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Good Groom Hunting Good Groom Hunting follows the fiery Josie Hale a young woman who has sworn not to get married and to become a pirate Her grandfather was a pirate after all Josie owns half of her grandfather's treasure map but unfortunately the other half is owned by Stephen Doubleday Earl of Westman whose family is sworn enemies of the Hales So of course as they work together to find the treasure Josie so that she can be rich and independent and not married Stephen because his family is destitute they become irresistibly attracted to each other and have uite a bit of naughty out of wedlock sex Josie is thoroughly ruined and doesn't care Stephen feels bad about it they get into scrapes because other people want the treasure too There is a lot of romance in this book but there is also a lot of solid adventure I liked Josie throughout the book I appreciate a woman who wants to be independent view spoilerEven though she ended up marrying Stephen at the end of the book I like that she resisted it and I liked that she made the decision because she loved him and not because she didn't want to be ruined hide spoiler I am not a fan of the virgin acts like experienced courtesan trope so I did not enjoy Good Groom Hunting It took me so long to slog through this book that I've forgotten some of the things I disliked about it view spoiler One thing that irritated were the sex scenes that went on for pages that did not add to the story It's too bad because I liked the premise and the close cousin characters but not the execution hide spoiler DNF 45% 18 years old sexually curious and impetuous heroine goes treasure hunting with neighbouring hero She tongue snogs him at their first meeting without much participation from the shocked hero In fact she tongue snogs uite a lot of men out there in the ton and permits wandering hands on a not irregular basis Her outrageous conduct hardly seems stifled by her professed fear of being found out by her mother who sounds like the latter administered well deserved punishments for her past transgressions and misbehaviour The hero's conduct is not much better He blew the family fortune through his reckless gambling and whoring lifestyle which ended when he inherited the earldom following his brother's passing He decides to follow the straight and narrow path and to his credit initially tries to resist the heroine's shameless indecent proposal to him His resolve lasted one day but to be fair the heroine is rather pushy and forward and he is only a man after all What really turned me off this book was the fact that he proceeded to happily initiate and enthusiastically participate in pre coital acts with another woman the day after he became uite sexually intimate with the heroine I said pre coital because coitus interruptus came in the physical form of the heroine breaking into his house yet again Reading a few reviews it seems that their conducts will not improve much by my standards later in the book It's a pity because I just finished and really enjoyed my first book by the author Third Son's A Cham which is genuinely funny and heart warming while the humour in Good Groom Hunting really fell flat for me Nothing funny about bad behaviour Great adventure great tension between the hh I love the banter and the tension This one was a lot of fun Cute story about a group of girls who swear off marriage and form the Spinsters Club Searching for a family treasure only she believes exists Josephine propositions her neighbor Stephen to an affair so as to gain access to the house where she believes the other half of the treasure map she possesses may be found Fun read I wanted to like this I really did The concept sounded fun spunky heroine goes treasure hunting with her family's enemy to find the long lost treasure hidden by their grandfathers partnered piratesButIt went wrong in every possible way Josie was incredibly disappointing as an independent female she was the worst kind of stereotype the independent woman who secretly wants a man to own her Because she just straight up caved to the hero on every front Every Single FrontLet's be clear here view spoilerthe hero never did a single thing to earn her trust He hid things from her on multiple occasions He stole her section of the map He swore not to leave her behind but then not only does he insist on leaving her behind as soon as they have the whole map but he outright betrays her Fucks her over with her family to try and get her trapped in her house hide spoiler 2nd book in the seriesI'm new to this author just started this series I'm not sure how I feel about the book the series or the author Personally I think her sex scenes are too long One was 11 pages I like sex scenes but I'd rather see some of those pages devoted to character development The plot was a little better in this book but the book still felt undeveloped and unfinished It felt shallow I saw sparks of promise and was able to read in one sitting It just feels like an early work of a new author I'm not sure if that is the case Its not a bad book Read it if you'd like an easy light read with a few inconsistencies for the time On the trail of fortune Adventurous Josephine Hale is determined to live up to her scandalous heritage With half of a crumbling treasure map that belonged to her grandfather the legendary pirate in her possession the bold and beautiful lady is half way to a fortune Unfortunately the remainder of the map belongs to Stephen Doubleday Earl of Westman her family's sworn enemy—and Josie will do anything to get her hands on it even if it means seducing the handsome rogueAnd a passion beyond dreamsUtterly destitute Stephen never dreamed a fairy tale about pirate's treasure would turn out to be true—bringing him a possible fortune and a passionate lover But will joining in this wild impetuous beauty's perilous undertaking be the biggest mistake of his life Or will it lead Stephen and Josie to a treasure far precious than pirate gold—a fiery and forever love another good book by ShanaJosie is looking for the rest of a treasure map She believes that Lord Westman has itShe sneaks into his house but gets caughtStephen Doubleday needs to find the treasure to save his familySparks fly when they first meet They agree to be partners to find the treasureThings happen but they finally end up finding but other want it tooStephen and Josie find their love throught their adventure They find the love that is meant for themThey manage to get their families together and end the feud between this is the adventure type of book which i dislike stopped at chapter 8 i felt the 1st book in this series was better than this i usually love shana galen's books but i was disappointed by this which is sad because i liked westman josie is a littlenot to my liking

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