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  1. Siobhan Palmer Siobhan Palmer says:

    Preferred the first onebut still very good A fave author of mine now Stories shall stick with me

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Elena's Destiny Black Lace Series The stunning seuel to Elena's ConuestThe year is 1073 The gentle convent bred Elena awakened to the joys of forbidden passion by the masterful knight Aimery le Sabrenn has been forcibly separated from her lover by war She is haunted by the memory of him Then fate brings her to William the Conueror's dark stronghold of Rouen and a reunion with AimeryAlthough Elena is still captivated by his powerful masculinityshe discovers that Aimery is no longer hers As the King's formidable knights prepare for war Elena must fight a desperate battle for Aimery against her two rivals the scheming Isobel and a wanton heiress called Henriette Dangerous games are played amidst the increasing tension of a merciless siege