a performance review changes everythingWarning This title contains graphic language and ff sexA Hard Day's Work is a 9000 word lesbian erotica novelette

About the Author: Harper Bliss

Harper Bliss is a best selling lesbian romance author Among her most loved books are the highly dramatic French Kissing and the often thought provoking Pink Bean series She is the co founder of My LesFic a weekly newsletter offering discount deals on lesbian fictionHarper lived in Hong Kong for 7 years travelled the world for a bit and has now settled in Brussels Belgium with her wife and

10 thoughts on “A Hard Day's Work

  1. Corrie Corrie says:

    It turned out I lacked this Harper Bliss short erotic story in my collection First published in 2013 I thought this 41 page erotic romp wasn’t really worth the 399 I had to pay for it Sure it’s well written like all of Bliss’ work but it wasn’t as imaginative as she can get Pretty meh to be honestff explicitThemes lusting after the boss the married boss the married boss who flirts with her34 Stars

  2. Lance Lance says:

    Jo is a new employee at her job but that doesn't keep her from having fantasies about her boss Amanda The attraction would seem to be only one way however as Amanda has a husband and besides aren't relationships between bosses and employees forbidden? However when Amanda invites Jo to join her for a run she has in mind than just a workout in the park Amanda takes Jo to her house where the two women share their true feelings about each other This story has everything I love in a good short erotic story The reader learns uite a bit about both Amanda and Jo and the feelings they have for one another We learn about Jo early but it was a treat to read about Amanda's hesitancy to explore her feelings about both Jo and being with another woman Harper Bliss has an excellent talent for developing her characters in such a short amount of wordsNot only are the feelings between then well written so is the sexual pleasure they feel during these scenes While the language is very steamy and not for minors it doesn't read like pornography and instead has the feel of romance between them not just lust Another example of Ms Bliss' s talent with wordsFor other readers like me who do not read stories about cheating spouses I will note that Amanda states that she and her husband are a few signatures short of a divorce For all intensive purposes that relationship is over so I did not feel this was a cheating spouse Having read several works by her before I was eagerly awaiting this release and it was as excellent as I had hoped I wish to thank Ms Bliss for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

  3. Kent Kent says:

    What can I say I am hooked on Harper Bliss and her wonderful stories and this newest story A Hard Day's Work is as wonderful as all of Harper's previous stories As with several of Harper's other short stories I just can't get enough and I find myself wishing the story went on a bit longer but it is a short story after all I love how Harper draws the reader in and makes you feel like you actually know the characters Bottom line is that this is another amazing Harper Bliss story that is well worth reading Thank you Harper 3

  4. Rea Nicole ✰ Rea Nicole ✰ says:

    In front of me sits a woman on the prowl and I haven't even had my morning coffee yetJo a spunky and out lesbian has a secret crush on her boss Amanda During her first performance review Amanda slyly flirts with Jo and invites her for a run Ecstatic for a date with her boss Jo soon discovers one of her fantasies coming true 35 stars While this is a novelette and very short it is very well written and engaging The office banter between Jo and her co workers had me smiling and learning about Amanda was also exciting Also includes a very hot ff love scene Beautiful elegant cover as wellRecommended to all ff readers

  5. Ameliah Faith Ameliah Faith says:

    YAY Ms BlissWho doesn’t love an office fling? Jo is finishing her probationary period with her new company She’s crushing hard on her boss Amanda and she’s pretty sure Amanda is checking her out too Another great short by the incomparable Ms Bliss this one is sweet and sexy and will leave you wanting

  6. susan owers susan owers says:

    Harder the betterA whimsical daydream turned into realityA delightful mix of sultry passionand burgeoning lustfulnessRaw energy and enigmatic persona exudes from both main charactersWantlustneed and desire exudes from every page

  7. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    The Boss Is Always RightWhen her boos invites her on a run Jo can’t say yes any faster Now she’s on the way to a long weekend of getting to know her boss Amanda in the best way Explicit language

  8. Helen Helen says:

    I loved it Great love scenes

  9. Ka Ka says:

    Exotic Bliss worksI enjoyed the slow burn and the multiple power reversals that take place during this short story by one of my favorite authors

  10. Mummy& Mummy& says:

    Cover 5 starsSexsteaminess 5 starsStory line 4 starsCharacters 4 starsOverall rating 45 starsPersonal rating 4 starsBook Pairing FFDid it give me a book hangover YesIs this a review book or personal read Review BookWhy I chose this book?The author was offering arc's in exchange for an honest reviewWhat I liked about this book It's hot and steamy It's believable and realisticWhat I didn't like about this book it was too short i felt the story needed a bit Would I read from this author?Absolutely Would I recommend this book?Yes ff lovers will love this book

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