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In Search of the Ultimate Building Blocks From Until Theoretical Physicists And Experimentalists Worked Together To Probe Deeper And Deeper Into The Basic Structure Of Matter The Author S Involvement In The Era Enhances His Account Of One Of The Most Exciting Periods In The History Of Physics

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    For a non physicist such as myself, this book proved to be a bit tough reading I enjoy learning about the wondrous mysteries in the ultimate building blocks of the universe I regard t Hooft s book as a fairly in depth discussion and analysis of the currently known particles that comprise matter and energy, such as we understand them I would recommend this book to a general

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    Gerard t Hooft ok ok nl ve ba ar l bir fizik i Bu kitab nda kuantum fizi ini, evreni ve s persicim kuram n layman terimleriyle anlat yor Bazen kendini tutamay p ok fazla ayr nt ya girse de genel olarak evrenle ilgili g zel bir resim kar yor Belki bu kitab okumadan nce BBC nin ATOM belgeseli...

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    Niet alles is als leek te volgen, maar geweldig om je te vergapen aan de wetenschappelijke prestaties en het opgedane inzicht

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