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The Wedding Guests From Meredith Goldstein the author of the Boston Globe's hilarious Love Letters advice column comes her debut novel The Wedding Guests This lighthearted witty tale about five tricky wedding guests is perfect for fans of the box office smash hit comedy BridesmaidsOne wedding Five nightmare guests Five ways to ruin the happiest day of someone else's life Cry uncontrollably over your ex in front of the bride and mix calming herbal remedies with copious amounts of alcohol so that it's hard to stand up especially if you're a bridesmaid Dress like you are attending a funeral and look for opportunities to re enact scenes from steamy novels Turn up late wearing a T shirt covered in mud and something that looks like blood If you are the bride's uncle who no one likes anyway try to cop off with her friend who's way too young for you Wear a suit that stinks of chicken wings and then spend the whole reception propping up the barWho said going to a wedding solo couldn't be fun The Wedding Guests is a heartwarming and hilarious tale of what not to do at a weddingMeredith Goldstein writes for the Boston Globe and is the author of its hugely popular advice column 'Love Letters' where she dishes out pearls of wisdom to the lovelorn She was born in New Jersey and now lives in Massachusetts

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  1. Steph Steph says:

    A really fun enjoyable read that has each chapter interspersed with different charactersall the singles at the wedding of Bee and Matt Hannah Rob Nancy aka Phil Vicki and Joe Bee went to university with Hannah Vicki and Rob so they all have history along with Hannah's ex Tom whom she hasn't seen since they broke up 3 years ago and he's at the wedding with his new girlfriend Jaime Hannah and Rob have a secret history together but Rob hasn't turned up as he's having dramas with his much loved dog LizJoe who is Bees uncle is a 40 something from Las Vegas and he's making a beeline for Vicki as she reminds him of another Vicki even though he has a girlfriend Sarah back home and poor Phil who actually knows no one as he's taking the place of his mum who is sickEach of them come with their own dramas and problems and you wonder who is gonna get together with who and it's actually surprising the way it works out but it's nice at the same timeMy favourite was Hannah as she seems like the most down to earth girl who has been given some medication to help her stress levels which just seems to make her behave worse as she takes some sort of reaction to themEasy to read and full of fun and laugh out loud moments with a whole host of characters hapless and entertaining

  2. S& S& says:

    17 Aug 2013This book is talking about the girl name Bee She is a nice girl and care other people feeling20 Aug 2013Now its talk about Bee's friends who is the wedding guest in Bee's wedding She start to describe her bridge maid name is Hannah Hannah is an actress that had experience with indie films that paid less than two hundred thousand dollars She doesn't like the smelling of cigarette31 Aug 2013Hannah start to dress up and be ready for the wedding that will be start in the next 2 hours She describe Bee's dress and other bridgesmaids's dresses and she wonder why bridges always wear their hair in complicated2 Sep 2013Hannah realize that Bee's wedding make her meet with her ex boyfriend again after they broke up for two and a half year ago Its really funny about the way she imagines She imagines that her ex boyfriend will beg her to come back to him and he always miss her He would tell her that the worst night of her life the nigth he left had also been the worst night of his too and that such a sweet imagines5 sep 2013Hannah keep talking about her ex boyfriend and it makes me feel that she still care about him Hannah do everything that can change herself to look better like change her hair stlye or using brandname bags and stuffs 10 sep 2013Bee trying to explain to hannah about why bee meets new bestfriend that manage and help bee to design the wedding party Bee doesnt want hannah to feel bad or feel like hannah is not bee's bestfriend any 14 sep 2013 After bee explain to hannah both of them talking about another bestfriend since highschool She name is jackie Jackie is unlucky girl that have a relationship with a bad man 17 Sep 2013They're having a party before bee's wedding and Hannah get angry at other people because no one help her to take care of Bee Bee was drunk and puke and no one help Hannah to clean up and bring Bee back to the hotel Its makes me feel like why other people in this story are so selfish and its makes me get angry like Hannah gets angry at them21 Sep 2013After Hannah clean up all the mess Bee tells Hannah not to do that but Hannah not listens to her and Hannah explains why she has to do that This section is shows what does the true friend mean I really feel that Hannah love her friend and she cares her friend so much Its really appreciated to have friend like Hannah24 Sep 2013After that problem everything is going to be okay Hannah is not angry at other friends any and she try to be nice with them because they can help Hannah looks good and maybe its can makes Hannah's ex boyfriend comes back to her I really know how she feels all the sentences in the book that describe her feeling can makes me know how much she hurts how much she miss him and how much she wants him back28 sep 2013Now I start reading chapter two Its start describe the second guest First I really confuse with this character But after that two pages I already understand this character5 Oct 2013 While I read this chapter I can feel that this book is very interest thing and I can't stop reading because its really funny and make me enjoy reading it 8 Oct 2013Now I know what I need to do when I'm get bored I think this book is so amazing that It talks about the things that guests in the wedding did when they were young Its can makes me laugh when I read the things that they've done when they were young11 Nov 2013Didn't wirte a review of this book for awhile but I keep reading it Now I read chapter 6 I feel so so with this chapter because it kepps talking about the friends and its kind of the same with chapter 521 Nov 2013Just finish reading chapter 6 this chapter is okay not bad and not so good I hope the next chapter will be fun22 Nov 2013Its not what I expected this chapter is kind of boring and hope to finish this chapter as fast as I can26 nov 2013 Its good and some of the parts are funny easy to understand what it means 3 Dec 2013 For this time this chapter talk about the sad situation that they've met and it can makes me feel sad too17 jan 2014Didn't read this book for awhile Now I'm on the new chapter and its okay not good and not bad Some of the words are hard to understand 31 Jan 2014Just a few chapters left and its kind of boring right now because this chapter is not interesting at all It makes me feel sleepy 11 Feb 2014This chapter is kind of fun and it makes me laugh Only three chapters left and I hope that it will be fun

  3. Shaz Goodwin Shaz Goodwin says:

    We meet Beth Eleanor Evans aka BEE aged 29 as she is writing her seating plan on a whiteboard the type you see in a boadroom It’s the last thing to plan and she’s getting married in less than 48 hours She spends ages trying to strategically place the five singles that are attending when along comes her mother Donna places them Job done This is the only time we spend with Bee seeing things from her point of viewTold in a third person narrative we switch between each ‘singles’ point of view which is told from the time of the bridal party getting ready on the top floor of the Tower Gardens Country Club through the weddingreception and on until the morning afterThree of the singles have history together having been at college in Syracuse but since drifted apart Bee’s uncle spends the majority of the wedding with one of them One of them doesn’t turn up until the next morning but is a part of it through phone calls and one of the singles is a substitute having taken the place of his mother who is a close friend of the groom’s motherThe focus of the story is about the emotional lives of the singles rather than the wedding itself although it is obviously the wedding that is in the background and the reason that brings them together We get to read their reflections and learn about hopes and dreams that have been put to one side although not forgotten Bee’s wedding is a pivotal point in all their livesIt’s easy for the reader to identify with each character’s profile and get caught up in the story The characters on the periphery add even colour with their personalities The pace of the story is fast – there’s no time to be bored There’s always something happening There are some hilariousembarrassing scenes and one poignant scene in particular that had me on the floor sobbing alongside the characterThe ending is satisfying although we don’t know the outcome for them all However we do know there are changes If you’re looking for a holiday read then I would definitely recommend you add the The Wedding Guests to your reading listI would like to thank the publishers Penguin for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest opinion

  4. Kate’s Book Spot Kate’s Book Spot says:

    I was lucky enough to win this paperback book from a giveaway on Jera’s Jamboree The blurb sounded different and funny so I was looking forward to reading itI always enjoy books about weddings but that’s probably because my own wedding was done and dusted years ago and I don’t have those kind of worries any This is the reason the first part of this book made me smile – the bride was arranging the seating plan and she was struggling to fit the singles those going to the wedding unaccompanied into the free spaces This was the only part of the book about the bride herself the rest was told from each of the singles viewpoints I found this refreshing as most wedding books revolve around the bride and groom although seeing as the book is called The Wedding Guests I really should have seen that one comingAs I had predicted from the blurb there were lots of laughs to be had I liked each of the characters – Hannah’s constant casting of the people around her Vicki’s reading secret Rob’s love of his dog Phil’s caring nature and Joe’s hopeful but unrealistic dreams It was when they all blended together that I enjoyed it the most and I found myself completely caught up in all the goings onThe wedding and reception were so entertaining and I flew through the pages just so I could see what would happen next I somehow managed to finish this in just a few hours A discovery in the dark when the reception was nearly over had me cringing and laughing in eual measureThe only issue for me was that the ending didn’t really wrap everything up as I would have liked I still had some unanswered uestions and felt like there should have been to itThis was an unexpectedly uick read that was light hearted and enjoyable

  5. Zarah Zarah says:

    Annoying people doing annoying things and uninteresting people doing uninteresting things and a very clichéed ending I have kind of almost forgotten what it was about The only one I cared for AT ALL was the guy with the dog He seemed like a good person

  6. Kayleigh-Ånn Evans Kayleigh-Ånn Evans says:

    Picked this up on a whim as I fancied an easy read it was okay not horrendous but not in any way entertaining enough to make me want to finish the book

  7. Aya Hesham Aya Hesham says:

    boring and i needed a miracle to finish it

  8. Sue Sue says:

    Have no idea why I borrowed this book from the library so unless you like uninteresting unoriginal books don't read it

  9. Yousra Serry Yousra Serry says:

    it was okay not awful not good just okay

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