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Jamb Cornerstone #3 A note from NalenaThe world has gone insane and our only option is to go deeper into The Fury Facing the enemy doesn’t scare me Unless he is my enemy now

  • 277 pages
  • Jamb Cornerstone #3
  • Misty Provencher
  • 08 April 2015

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10 thoughts on “Jamb Cornerstone #3

  1. Starla Huchton Starla Huchton says:

    This is one of those series that you should read once it's complete Why? Because it is TORTURE to wait for the next oneSeriously I don't think Misty could write a book I didn't like Her narrative style hooks me every time and sucks me into the amazing worlds and characters she creates I'm right there with Nali through every heartbreaking beautiful sexy harrowing destroying redemptive moment of her journey from word one Her descriptions paint such a vivid world I feel like I've climbed into someone else's skin and am experiencing the story through their lives Misty is one of those authors that turns me into an addict If I could chain her to a desk to write stories for me I would not hesitate LOLHonestly I don't know why you're still reading this review You should be reading this series

  2. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    HOLY FREAKIN CRAPLoved EVERY SINGLE MOMENT And killing me KILLING ME with that cliffhangerGrrrrrrrOkhere is my full reviewHOLY FREAKIN CRAP I meanOH WOW JAMB is just sooo phenomenalI am sitting here trying to take it all in and wrap my brain around all that happenedWhew From start to finish you are thrust back in to the world of Nalena and Garrett and let me say IT IS A DOOZY Immediately we are drawn in to the events that left us at the end of Keystone The world is falling apart and everyone is in a disarray We begin understanding the lengths in which they are going to have to go through in order to gain control of the chaos outside because in order to control it they must first control what is going on right under their own roofOh goodness I couldn't get enough of this story It literally took me on an emotional roller coaster There were moments of joy passion relief grief anger worryI was totally immersed in the lives of these characters So invested that I was completely SHOCKED at the events that passed as I drove further along in the story I became so pissedI mean PISSED at what was transpiring Albeit I knew the reasoning behind it but so angry that it had to happen Man my chest got so tight because I could feel the pain and hurt from Nalena and all I could do was keep reading HOPING that things were going to turn around I truly just wanted to skip this part and get to the endThe world has become such a dark place and finding the right people to trust seems almost impossible So as I pushed through the difficult part I kept thinking ok lets get this wrapped up nice and neatthen in the back of my head I heard Misty's evil laughYeah we still have another book after this so we are left with a cliffhangerOMGfalling off the cliff dying because I WANTNEEDto know what happensshakes head and sighsSo I now reflect on all that I took inMy thoughts have ultimately changed about certain characters when secrets were revealed Finally some of my uestions were answered that have been plaguing me yet at the exact time causing new ones to form Learning about Milo gave me a new appreciation for him And the relationship of Nalena and Garrett touches my soul with such adoration I absolutely LOVE reading about them So I am now waiting for book 4yes MistyI want it nowbut I know I knowyou can't rush genius brillianceThis book is creatively uniue suspenseful twisted with emotional gut wrenching moments that have you screaming at your bookIf you haven't picked up this series yetWhat are you waiting for??wwwtsktskwhattoread2blogspotcom

  3. Amber Amber says:

    What a cluster fk of craziness Great addition really hard to read most of the time very emotional Can't wait for the next

  4. Heidi Heidi says:

    Four solid stars An amazing mind blowing series that you must experience for yourselfNali opens her eyes to find Garret's arms tightly wrapped around her She is safe Then the horrific truth comes crashing back and she remembers that she murdered someone to protect the Addo The tunnels collapsed with Garrett's two younger brothers in them and now they are missing feared dead The Fury are organizing and they are coming at the Ianua like never before The world is in chaos as it has entered the Cusp Either the Ianua will restore order and defeat The Fury or chaos and destruction will rein and decimate the world Nali and the rest of the Contego are in a fight for their lives as they prepare to face the oncoming threat Can Nali and Garrett help find a way to defeat The Fury and save humanity?What I LikedOnce again I was completely blown away by Ms Provencher's mad story telling skills Her books are never dull and they are always full of big twists and surprises that never cease to amaze me Just when I think I have it figured out she throws in a whole bunch of wrenches and stuns me once again If you like books that are full of huge unexpected developments this is a series you need to readI am absolutely in awe of Ms Provencher's creativity These books may be labeled as YA but trust me the story telling is superb and the plot is incredibly complex and detailed and there are some interesting thought provoking ideas and concepts that are far beyond anything I have read before I wish I could better convey this to you but I am unable to find the right words You just need to experience for yourselfI am a big fan of the romance in this one as it is so realistic I like that at every step Nali is analyzing her feelings Sure she is absolutely head over heels in love with Garrett but how can she be sure that their relationship is the real deal? I love that she has her insecurities and doubts as it makes it feel so genuine I especially enjoyed the scene where Garrett and Nali spar with each other to determine their compatibility Before they can be married they will have to fight in front of the Addo If one of them is able to get three hits on the other they are not meant to be together Though terrified the two fight each other and that scene is incredible I won't share the details it is something you must read for yourself It is an amazing scene to say the least The other idea that I really found fascinating in this one is the whole idea of binding Binding is marriage between Ianua but before the ceremony can take place the couple must spend a period of time where they wear a zipline bracelet set Basically they are not allowed to be than a few feet apart during this period They must do everything together and if they can't hack this constant togetherness they aren't supposed to be together Can you imagine? If people had to undergo this the divorce rate would be significantly lower Addo Larry is absolutely the shining star of this series for me He is a wise guru man who spends a great deal of time munching cookies I love that he is so unassuming He has horrible taste in fashion sweats and sandals with socks He comes across as a carefree guy but in reality he is brilliant His advice is always interesting and spot on Addo Larry just makes me smile and I would love to eat cookies with him anytime Despite the fact that the end of the world is upon them he takes it all in stride and refuses to let it ruffle his feathers Just bring on the cookies and all will be well If only we could all adopt his attitudeI was absolutely riveted to the final third of this book once Nali and Garrett end up visiting The Fury It was frightening and exciting to finally get a peek into the world of The Fury The action ratchets up and you get this heart pounding climax and then a jaw dropping twist at the end that left me absolutely hungry for the next book I cannot wait to see how it all plays out I know it will be another exciting twisty adventureAnd The Not So MuchI struggled just a tiny bit with the pacing of this one The middle section drags a bit after an interesting opening and of course a couple of twists Then the book falters as there is a great deal of time spent in the hotel compound where there is a lot of sitting around and talking and not much happening I was a bit frustrated at this point because there are so many characters coming and going and I honestly had a hard time keeping track of everyone Aside from the sparring scene between Nali and Garrett there just isn't much going on Thankfully there is an attack and then the story really moves It is jam packed and thrilling to the end so just be patientThis series has a entire uniue society and they have all kinds of foreign concepts I admit that I had a hard time keeping track of everything There is so much information and so many unfamiliar words and ideas that at times I was confused I seriously felt like I needed a glossary to everything straight This isn't a big deal but just be informed that this is a complex read and there is a lot of information to sort through and process I am still a bit confused over the Moxes and Protegos and all thatThis book ends abruptly with a cliffhanger and there are so many unanswered uestions that I was just left itching to know I can hardly stand the waitJAMB was another exciting and intriguing read This series is absolutely addictive and I cannot wait for It is unlike anything I have read before and if you are seriously needing something that is different I think you should check out these books I am absolutely amazed at Ms Provencher's talent For all of you indie book lovers out there this is an indie series that you must get your hands on Don't miss itFavorite uotationsI understand that everybody wants to follow a leader who will always know better than they do and who will never make a mistake with everyone's futureAnd right now it feels like could be in the driver's seat of a truck loaded with rabbit's feet and crickets and wishbonesm and still plow into a wallI just want a clear idea the dang cliff notes for my life I want all the highlights and the detailed ending so I know how it all turns out I can make it through all of this if I just know it'll end up okayI received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for my reviewRainy Day Ramblings

  5. Novels On The Run Novels On The Run says:

    BOOK REVIEW by Michelle 5th APRIL 2013 RATING 5 EXCITING CURVEBALL STARS Misty Provencher always manages to throw in twists that blind side me in her books She has such a knack for humor and emotion in her books The Cornerstone series can make my sides hurt from Zane’s dialogue it can have me holding onto my lunch with the infamous Free Ball scenes and it can have me all tied up in knots getting all angst ridden JAMB was no exception We start off at the Hotel Celare for a uarter of the book with Addo doing what I love being this wise witty cookie loving errrAddo JI love Addo Larry he just brings something special to this series The natives especially the moon baring ones are getting restless and Addo does what a great Addo can he calms the natives The last surviving Addo has to be kept safe and tension is rife Addo is always planning ahead and thinking like the wise man he is But then Addo pops up in a canopy closer to me He shouts again “These Veritas tunnels are the oingo boingo” But things don’t go smoothly BAM The fit hits the shan read the book and chaos breaks out I LOVE Garrett he is such a cool guy He has such love for Nalena Misty you sure know how to get your readers all gahhhhhhh This smile is thick and heartless He holds up his middle finger aimed right at me Well Done I was all gahhhhhhh and biting my nails and like NoooOOooooOoooo WT Rinse and repeat I loved what you did with characters in this book which I won’t name for spoiling I LOVE Willow the teddy bear Thankyou xxx My Willow loved her part you gave her a very important bear I do hope Willow is ok? Zane is this great sidekick character he always makes me laughZane farts “Actually that was what I meant to say” he tells his twinThe curveballs are thrown at the reader which I LOVED Clever Misty The ending OMG Betrayal twists curveballs love lust angst jealousy humor hunger for power make up this installment Who can they truly trust? Can they trust each other? Can they find trust in thy enemy? Once we got past the Hotel Celare I am not joking this book took off like a Free Ball in flight Hang on to your well whatever you can grab The pace got turned up like Batman’s Turbo Jets on his Bat Mobile Freakin A Bring On # 4WootI am busting to say things but I can't for spoiling So pickup this very original YA series and find out what I didn't tell youMichelle

  6. Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson says:

    JAMB is one of those books that flows flawlessly throughout and there is never a dull moment Like ever I adored it Likes lots I can promise the plot in each of the books are totally different and totally addictive And probably so with JAMB WOW The action and the suspense was amped up tenfold And guess what? The adventure is not over yet I mean seriously with an ending like that?? Yeah riots would ensue and I would be tracking that woman down if she ended it there I will say that the first half of the book is tensebut the second half turns to intense Like edge of your seatbite your nails to the uickintenseWith this seriesthe funny witty comments and comebacks the readers see? Yep absolutely Misty Provencher in the flesh I know this I have talked to her on the phone and via emails and had many lengthy facebook chats What you read is her in real life Hilarious Comical Musty Oh wait That is just my nickname for her Sorry to have thrown that out thereJAMB and the others in the series are no fluff story either There is so much history and emotions to this series that the reader will actually feel the story play out It is actually an experience rather than just a book I really recommend you read each of these stories back to back just for the mere fact that you don’t forget the history behind it all It is really easy to forget what everything means when you leave several months in between each book But oh so worth itRomance? Oh yeah there is some romance And there is some heart break too Nali experiences it both in this one At one part I honestly hurt with her as she was unsure where Garrett’s heart was truly at Because you really cannot tell if he has turned against her or is merely acting But again Provencher did an amazing job playing out the feelings and the emotion between those two I just heart them both so very muchJAMB and of course the whole series is a definite must read You will not believe all the twists all the turns and all the WTHs?? Just a great book that I was so excited to devour Now I am ready for the next book and all that Provencher has for us Bring ItFav lines“I want you to know forever that what we have is real That I loved you first I never want you to uestion my commitment to you” GarrettWords that will be my own Memory one day I hope it will be a hundred years before I have to choose which of my Memories an Alo will record but sometimes when Bruce and Harmon and Deeta look at me it’s like they already know Nalena

  7. Shelley Stoehr Shelley Stoehr says:

    Misty Provencher’s Jamb is the third book in her popular YA Cornerstone series In Jamb shy bookish Nalena has finally adapted to and accepted her role as an Ianua Contego – a warrior meant to protect other members of the clan She has come to trust that handsome Garrett loves her unconditionallyBut that trust is challenged in Jamb first through a challenge set up by their friends and later through circumstances that arise beyond both their controlIs Garrett truly Nalena’s “vieo” something like a soulmate? What about the Fury traitors to the Ianua and the earth in general – who is the traitor within the Ianua and who is the infamous “Mastermind” who is organizing the Fury? Will the Ianua survive? Will the world? Will Garrett and Nalena survive “the Jamb”? What is “the Jamb” and how and why are the Fury capturing souls that have passed?These uestions and are brought up and answered in Jamb The writing is lovely often melodic in its narrative The dialogue is real The tension is palpable The plotting is ruthless – I couldn’t put this book down until I’d finished I would highly recommend Jamb to both Cornerstone fans and newbies to Ms Provencher’s work Jamb is a page turner riveting the reader from beginning to end I anxiously await the next book in the series which I understand should be out sometime in the spring of 2014

  8. Mary Mary says:

    Well well Misty Provencher I am mad at you Oh yeah M A D Let me explain why You wrote another amazing outstanding book Oh yeah you did Now because of your outstanding writing and the fact that I am addicted to this series I have to wait until the next one Ok now that my rant is out of the way I can go into my reviewBest Part of Book This is easy The characters are the best part of the book are the best Nali Garrett Sean all of them Each are uniue to the story but they are have their own personalities that you either love or not I also love that each are entwined with each other It make you appreciate each one Although I will say Sean is still my favorite by far The other thing that I loved is Misty Her outstanding writing and putting in some serious twist and turns into this book leaves you wanting If you read book 1 and think of how Nali and Garrett were then and see them now it amazes me how much they have grown and mature Not so great CLIFFHANGER Misty best be writing as I type this Just saying

  9. Annika Annika says:

    HOLY CRAP NO FREAKING WAY Jamb was the BEST I am seriously flipping out and I feel like doing 50 cartwheels and jumping in the air like a maniac I also feel like banging my head against a wall until the next book comes out I am dying to know what happens next Garrett and Nalena's relatioship is taken to the limits in Jamb and it was so good I wish I was Nalena I feel all jittery now I tried to take it slow and make this book last because I didn't see any info on the fourth book yet but I just couldn't stop myself Although it was totally worth it Cornerstone series is a definite favorite of mine

  10. Jackie -Sated Faery Jackie -Sated Faery says:

    So good So freakin' good I will warn you though some parts of this were physically painful to read Everyone seems to have lost their minds so who on earth can be trusted now? There are surprises around every corner some will really knock your socks offand danger coming at them from all sides Most of the time I spent biting my nails and worrying but there were a few steamy scenes to remind me that love can never be defeated Once again you won't be able to put this down until the end then you will be begging for

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