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7 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. Lilly Lilly says:

    Just read the first 14 and then last 13 and you get the point In the middle is just repeating similar stories Boring

  2. Fran Fran says:

    This book was a compilation of people's stories I have read other books on NDE by author's who have done research and related spirituality to science I enjoy the challenge of explaining these strange experiences in scientific logical ways It makes for a much enjoyable and believable read In this book Jackie does no scientific research although she refers often to her research This is of a feel good book for those who have lost loved ones I personally do not think she actually proves there is a Heaven If you don' t believe on faith alone this is not a book to read if you want assurance that there is a Heaven

  3. Fiona Fiona says:

    Nothing new for me in this book my beliefs are similar to the author's This is a collection of people's experiences tied together with narrative from the author The style of the narrative I found child like at times hence only 3 stars

  4. Lisa Osler Lisa Osler says:

    Always enjoy Jacky's books and this book helped me thru a hard emotional day x

  5. Sandra Sandra says:

    interesting reading

  6. Mary Mary says:


  7. Tracy Klein Tracy Klein says:

    It was interesting to read all those stories about other people's experiences with the afterlife

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Heaven Afterlife expert and author Jacky Newcomb knows that the spirit world is real Thousands of people have experienced contact from the departed or seen the afterlife themselves Jacky Newcomb brings peace reassurance and hope to everyone who has ever wondered about life after death