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Clubland UK Clubland UK is a story of violent men and the worlds they inhabit At the height of the hedonistic ’90s rave era Steven McLaughlin policed some of Blackpool’s busiest seafront clubs on chaotic nights as the virulent dance and drug craze exploded onto the sceneFrom the front line he witnessed the dark underbelly of clubland culture and the predatory menace lurking beneath the smiley face T shirts pilled up clubbers and frantically waving arms He saw people revel in it; he saw people excel in it; he saw people profit in it; and he saw people suffer in it Because sometimes being ‘a face’ in clubland demands the highest price of allFrom small town gyms to big time steroid dealers from martial arts myths to back alley fights door wars and gang grudges in Britain's gaudiest seaside town Was okay not as good as other books of the same subject I have read

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