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The Murder Exchange When ex mercenary Max Iversson accompanies a nightclub owner to an ill fated rendezvous in a deserted north London industrial estate it turns out to be not so much a set up as a bloodbath Three men have been shot the briefcase Iversson has been guarding is empty and he wants to know whySo begins a hunt for answers that will take him into direct conflict with Detective Sergeant John Gallan and take both men into very dangerous territory

  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • The Murder Exchange
  • Simon Kernick
  • English
  • 24 November 2016
  • 9780312314033

About the Author: Simon Kernick

Simon Kernick born 1966 in Slough Berkshire is a British thrillercrime writer now living in Oxfordshire with his wife and two daughters He attended Gillotts School a comprehensive in Henley on Thames Oxfordshire Whilst he was a student his jobs included fruitpicker and Christmas tree uprooter He graduated from Brighton Polytechnic in 1991 with a degree in humanities Kernick had a passion

10 thoughts on “The Murder Exchange

  1. Maddy Maddy says:

    RATING 45Max Iversson is an ex mercenary who has partnered with an old buddy Joe Riggs to form a security firm called Tiger Solutions When Max is offered 5000 for a slam dunk security assignment by the owner of the Arcadia Nightclub Ray Fowler he can't turn it down Max and a few of his operatives bring Fowler to a meet with some businessmen who are supposed to be buying his club when things go horribly awry The Arcadia Club seems to be in the center of the criminal universe First of all its doorman is murdered; and that brings the cops under the leadership of Detective Sergeant John Gallan into launching an investigation There are indications that the club is really run by a mob group under the leadership of Stefan Holtz and his son Krys and that there are lots of drug deals going on under the shining lights The club manager Elaine Toms is a tough woman who gives the cops a believable story but no meat She and Iversson hook up together when he's at the height of desperation and she lets him stay at her place to avoid being seen by the policeKernick employs a very effective writing techniue in which he tells the story from the first person point of view of Gallan alternated with the view of Iversson Each is completely unaware of what the other is doing and it's interesting to see the same information from two different perspectives Obviously at some point their stories are going to intersect and that is very well doneTHE MURDER EXCHANGE was an excellent book one that I thoroughly enjoyed Iversson's life is supposed to be an uneventful one but he progresses through ever difficult and dangerous situations In spite of his increasingly lawless behavior he does have some redeeming character traits such as loyalty to his friends and a compulsion to avenge dirty deeds Meanwhile Gallan is methodically putting the pieces together He is a thoughtful and intelligent investigator and Kernick does a great job of presenting the police approach with its wins and missesThere was only one part of the book that didn't work for me and that was a chapter that was told from the point of view of Krys Holtz Firstly it interrupted the established pattern of alternating between the Gallan and Iversson viewpoints Secondly it was extremely graphic While showing the extreme brutality of Holtz's nature I felt that the information could have been presented subtly instead of rubbing the reader's face in some very gross eventsThat being said THE MURDER EXCHANGE is one of the best books that I've read recently The delivery of the narration through two points of view leads to an interesting contrast and juxtaposition of the two lead characters and the events of the story as well as a very suspenseful conclusion to the book Fast paced laced with dry humor – THE MURDER EXCHANGE is a book that I highly recommend

  2. Sean Peters Sean Peters says:

    Hianother book read by Simon Kernick a little slower to start with but builds to a fast pace in the second half and you follow the story with the twomain charactersAs usual lots of characters and following it from two very different personalities lots of guessing?The last few chapters were very excitingEnjoyregardsSean

  3. David Wilding David Wilding says:

    After the previous Simon Kernick book I read and after positive reviews of this one I was expecting great things of this book But sadly not Yes the storyline is a good one and starts off with much promise of great things But it is all about guns and shooting and who killed who Yes I like crime thrillers but this is NOT one of those Characters are just not well developed for me Many of them rather one dimensional Such a letdown after the previous Tina Boyd one I read I was going to give this two stars but I suppose the ending was reasonable So despite what you may read elsewhere this is not one of his best Go to the Tina Boyd series instead and start with The Last Ten Seconds WAY better

  4. Joe Joe says:

    I uite enjoyed this 2nd Simon Kernick novel I was pleasantly surprised as wasn't expecting too much if I'm an honest I like the use reference of characters in Kenricks Debut novel similar to an otherUK other Michael Robotham The novel has plenty of violence pretty much what you would expect from a gritty London Underworld novel

  5. Gary Warner Gary Warner says:

    Just a note to anyone looking at starting The Crime Trade Tina Boyd 1 read this book first as it introduces both Tina and Gallan I also stopped reading this halfway through as there were references to occurrences in The Business of Dying Dennis Milne 1 which I wanted to read before continuing this book After some research I have decided the best way to read Simon's books is in the order they were published and not by series

  6. Mindysue Mindysue says:

    Started interesting drug along through the middle and then went on a high speed roller coaster ride at the very very end The end was almost too fastaction packedfrenetic Had potential but could benefit from an editor encouraging better pacing

  7. Plum-crazy Plum-crazy says:

    I find this author a bit hit miss but this was definitely one of his much better books IMHO anyhow A good story that moves at a fast pace I like the story was told by both Gallan Iversson sort of good versus bad

  8. Douglas Osler Douglas Osler says:

    This is a fast movingwell intertwined story Crude in parts but that fits the people in it The lead detective is good too It takes readers through the London underworld in a way that is probably not too far from the truth It would make a good television series

  9. Andrew Gibney Andrew Gibney says:

    A thrill ride Love Simon's style I live Simon's writing You struggle to put it down Didn't see the twist coming Very twisty Great characters I can't wait to read the next one

  10. Chantelle Chantelle says:

    If the middle of the book was as fast paced as the final 100 odd pages then it would have easily scored higher than 3 stars Some characters were not ingrained in my mind either

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