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What to Expect When You're Expecting For obvious reasons I am not going to rate this book What I can say however is that while it kept me company it also kept me well informed I grant you this kind of comprehensive infodump might not be for everyone I can see that neurotic and insecure person could feel overwhelmed and even anxious; for me it was just OK I like knowing things on the one hand and on the other the pregnancy was a wonderful broadening and deepening of our family life and not something akin to the revolution that necessitates reorganisation of a whole life The good thing about Goodreads is the one doesn't have to make any grand statements One look at the currently reading shelf is enoughMonth 1 Apparently something's cooking A baby bun And I thought it inconceivable Month 2 First sonogram Oh my a pollywog on a balloon Month 3 The Mothers know So It's officialMonth 4 Seedling took a shortcut to Heaven skipping the Earth altogether How do I give this zero stars This book should be called What to Freak Out About When You're Expecting and unfortunately goes hand in hand with TLC's Baby Story for gross negligence in maternity infotainment It addresses everything that could possibly go wrong or be of concern emphasizing rare high risk complications that do NOT effect the VAST majority of women Rather than explaining normal healthy pregnancy in a positive and reassuring manner it talks down to women and convinces them that every new sensation or pregnancy symptom they feel is cause for alarm or a sign that their body or their baby may be defective To me this is just one way doctors make money off of unnecessary office visits and routine interventions UGH I got about halfway through with this back in 1999 when I was preggo with my 1st before I chucked it I'm getting pissed off just thinking about it right now There I was a brand new mother to be and this ridiculous book had me convinced that every time I farted there was something wrong with me And believe me I farted uite a bit Trust me if you want to be a nervous wreck run out and buy this book Otherwise relax Babies are hearty little suckers Just because you take Tylenol for headaches drink a cup of coffee or opt to eat the entire chocolate cake instead of veggies does not mean that your kid will be born with hideous birth defects Here's my advice after having four healthy kids Don't drink a bottle of wine for breakfast and stay away from crack Ta da If you have to read one book on pregnancy do yourself a favor and pick a different one than What to Expect If you have lots of time on your hands and want to read several books go ahead and read this one too The general tone of this book is alarmist and condescending Unless of course you planned the conception perfectly Why you and your partner didn't even take Tylenol while trying to get pregnant your diet during pregnancy is a model that the USDA would be proud of you wouldn't dream of medicating your cold you exercise daily your desire to experience unmedicated birth is overwhelming and you beleive that anything other than wearing your baby 247 to promote attachment is akin to child abuse I'm not uite sure how to explain how this book makes me feel other than this analogy it felt like going to your doctor to ask for the morning after pill to only receive a lecture on the dangers of multiple sex partners from the old school nurse While sitting on a cold exam table in a paper gown While nursing a hangover and trying not to throw upAnyway I do give the book two stars because the section When to Call The Doctor is a pretty useful and easy to find reference when something freaky is happening and you have lost all common sense and are panicky and don't know what to do Similarly the What To Expect The First Year book has useful references for when you don't know what to do with your out of sorts infant I kinda feel bad slamming this book so hard when the First Year book was my bible whenever my son was sick Surely though other books must have this handy reference too This is probably not the worst pregnancy book in the universe but it is the worst one I've ever read Unfortunately it's also the most popular no doubt due to its admittedly catchy title and unavoidable ubiuity I'm sure that many many women like me zipped off to the library and grabbed this first thing after their positive pregnancy testI had zero ambivalence about being pregnant but I imagine that for other thinking women less sure they want a baby this book could do a lot to make them decide that in fact they might not A lot of people have complained about its alarmist tone and cataloguing of things that can go wrong but I don't particularly remember that; what I hated was its insultingly cutesy but hideously uncute grating idiotic style The entire book is written in peppy spunky awful puns that aren't even really puns and moronic jokes that aren't actually jokes These aren't real examples because I don't have the book but seriously the whole thing is like Being pregnant is a gas And you'll have gas the whole time your little bun is in the oven Speaking of buns you may want to indulge your cravings for sticky buns but be careful or your buns will get fat and no one wants that Teeheehee I mean obviously that is not a direct uotation but in essence it really is not so far off I hate this book because it makes pregnancy seem stupid and seems to imply that being pregnant is going to make you stupid If this is something you're already kind of worried about What to Expect can be a highly distressing read I found its tone so nauseating and awful that it made me slightly less excited about being pregnant for awhile It really made the whole thing seem like a lame project for stupid infantilized women and something I didn't want to be a part of at all despite really wanting a babyTo be fair I have a hard time with a lot of accepted pregnancy book conventions beyond just this book Use of the word baby with no article rankles me and referring to a six week old embryo as a baby or infinitely worse just as baby completely skeezes me out A lot of this is due to a lifetime of programming and conviction about reproductive rights but it's also because I'm aware that there are high rates of miscarriage in the first trimester Of course it's a personal choice when you decide to think of your fetus as having personhood but it seems irresponsible to me the way all these books start personifying and burbling on about an adorable bundle of joy so early on in the process But of course that's just meI'm not made of stone and I was incredibly emotional and excited about being pregnant but I found the discourse of these books really alienating and this one was the worst A lot of people seem to love it but if you're like me you'd do better off with something else Honestly I didn't ever find a pregnancy book I loved childbirth yes; pregnancy no and wound up getting most of my intel from the BabyCenter website which isn't perfect but is decent and has an infinitely tolerable tone It is unfortunate that sometimes no one tells us we are bad at something and then we bumble on through life thinking we are good at it That's what's happened to Heidi Murkoff who is a terrible writer laboring under the delusion that she is a good writer and comedic to boot This book has somehow managed to attain status as some kind of pregnancy bible but in reality it is an unbearable slog through every worst case scenario any expectant parents could ever hope to avoid The author looks down on her thick headed audience constantly stooping to explain for us morons something that was already spelled out for children in the previous sentence Worse she breaks up the flow hah of her writing with parenthetical comments ad fucking nauseam If you're pregnant and even if you're not exercise is a good idea but don't overdo it Start slowly no marathons the first week and then you want to stick a knitting needle in your eye The whole goddam book is like that with pointless jokey asides stuffing the pages until the book tries to commit suicide by bloat Such a thing is possible by the way Somehow this incompetent writer has made a cottage industry of this; I hear What to Expect the First Year is far worse if one can imagine such a painful fateAre you planning to have children Are you and your spouse pregnant now Find a doctor you trust in your neighborhood Talk to your parents siblings and friends who have children especially those who've had kids recently Ask about Braxton Hicks contractions so you don't wind up in the emergency room thinking you're having your baby at seven months when you first feel some contractions Skim a pregnancy guide; you can't learn everything you won't remember everything and there's no point learning about every single terrible thing that might go wrong one out of a million times Throw this rotten piece of trash as far away from yourself as you possibly can Good luck Avoid this book at all costsIt infantilizes pregnant women and tells them to just go along with whatever the doctor says they should do I also remember it being very hetero normativeA much better book is The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth by Sheila KitzingerThe only thing What to Expect When You're Expecting is good for is starting a fire to keep the expectant mother warm When I was pregnant with my first child I picked up nearly every book on the bookstore shelves having to do with pregnancy and childbirth I wanted comfort a friend in the form of a book a companion to hold my hand and let me know everything was going to be okay This book was not that friend Instead everytime I read this book I found myself getting and agitated It exposed me to almost TOO much information verging on the point of overload You know how medical students become convinced they have every wacky and rare disease they learn about in med school That's how I felt when I read this book After each chapter I became convinced my child had Downs Syndrome that I had placenta previa that I was suffering from gestational diabetes etc etc Now that I have three children I feel like I'm in the position to make a recommendation get this book if you must but don't read it cover to cover Use it as a resource if one of the other books you read I suggest The Mother of All Pregnancy Books by Ann Douglas leaves you wanting information By the way I didn't follow the Best Odds Diet and my kids still turned out fine Incorporating everything that's new in pregnancy childbirth and the lifestyles of parents to be complete with a preconception plan information on choosing a practitioner birthing alternatives second pregnancies twins making love while pregnant and coping with common and not so common pregnancy symptoms It felt to me like this book is out to scare moms to be Instead of celebrating how normal many of our pregnancy changes are this book makes you uestion any weight gain hello we're growing babies here They weigh alotand can often take a hectoring tone I don't think ladies need that Check out any of the other fine pregnancy and labor books out there by Sears Gaskin Kitzinger Simkin England and others

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