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  1. Candiz Candiz says:

    Im writing this review and im a little anxious but for the first time i know its ok its ok to have anxiety and im fine with that This took me about 2 weeks before i finished this book because i wanted to test this authors theories He was right For the first time in a long time i just accepted it and didnt fight the anxious thoughts any i felt a little lost at the start because im always constantly fighting with myself to get rid of this anxiety but as soon as i changed my thoughts and attitude i felt like my mind wasnt tired and clogged any my mind felt free and at peace Im defintely not saying im cured which is something this author always tells you your not going to be cured over night but this book has helped me out alot I even went out to the shopping centre and i havent done that in about 6 months it wasnt easy for me to do but taking this authors advice really helped me get there I wont be reading any other self help anxiety books because this worked for me This author knows what he is talking about and i will be recommending this to everyone because i believe it works and i am proof Im not cured but i know i will get there in time no matter how long it takes

  2. Christine Christine says:

    Teaches the Law of Detachment but specific to those that suffer from anxiety andor panic attacks I thought it was a well written book and covered all the basis It also helped me stay afloat during tough times The book will teach you how to detach from your anxious feelings and heal And I was happy to note I was doing many of the principles that were mentioned in this book already But it is Not a get uick cure And people may shun the methods listed because its not an overnight cure And you have to rely on inner strength But the methods work And keeps one off the awful head meds

  3. Jeannie Blackwelder Jeannie Blackwelder says:

    Best advice ever given about anxietyThis book was the agent that finally put me on the right path to recoveryI would recommend it to anyone who has been sucked into that black hole of anxiety

  4. Kelly Martin Kelly Martin says:

    After living with anxiety since I was 7 years old I have read many many self help books to look for tips to overcome anxiety and nothing helped I found many of the books written were written by 'experts' psychologists lecturers etc etc and no one had actually been there that had real solid resultsPaul David's book 'At Last A Life' is by far the best book on anxiety I have ever read and it works He writes in a down to earth way expresses a lot of knowledge about what anxiety is what a panic attack is what happens in the body and also shares his and other peoples experiences of things like depersonalisation one thing common to anxiety sufferers He takes you through the simple way to recovery the opposite of what many anxiety 'experts' say do and this is why it worksHe has helped a lot of people and also has overcome anxiety himself This book not only gave me hope but I know now I can be free of anxiety and it will not be a 'forever' thing I just have to put up withThank you Paul for writing this book

  5. Muhamed Muhamed says:

    The best way to keep control is actually to release itThis book is the light at the end of the tunnel for people who are going through months and years of anxiety with no hope of recovery Paul will help you relax and just live your life and see your anxiety fade As the book says it doesn't want to give you an over night cure for anxiety so I suggest reading a book in small proportion Read a chapter and take it in Then go to the next chapter Don't try to finish it uickly Thank you Paul David

  6. Eric Eric says:

    This book helped me get through a period in my life when I was having serious panic attacks and anxiety It informed me on all things anxiety from the science to the mental aspects and helped me work on what I could What I learned was massive lifestyle change is needed There is still the occasional spurt of anxiety but having dramatically changed my surroundings I'm no where near where I was when I read this book Everything passes and David's book is a great asset to mental health and anyone who suffers from anxiety or basic stress Great book

  7. Andrea Aguilar Andrea Aguilar says:

    The only reason I'm giving this book four stars is because of freuent grammar and spelling mistakes but nothing that some editing work can't fix When it comes to the topic in itself this book must be read in order to recover Written by an anxiety sufferer David tells you a little bit of his experience with the hell that can be anxiety disorders and how he managed to find little by little and with no effort at all my favorite part peace not just with his condition but with life as a whole This book has shaped my life around after so many months of suffering and desperately looking for solutions Very very highly recommended for anyone with any form of anxiety or even people who just worry a lot Apply what Paul tells you be persistent and you will see results and this is coming from somebody who doesn't like self help books This guy isn't trying to sell you something he is just offering the way out and that is ironically by just stopping to try to find a way out

  8. T.J. T.J. says:

    I've been dealing with depersonalization for about a month now and after reading this book I had one good day of doing what I wanted regardless of how badly I felt Two days later I think I'm experiencing my first set back because I feel horrible I can't emphasize this enough I look at myself in my head and I'm like who are you? How can you actually feel this bad? And then you try not to worry because that feeds it and then you can't focus on anything else Yuck I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy with the exception of Hitler I think it's a good thing though it doesn't feel good I guess I just have to keep going right?Thanks Paul If anyone else wants to share symptoms of their own or input their own advice such as how I'm feeling because I can still freak myself out I'd love to hear it

  9. Nicole Nicole says:

    Terribly written for the most part but extremely good Read about it in the comments of an article I read yesterday that is also terribly written but the content of both together have set me on a new path Whatever anxiety Do your worst

  10. Scott Richmond Scott Richmond says:

    This is not a well written book but the advice is good

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At Last A Life The complete and natural cure for anxiety and panic issuesAt Last a Life is my own experince and recovery through anxiety panic and depersonalisation One of my main aims in writing this book was to make it as easy as possible to read and understand; to get my message across from a sufferer's point of view and dilute all the jargon that you may have found hard to understand in the past I also felt strongly that I had something else to say than had been churned out before mainly by people who had never actually been through it Every common symptom is explained in the book not just the anxiety but also the feelings of unreality the racing thoughts feelings of dread lack of confidence depression the constant worry cycle and many symptoms that I have come across over the years The book has had huge success around the world and is often referred to patients by doctors and therapists alike CONTENTSChapter 1 My StoryChapter 2 So what are these feelings I feelChapter 3 The breakthroughChapter 4 Understanding AnxietyChapter 5 Give Up the FightChapter 6 Panic attacks explainedChapter 7 Understanding Feelings of unrealityChapter 8 Scary Irrational ThoughtsChapter 9 Other symptoms explainedChapter 10 We Need One RouteChapter 11 Born to WorryChapter 12 Some Final PointsChapter 13 Coming through DepersonalisationChapter 14 Freuently asked uestionsChapter 15 Summary