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Kraftwerk I Was a Robot You cannot expect Wolfgang to be objective in his autobiography No one can ever write the objective truth about KraftwerkThe first part offers an interesting insight into the daily life of the group members and some of Wolfgang's anecdotes about his own misfortunes are absolutely hilarious It is embellished with occasional hyperboles for the sake of the story and the styleThe second part however is bitter and extremely hard to digest for hardcore Kraftwerk fansNone of us will ever know whether Wolfgang's accusations and insights are true It is his version of the story written probably as a therapy for coping with all the lawsuits and broken dreams if you allow me to be a bit sentimentalIf you like Wolfgang read it If you like Kraftwerk you will like the first partI would like to see the whole Kraftwerk story from Karl's point of view though When I started this book I thought I had met my new best friend What a wonderful philosophy of life what a wise man emerged from his experiences However the time I spent with him the less I liked this gentleman He ultimately comes across as a rather spiteful insecure man His stories of sexual conuest which he insists are just documentation come across as boasting as they accumulate sex with a minor is nothing to boast about it was apparently the fashion of the time but it's coming back to bite the ass of many of these rock folks in their old age His hostility towards his father is unpleasant and unbecoming and he promises than he delivers when he dishes on his ex colleagues or is that employers in Kraftwerk He passes along some hearsay about how they supposedly took their sound and concept from Conny Planck but it doesn't account for the wonderful music which Uwe Schmidt Señor Coconut compared to Schubert Lieder I have no doubt that Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider are not nice guys It takes a fair bit of ruthlessness to get to the top of the heap in any field It just seems that Wolfgang Flür can't let of of any slight however slight I know from personal experience good doesn't come from that He's had his own thing going for some time now he should keep focusing on that its a better way to go An interesting perspective from the inside on a band that has thrown up a famously opaue facade for the last 35 years You can't help but sense that Flur has a serious axe to grind especially with Ralf Hutter so as entertaining as some of his recollections are I think that factually you have to take them with a grain of salt I'm sure it also reads a little smoother in the original German But all the caveats aside it still makes a fascinating read perhaps mostly to people who are already fans of Kraftwerk used to seeing the band from the outside in Well written account with lots of humor Wolfgang Flur has a certain flair that feels like a friend chatting with the reader As a Kraftwerk fan I was most interested in reading about their music and the non existent group dynamics While it was a great insight to hear about the build up to when Flür was accepted into the band and the bits about their gear studio and musicianship I was less impressed by stories such as when the then 33 year old Wolfgang seduces a Hungarian minor I for one enjoyed the philosophical musings which others seem to dislike but to be honest after 23 I was ready to give up the book because of the lack of music related stories However if you're a Kraftwerk fan I would still recommend this book because of the snippets of highly interesting insights into the dysfynctional uartet Freuently hilarious in the way that it lingers on the things you don't necessarily want to know like the long passage when Wolfgang has just met Ralf and Florian with a view to being in the band and Florian drives them from the pub to the studio and Wolfgang describes the exact route street by street and admires Florian's smooth and careful driving Wolfgang will give you a longer chapter on a woman he nearly had sex with in New York than on the making of any of the Kraftwerk albums So don't go in expecting a conventional rock biography But there's loads of those aren't there? Not of Kraftwerk admittedlyLook out for a juvenile Wolfie reaching a pleasurable pinnacle at the exact moment that Roger Daltrey stutters on The Who's 'My Generation' causing a mess on the upholstery that seems to symbolize for Wolfie his own generation's struggle against the prim Capitalism of older Germans French customs being alarmed by finding the lifelike Kraftwerk robots in coffins while inspecting the tour vanuoting his own lyrics and good press is a bit needy and tedious but I couldn't help but liking Wolfgang He is cheeky and horny and silly It is fun to imagine how different a Ralf or Florian tell all would read 'Kraftwerk yo fui un robot' es una edición actualizada con fotografías inéditas de la biografía de Wolfgang Flür una visión al interior de los hombres máuina en auellos años optimistas y turbulentos un cuarteto de música electrónica ue transformó la música modernaTraducción de Fco Javier Barbero Several times in the book the author has the gall to tell us that he's learnt to tell his story; not on this evidence he hasn't A decent editor would crop a hundred pages out of this with no real effort involved and no hardship to the book Certainly the adverts for the one flop album Yamu stage of his career can go as they're painful to read and re read and re read as he often won't shut up about it But what I was really here for was the life story of an ex Kraftwerk member and his reflections on that And I got them in spades – with the addition of a heck of a lot sperm and sex than I thought to expectYou don't get a straightforward diary of his time with the band – the book is concerned with the fall out of the albums and the touring thereof rather than their creation The ''Radioactivity'' album is written in about three lines And of course you get a lot about the fact the remaining two members of KW once Wolfie and Karl had left tried to suppress the book – although from my reading of this only the barest few final pages are new and a lot managed to get in the English translation that didn't make the original redacted German volumeAnd that will remain an issue with the book being self referential and discussing the problems it made just as much as those Ralf and Florian OK Ralf ever caused Yes the book offers implied reasons why none of the pre ''Autobahn'' albums have ever been re released because they stiffed Conny Plank the producer But Wolfie is also very snide calling the current touring set up Kraftwerk Mark III – er mate they were an acoustic rock hippy shit band before you so you joined for Mark II and have in one snide numeration belittled everyone that replaced you Nice going And while you're at it try and combine your comment that sex needs a long connection before it happens with the girl that almost raped you in a Hollywood hotel shower about which you never batted an eyelid in complaint And that comment about still having hair is patheticDon't get me wrong this is an important document and a great telling of how he saw his time in the band where you can see the end coming due to his being paid a flat wage and no royalties from a mile off even if the actual conclusion relies on push bikes a lot than the novitiate may have expected But it's not a well written book at all and really does need the red pencil dragged through it at times Also my netgalley had upwards of dozens of typos which is rum for a text that's mostly twenty ish years old; not only the usual printing errors but dislocating both OMD and Ischia into the wrong parts of their respective countries For me this was a no brainer to readI love Kraftwerk and as information about the band is hard to find especially from the band and those close to the band it had to be readIts surprising the image of the band does not prepare you for the fact that the band especially at the beginning of the band are normal young men At times the language is clunky and sometimes the book loses its way but when it lands it is dynamite if you like music read it if you are not a music fan it may be uninteresting So after reading this book what can I tell you about Kraftwerk that I didn't know before?Ralf Florian are complete cunts who think the band revolves around them alone they stole intellectual property from Wolfgang by patenting the drumpad he invented in the US under their name then Ralf made things worse by having Karl Wolfgang's names removed from re issues of old Kraftwerk albums that's illegal by the way Ralf you total wankerExcellent book jumps around the band's timeline a bit but an excellent read if you like music biogs

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  • Kraftwerk I Was a Robot
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  • 12 June 2016
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