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Rubbish Much of the book was a sorry catalogue of directives set but not ready to be met opportunities lost through procrastination and the usual catastrophic predictions seeming a little less fantastic than they often do because they were backed up by figures I was impressed that Girling did actually go to various locations associated with his investigations The most interesting of these was his description of a multi material recycling plant that made some sense of the apparently meaningless distinctions imposed by councils and recycling companies I promise never again to put foil in with aluminium cansA book that made me alternately aghast and thoughtful but overall determined to cut down on some of the larger waste streams issuing from my home Girling on occasion goes off point ranting about monopolistic supermarkets and the pointlessness of space exploration but when he concentrates on waste the Rubbish of the books title the content is satisfying The most intensity of the passion is reserved for the ineptitude incompetence and procrastination of the New Labour government This is not surprising anyone who has ever considered hugging a tree shares this frustration – from transport to energy policy HM Gov seems incapable of grasping the very basic fundamentals and Girling’s evidence seems to indicate this is also true of waste If you can ignore the digressions there is a lot of information in here A worthy book about an important topic the amount of rubbish in the UK and the disasterous manner in which it is being dealt with A depressing topic and all the depressing when you find out just how bad the situation is but one worth learning about That said the author at times could be a bit too cynical for his own good and at places it rambled or seemed to go off on tangents That said it is full of information that needs to become wider known Rubbish is an examination of the problem of waste—domestic and industrial—in the UK and elsewhere Challenging and controversial this is a rigorous examination of the problem of waste worldwide and the efficacy of the public and private initiatives designed to forestall a crisis fast ballooning into catastrophe This is an investigation of the looming problem of waste in the 21st century—our fridge mountain; our crumbling sewers; trading waste; packaging waste; the enormity of our industrial waste; spam emails and new forms of waste; and the horrors of incineration It is an attempt to find a blueprint for our survival and to examine the way our lives may have to change

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