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Muddle and Win Everyone has a Lifetime Deed Counter LDC It works like thisYou offer to help with the housework Lifetime Good Deeds 1You steal your little brother's sweets Lifetime Bad Deeds 1Looks straightforward huh But what if your every thought was disputed by opposing forces of good and evil by an angel wearing ray bans called Windleberry and a demon in the form of a wart called Muddlespot And within your mind they were fighting a fierce battle over your actions a battle dictated by a game of pokerWhen Muddlespot is promoted from a devil's janitor to special agent the pressure is on for him to infiltrate Sally Jones and make her Bad If he doesn't it will be Very Bad for him But as his mission leads him down Sally's ear and into the deepest recesses of her mind all becomes unclear Just what does it mean to be good And can it be good to be bad The best word I could possibly use to describe Muddle Win is bonkers but in a good way I was hurled into this fabulously imagined world that was brilliantly fun silly witty and wonderfully written and put together I immediately fell in love with brave little Muddlespot who came to be rather strangely out of a hairy juicy wart yes bonkers I told you The storyline is engaging and is perfectly paced it is one of them one sitting books that I love so much I really haven't came across anything like Muddle Win before and I think everyone should read it themselves to experience the full on punch of silliness it packs into every pageIn every persons mind there is a battle for good and evil over each action the person makes Angels and demons try to control a persons thought process for their own gain Sally Jones has never done a bad deed in her entire life lots of special agents have been sent in to try and sway her with no luck they have all ended up suashed In the deepest darkest parts of Pandemonium a little guy called Muddle Spot is chosen as the next special agent for the dangerous task and he really couldn't of been surprisedWhen he invades Sally's mind everything becomes unclear he is left uestioning what it even really means to be bad Can he succeed in his mission when everyone else before him has failed? Well it might not have the outcome you are expecting The ending is fantastic and has some little unexpected twists and turns I loved so much about this action filled book and I urge everyone to give it a try today you will be highly entertained if nothing elseSpecial thanks to David Flicking Books for the review copy45 StarsCarly Muddle and Win is a story about the battle between good and bad This time the battle is for one Sally JonesSally Jones has a Lifetime Deed Counter LDC reading of 3971567 Lifetime Good Deeds and NIL Lifetime Bad Deeds Something must be done about it In comes MuddlespotMuddlespot former wart yes you read that correctly wart and cleaner is a newly promoted special agent from Pandemonium who has been sent on a mission to turn Sally Jones bad or at the very least make her LDC balanced If he doesn’t succeed then the conseuences are VERY BAD for him indeed He would really rather have stayed in Pandemonium cleaning up the body parts just like he’d always done but when the boss sends you on a mission up on Earth you don’t turn in downOn the other side of the battle is Windleberry – an angel wearing Ray bans a tuxedo and a bow tie – Heaven’s best agentThe battle must take place in Sally Jones’ mindMuddle and Win may be about the battle between good and bad but how often is it that a reader adores one of the baddies? Muddlespot might work for a devil and formerly have been a wart but I loved his character He might be afraid but he’s still brave and he’s not scared of asking for helpThe other agents Ismael and Scattletail are excellent fun too They take care of Sally’s sister Billie and despite being on opposite sides can often be found playing cards together with the winner making decisions for BillieI absolutely loved reading Muddle and Win It took me right back to the books I read during my childhood Back when children’s books were imaginative clever and fun and I’d devour a whole book in one go Talking of devouring Muffins are involved you may find yourself craving some freshly baked muffins while reading this oneMuddle and Win is a must for young readers and maybe some of us older ones too It teaches a few lessons along the way but is still witty silly light hearted touching intriguing and exciting An excellent read for pre teens and teens REVIEW BY SHELLY“The angel towered over him In its rock steady hands it gripped a great bassoon with the mouth pointed right between Muddlespot's eyes 'Say your prayers creep' said the angel 'Oh I forgot – you people don't do you?'What if your every thought was disputed by opposing forces of good and evil – by an angel wearing Ray bans and a demon called Muddlespot? Sally Jones is Good And Muddlespot newly promoted to special agent is on a mission to make her Bad If he doesn't it will be Very Bad for him But as he infiltrates Sally's mind all becomes unclear Just what does it mean to be goo? And can it be good to be bad?Imagine if your life was measured by good and bad deeds Imagine if the world could tip either way towards good and bad by just one of these deeds and you have the premise for this wonderfully enthralling tale Sally Jones is Good personified In fact she is so good she has never done a bad deed in her life and this is causing havoc in Pandemonium Not least for major baddie Corozin who has lost agent after special agent in trying to make her bad So step forward Muddlespot an imp who was grown from a wart and then thrust upwards towards Sally Jones on a uest to make her bad Can this little imp succeed where others had failed?This is a funny fast paced romp between good and evil with some intriguing characters and wonderful ideas Angel Windleberry is armed with music Ray bans and a set of rules that he swiftly realises mean nothing in the real world Dickinson has an engaging writing style that was crying out for me to read aloud to my Son but also had some very funny dark moments that would have the adults giggling away to themselves A real joy to read and I for one hope my LDC count is on the good side Review to come Muddle and WinMuddle is Muddlespot an ex wart ex cleaner sent up from the depths of Pandemonium to try and do what so many others have failed to do before infiltrate Sally Jones mind and make her do a bad deed for the first time in her life Win is Windleberry the angel sent down from heaven to try and keep Sally Jones on the straight and narrow But who will win the Battle of Sally Jones? Well telling you would spoil the endingThis book is full of ideas The obvious one is the lifetime good deeds counter where each good deed and bad deed is counted up But spreading out from that are so many Like the angels wearing Ray Bans and tuxedos such as on the cover the Ray Bans are because angels’ eyes shine too much not your typical angel then And that inside our brains are little versions of ourselves together with a devil and an angel there to try and influence our actions The ideas even spill out into the way the text is presented For example some characters have different fonts and when fights occur the words are put into spiky bubbles Batman styleYes the ending is slightly below the uality of the rest of the book maybe because it gets confusing a little when you have to keep switching between the big and small Sally Joneses and because of all the new ideas coming into the narrative Even so the ending is satisfying If you liked this you might like The Traitors by Tom Becker which is another book aimed at the same age group brimming with good ideas Muddlespot has been sent on a mission of great importance to turn Sally Jones to the dark side For an overgrown wart that cleans up entrails his promotion to special agent was a pretty big deal but despite being taken out of his comfort zone he seemed to muddle his way through somehow In fact Muddlespot was the most unsuspecting protagonist there is At least I think he’s the protagonist Coming from Pandemonium aka hell he should be the antagonist But for someone who lives in Pandemonium he isn’t really all that bad In fact I rather liked him I wish I knew about him but I’m not sure that you could know about someone that has been grown from a wart by his evil master Corozin purely to clean up the left overs of the other special agents that failIt took me a while to realise that the 'Win' in the book title actually referred to Windleberry a tuxedo wearing angel sent down to save Sally With a Lifetime Deed Counter that absolutely no bad deeds Sally is very special And it is up to Windleberry to jump into Sally's head like some James Bond character and protect her from evil thoughts I loved the way that Sally's organised and almost repressed brain and thoughts change so that when Windleberry enters her brain it's full of vandalised statues and graffiti And I also liked the psychological element of the angels and demons influencing people and I could imagine people in the real world struggling with good and bad thoughts being feed to them from external forces before acting Hearing little snippets of what was being whispered to Sally's teachers and mum was funny and you could see the point at which they sometimes broke and committed a bad deedThe story takes a very blasé attitude to gore and violence In Pandemonium torture is commonplace with fleshed peeled from bones and eyes literally rolling across the ground I can imagine that some young boys would rather enjoy all the gory details and jokes within the text but personally I’m not sure such a throw away attitude would be good for every young readerThe idea of an angel and devil whispering away to the subconscious mind isn’t a new one But the way John Dickinson has written Muddle and Win and included such unusual characters brings up so many uestions and moral dilemmas What makes someone good or bad? Can being bad be justified? Can you be bad but still be good? Maybe using the terms good and bad is too black and white Sometimes standing up for yourself can seem like being bad but for someone like Sally who has always done everything other people’s way a bit of selfishness certainly wouldn’t hurt her Well maybe For younger readers I think the book will be a good prompt to think about their own behaviour It certainly made me thinkSally’s ‘naughty’ sister Billie couldn’t do anything right As we were introduced to the inner Billie Scattletail her resident demon and Ismael her guardian angel I enjoyed seeing why Billie acts the way she does At first she just seemed like the naughty selfish one but as I started thinking about how people and their actions interplay and rebound I kind of felt sorry for her She’s always been compared to her sister and struggles to do anything as well But when you get inside her head the relationship between inner Billie Scattletail and Ismael was much balanced and relaxed and seemed like a lot fun especially when they played cards togetherAlthough I enjoyed the story overall it seemed to take a long time for Muddlespot and Windleberry to both get inside Sally's mind In fact the story was half way in before any of the really interesting 'thought persuasion' and angel versus demon dilemmas started Muddle and Win The Battle for Sally Jones is a thought provoking book about good bad and deeds somewhere in the middle

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