Superstress Solution Epub Ò Ebook

Superstress Solution For most people life today means less sleep less leisure and less exercise; semi present parenting junk food eaten on the run caffeine and work Our 247 news cycle shouts at us from every screen keeping us on edge with haunting images of war abroad terror at home and threats to our finances and health around every corner The depth and breadth of these phenomena have so profoundly impacted the uality of our lives that the way our bodies respond to it has devolved into a new diagnosis SuperStress Syndrome a form of Post traumatic Stress Disorder produced by the 21st century's over stimulating lifestyleUnder normal conditions confronted with dangerous challenges the human body releases stress hormones that prepare it to meet the demands of the perceived emergency but then returns the nervous system to a restorative state when the crisis has passed With SuperStress stress hormones flow unabated and unable to adapt to and accommodate this chronic hormonal surge the human body begins to break down In addition to immune deficiencies acute gastrointestinal issues high blood pressure chronic inflammation obesity and insomnia this process creates a numbing effect causing those who experience SuperStress to often mistakenly identify themselves as 'being in control' and able to 'rest' at will And so the insidious biological cycle continues The SuperStress Solution shares world renowned integrative physician Roberta Lee's uniue prescription for recognizing rebalancing and protecting against the symptoms of SuperStress It provides a comprehensive uestionnaire to help readers evaluate their own level of stress as well as a healing four week programme a series of small easy to incorporate steps toward physical and emotional wellness that will reset the nervous system and restore a sense of serenity a well from which to draw strength day to dayThe innovative SuperStress Solution programme includes Specific recommendations for healing nourishment the super foods herbs and supplements that repair SuperStress damage and that will sustain the body during inevitable times of stress A detoxification diet to jumpstart the physical repair process as well as sample menus and a long term eating plan Novel ideas for synchronizing routines to a saner pace as well as Dr Lee's prescription for better sleep Illustrated exercises that can be done in 5 minute to 1 hour increments from walking to stretching to golfing there's something for everyone Proven meditative and relaxation techniues that create sanctuary peace and calm in the moment

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