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  1. Keertana Keertana says:

    If you haven’t heard of the Jessica Darling Series before thenwell you’ve been living under a rock that’s what If however you’re like me and have seen the gushing reviews for this all over the place and somehow never picked it upwell don’t make the same mistake I did of waiting for months before reading this pick it up now Seriously this series is just that good It’s funny it’s uirky and it’s hilarious but it is also deep provocative compelling and is most certain to strike a cord within your heart When Hope Jessica’s best friend moves away Jessica is heart broken She must now suffer through sopho year alone stuck with a group of “friends” who she secretly despises a mother who is concerned about her lack of a boyfriend than anything else a father who is constantly behind her back to train for track a sister who is getting married in a matter of months and bad boy Marcus Flutie who is giving her an unusual amount of attention It might just be sopho year but Jessica is stressed beyond belief and she must struggle to find who she is beneath all the layers of ‘fake’ she wears to please everyone else in her life Jessica Darling has uickly become one of my favorite protagonists of all time I kid you not; Jessica is sensible she is intelligent she is sarcastic she is uirky she is funny without meaning to be she is dramatic when she wants to be she is observant and she is so afraid to be herself that I just want to give her a hug Jessica Darling is like every teenage girl in the world; she has her insecurities her embarrassing moments her random crushes on older guys her difficulties with finding true friendships her bad days and the days when she just wants to get rid of her family altogether I don’t think I’ve ever clicked with a protagonist so easily and I loved that about Jessica I loved that she could understand me and I could understand her and than a book character and reader friendship it felt like a best friend friendship Jessica’s narration is one that you cannot help but love and believe me you won’t want her story to end or stop; you’ll just want to keep reading even until the early hours of dawn While Sloppy Firsts is an utterly character driven novel steered by a protagonist I absolutely loved and who wasn’t afraid to point out and notice all the flaws in herself what made me love this novel as much as I did were the issues it undertook Admit it High School was the worst four years of your life It’s a jungle of people trying to fit in and 99% of the people you meet only care about themselves; so really it’s just a brutal climb to the top of the social ladder or if you attend my high school the top of the ‘Highest GPA’ ladder So while many novels tackle on the hidden truths behind real high schools I feel as if McCafferty does it the best She does it in a way that is funny but also drives her point across She uses Jessica not only as a character that is easy to understand but one that is easy to look up to admire take inspiration from and learn from as well which I love Sloppy Firsts is not only the type of book you finish wanting to read it again or pick up the seuel because of its cliffhanger ending but it is also the type of book you finish feeling wiser about the world in general and I love that It isn’t just another chick flick high school drama – it has a purpose and it fulfills that purpose beautifully Nevertheless the best part about Sloppy Firsts is the fact that the two most influential people in Jessica’s life Hope and Marcus are conspicuously absent for most of it Hope is literally in a different state but Marcus who is so sweet and smart and funny and ohmygosh swoooon only makes an appearance during the second half of this novel I loved this simply because it left so much room for Jessica to grow and learn by herself Further sometimes the best people in our lives aren’t and simply can’t always be with us which I found so realistic Even your crush who you think is always with you is really only in your brain 99% of the time Seriously think back to all your crushes – how many times did you really interact? While Marcus and Jessica interact uite a bit in the second half of this story they have their distances too which I appreciated I loved how their romance was a slow build up of the sexual tension between them a deeper understanding of their personality and the ability to make a marked impact on each others lives In other words it totally sucked me in and I’m flying high off the drug character that is Marcus Flutie In summary Sloppy Firsts is a must read It’s a novel that you will instantly connect with instantly love and will constantly re read It’s funny while tackling serious issues hilarious while representing a true form of high school and teenage life and it has one of the best female heroines to grace Contemporary YA Fiction Far from being sloppy Sloppy Firsts is a riveting beginning to a series that is sure to become a favorite and will leave you anxiously waiting for I do mean this in the literal sense because until you get your hands on Second Helpings you will lose sleep over Marcus and Jessica You don’t think characters can affect your life so deeply? Yeah tell me that after you finish this novel You can read this review and on my blog Ivy Book Bindings

  2. Emily May Emily May says:

    This was a really funny feel good novel reminiscent of novels like Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging and other such hilariosity I'd heard comparisons made between the two before but I admit I was reluctant to check it out being sure that it would be unlikely to entertain me as much as Georgia Nicholson's journals However I'd say it's pretty fair to make positive comparisons between the two it's just unfortunate that I keep reading how most people didn't enjoy the rest of the series as much as this first installmentJessica Darling is a very amusing narrator she is cynical has insecurities crushes and an insufferable family She reminded me of Georgia in many ways The main difference that stood out is that this book is much ruder in a funny way compared to Louise Rennison's pretty tame stories Like this where Jessica is asked to sign the yearbook of a fellow student who has a crush on her PierreI've always admired your ability to conjugate a verb And I'll never forget the night I found out the true identity of The Black Elvis See you in French II A bientotJessicaThe grin on his face was a mile wide It was as if I had written PierreI've always admired your ability to fill out a pair of tightie whities And I'll never forget the night I found out that you know your way around a clitoris See you in my wettest wildest dreamsVoulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?Jessicagiggles It's just rude enough so that it stays funny and doesn't become ridiculous Oh yeah and the other difference between this and the Georgia stories is that there are some serious issues in this book like death and family matters whereas Georgia wouldn't know serious if it hit her in the face But on the whole if you're looking for something that is mostly mindless fun you should read this book Just maybe be prepared for future disappointments or like me you could just plan to stop after book one

  3. Trina (Between Chapters) Trina (Between Chapters) says:

    Video full series review spoiler free the good stuffIt hooked me I couldn't put it down it was very reminiscent of my high school experience and I want to continue the seriesI enjoyed the nostalgia that is high school in the early 00s and the diary format I can see why this book was an early staple in YAAnd the not so badIt had a difficult start There is a LOT of teen speak and dated slang This book is set in the year 2000 and was a gooooooood dose of culture shock However once I got used to her narrative voice I realized that yep this is 100% an accurate portrayal of what high school was like back thenBecause this was written and set in 2000 there are a lot of red flag topics that would never fly today There is SO MUCH slut shaming fat shaming and gay and racial stereotypes It's difficult to read that stuff since we're so attuned to it today but back in 2000 I didn't even know what slut shaming was let alone that it was a bad thing so yes this book is a product of it's time Because of this I think younger readers will have a harder time getting into this book Older readers who were in high school during this time will probably relate and be glad of how far we've comeI wasn't a fan of the main love interest for several reasons which boil down to either personal preferences or being too old for the games of high school luuuvvvvv There were aspects to the way the romance progressed that didn't feel fleshed out to me However the love interest is an interesting character and brings about several positive changes in Jessica's life so I do like him as a character and I bet a lot of other readers would do a fair amount of swooning

  4. Morgan F Morgan F says:

    Oh boy So its uh been a while since I've written a review Sorry about that everyone College and whatnot has kept me busy So what is it about Sloppy Firsts that inspired me to write? Well I loved it for one Look at that rating Five stars baby And that's not because its a groundbreaking work of literature but because its funny true and smart This is one of these books I've always heard about but not one I actually ever saw myself reading First of all its old Lizzie McGuire was still on when this came out and I did tempt myself into imagining a few of the characters in Hilary Duff's eccentric outfits Secondly I misinterpreted the title and tone of the summary I thought it was going to be about a teenage girl's sex life Which it was of course but it was smarter than I would have originally gave it credit for And thirdly this is the sort of book that reuires an explanation I have a snooty English major reputation to uphold I can't let people see myself reading chick lit le gasp I read this at my job with the cover flat down on the desk If someone walked up that I knew I would sit on it Alas I really should be secure with myselfbut I did recommend it to my friends Does that cancel out my previous embarrassment? Anyway Jessica Darling would have been my friend At least I would like to think so She's sassy smart funny but not intimidatingly perfect I have a feeling we would laugh about the same thing get annoyed at the same things Some reviewers found her annoying and to that I say Well duh She is a teenage girl As a teenage girl myself I can say that we pretty much are all annoying For one thing it is all too easy to forget that high school is pretty much a universal experience It is easier to mope and whine about life believing you are the only one in the world who is this lonely It's too easy to forget that almost everything you've experienced has already been experienced and that almost everything you feel has already been felt This book reminded me that I wasn't the only confused lonely girl in high school I would be reading along laughing and musing with Jessica and stumble on a uote that pretty much sums up my exactly feelings I would pause briefly wonder if McCafferty is a mind reading alien or some kind of genius or something before finally deciding she was a perceptive woman who remembers what it is like to wander those locker studded hallways and not have a flying fuck of a clue Jessica seemed like she could have been an actual person She was a fully fleshed out characters as was the majority of the cast Even the popular girls had their uirks which distinguished themselves from each other And Marcus Flutiehot damn Plus the writing style which mirrored journal entires focusing on Jessica's up and downs of the year was extremely effective in conveying the story of Jessica's sixteenth year I enjoyed the main characters and the characters that seemed to come in then back out Because thats what life does People enter our lives and others leave them Overall I'm really glad I walked into Goodwill that day I went in expecting to buy a five dollar sweater and left with a great series to follow Thank you Goodwill and your 1 paperbacks

  5. Janina Janina says:

    Absolutely loved it Jessica Darling has earned herself a spot on my list of favourite heroines She is smart and clever witty and sarcastic thinks too much about everything and anything I can relate to that pretty well and despite her pessimistic attitude and her uick judgement of others I couldn’t help but like her I feel like basically everything has been said about this series already you either like it or you don’t Despite having heard not so good things about the later instalments I ordered Second Helpings right away The only thing that annoyed me a bit in this one was the cliff hanger like ending but because I loved the book so much I decided to be forgiving about itA few notes on the German translation After a while I got used to it but at the beginning the freuent use of English words like ‘prom’ Although we don’t have proms in Germany the way they have them in the US there is still a German word for it felt weird Also what was the thing about the abbreviations of the swear words Scotty uses? Until now I can only guess what Vau Ess yes that are the letters VS but actually written how you pronounce them is supposed to meanAnd because I can’t really pinpoint my feelings reading this wonderful book I have decided to post the titles of my playlist I think go best together with the story1 3 Doors Down – Here Without You2 The Subways – I Want To Hear What You’ve Got To Say3 Snow Patrol – Set Fire To The Third Bar4 Oasis – Roll With It5 Train – Hey Soul Sister6 KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See7 Amy MacDonald Run8 Linkin Park Numb9 Oasis – Stop Crying Your Heart Out10 Snow Patrol – Crack The Shutters 11 3 Doors Down Kryptonite12 The Cranberries – Just My Imagination

  6. Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) says:

    Re read 92017 So upon re reading this forThrowback Thursday my rating has gone down from 5 stars to 4 stars due to some pretty problematic elements that exist in this book slut shaming slurs cheating etc These are things that I didn't notice back when I first read this book about a decade ago and tbh I'm a little embarrassed that I have recommended this book to so many people since then WITH ALL THAT BEING SAID I still thoroughly enjoyed this book and I love Jessica and Marcus and even Bridget and Pierre I 100% will be carrying on with re reading the series but I will make sure to go at them with a much critical eye now

  7. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    Update 4212010 After reading the seuel and thinking about Jessica for a while I don't think I like her that much any A little too much negativity and snobbishness So take this review with a grain of saltI have no idea why I haven't read this book before because I certainly heard about it a lot The synopsis just didn't sound that special I suppose because on the surface Sloppy Firsts is just your regular run of the mill YA story about a smart 16 year old girl Jessica Darling her relationship with her best friend who is away her parents and cheerleader so called friends her obsessions over boys all in a diary format How many times have I read this before? A million However the difference here is the narrator Jessica is clever athletic sarcastic super observant prone to spaz attacks and lusty thoughts but yet full of reason and self respect Her observations and comments about her family friends and school mates are funny although often a little mean spirited I have to add this after a little ponderingAs an added bonus there is a bad boy To be honest I am rather wary of those already as they are just getting badder and badder to an extent that they are simply jerks these days but Marcus totally charmed the knickers off of me with his poetry lip nipping and extremely high I And the fact that Jessica manages to push all THIS away with a firm hand just proves one time why I love and identify with her so muchThe main negative about Sloppy First is its the setting up for the seuel ending It would have been nice to have a definite resolutionBut this complaint aside Sloppy Firsts is a funny in a sarcastic way read which I won't hesitate to recommend It's a bit raunchy for YA I think it's written like an adult book about teens so don't give it to your 12 year olds Otherwise enjoy the ride I know now Jessica becomes a suckier and whinier person with each book

  8. Jen Jen says:

    Yep This is potentially the hardest review I've ever written Why? Because all I really want to do is vigorously pound on my keyboard with glee and happytears and EEEEEEE KLSALFAWOPE 5jKOSAKORWE9 F S ASNKF WSETYW# w tw#%90#% 9 #i 5m2 4ko562098305 U0264 JMLESAKPWARW#% NDVSDSDF Translation Holy Crap I've found the Holy Grail of YA writing The kicker? It isn't even YA And yet it is It's everything It's Jessica Darling I've put off writing my review for Sloppy Firsts for a long time I don't even know what to say without falling so incredibly short of what this book deserves I hadn't even heard of this series prior to starting my blog I figured that it couldn't be THAT good if I hadn't even heard anything about it My friends this series is a diamond in the rough The characters are so very distinct in all their own ways and mannerisms I'm convinced that Megan Mc has fashioned Jessica from a real person Or perhaps she wrote her right off the pages Yes that's it Jessica is so imperfectly perfectly written that the words and paragraphs came together to form cells and skin and organs and hair and acne and she has jumped right out of the book and exists in our world today No one can just think of someone SO AWESOME and not have her walk amongst us I need this to be true so I can find her and make her my BFF Because we'd get along that well I loved everything about every character Even the ones I hated Because Ms McCafferty has taken the time to develop each and every one of them Sara with her annoying uoteunuote abuse and Len with his um and Scotty with hiswhatever it is that he does And Marcus Yes Marcus I couldn't see what the hype about him was at first But I have seen the light Oh yes And it glitters like Mariah Carey The journal style writing makes it easy to become completely immersed into Jessica's internal cynicism and outlook on life Having been a cynical teenager ahem and having never grown out of it this speaks volumes to me There are so many uotes that have caused me to burst into laughter this never happens or made me write down a uote or 352 in my review journal And perhaps I've contemplated getting one tattooed on me somewhere This is a series I think everyone should read It's a beautiful hilarious amazinngggg piece of work that has become my golden standard I'm taking my time with this series because I don't want it to ever ever end Megan McCafferty is my hero

  9. Robert Robert says:

    Since I had to explain to my wife that my latest reading excursion was not in fact a between the sheets adventure with multiple terms for male and female genitalia I might have reached my erotica novel uota for the month of May and possibly June as well In case you haven’t already figured it out this is not erotica nor is it even classified as romance But I was romantically involved with it all the same SLOPPY FIRSTS punched my two front teeth out and slapped me hard on the cheek It lifted my feet six inches off the ground and turned me upside down Had I managed to offer the world a coherent thought or two I probably would have followed it up with a giggleJessica Darling might have been the greatest thing to happen to my otherwise miserable existence She actually made me happy to be alive and I even managed to smile for once in my dejected life She made me want to attempt night running and swoon over poetry and wander the hallowed halls of my youth aimlessly and have crushes on Spanish teachers and pretend that I had a big sister named Bethany who was so full of herself that her head was a ticking time bomb and run through mallsand yes it really was that fucking goodThe voice was filled with sardonic poetry and wisdom and wit and charm and she sounded older than she really was even if her body had the developed pace of a kindergartner Whether it was Burke or Bridget or Marcus or Manda or Sara I was hooked lined and snickered and I found myself reeling in a big mouth bassWhether I actually did or not is hard to say but I found myself bouncing along the halls with my head held high and my corduroys on rye and a picture perfect wave across the sky helping me find my way homeIf I really stop to think about it I probably shouldn’t have fallen in love with this novel but you can’t always choose what books you love and in this case I tried to say no but I ended up saying yes Over and over and over againCross posted at Robert's Reads

  10. Maggie Maggie says:

    Megan McCafferty you can't fool me Sloppy Firsts isn't a work of fiction It's McCafferty traveling back in time and stealing pages from my high school diary not the proper one I left behind for my mother and okay posterity because I had a heightened sense of self but the real one I kept locked in my head full of doubts fears hopes wants desires and prejudices And yes those desires were sexual even if I was not at the timeThis is a book that I absolutely loved reading now and would've loved reading then From the time Jessica Darling thinks Manda thinks that reading feminist manifestos makes up for her borderline ho bag behavior and refers to her as The Headmaster on page ten I knew I was in book love MASH and Saved by the Bell references cemented it I don't know if I said the exact things Jessica says but I could have said them McCafferty just nails Jessica's voiceSo what's it about? MEKidding Although that was one of my reactions while readingIt's about 16 year old Jessica Darling the brunette sheep of the family She's always felt left out of her blonde sister and mother's golden circle of Stepford perfection Her father though has always supported her or rather he's always supported her running track Like most girls her age her real source of support is her best friend Hope Unfortunately Hope's family has just moved back to Tennessee This leaves Jessica socially adrift but not totally outcast during her vital sopho year Every year was vital according to my mother but I digress Jess is in love with Paul Parlipiano who obviously doesn't know she exists but that's a minor concern A bigger problem is that she hasn't gotten her period in monthsThis is one of the areas in which this book would've been such a comfort to the teen me I skipped my period all the time but during 11th grade or Year 11 hi Aussie friends I didn't get my period from September to December and January to June Same for 12th grade I realized it after the fact but I was so stressed during the school year that it basically stopped my cycle It came back with a vengeance in the summer though Of course I didn't tell my parents about it even though I was convinced my ovaries were dying and it was stressing me out even My best friends were who I went to for this and everythingJessica no longer has her best friend close by and is limited to one 60 minute phone call a week and daily emails This is where the generation divide shows because there are certain things like her cycle that Jessica doesn't discuss with Hope over email Nowadays email and text are the standard methods of communication even for friends who aren't separated by distance and I'd venture to say that there are less off limit topicsIn her perpetual state of PMS Jessica's sarcasm catches the eye of class dreg Marcus Flutie or as I refer to him Marcus fucking Flutie I won't even talk about his appearance Noelle you think a ponytail is bad? Try RED DREADS Marcus fucking Flutie is THAT guy the one who thinks he is too cool for school but also God's gift Think an unattractive Jordan Catalano Sorry I can't get over the dreads Now instead of being illiterate imagine if Jordan Catalano was secretly a geniusJordan Catalano his attractiveness a genius IDo you know what that euals? Jess Mariano or as I refer to him Jess fucking Mariano I couldn't stand him He's the guy who not only thinks he's cooler and smarter than everybody else but also wholeheartedly believes it to be true Everything is about him unless he decides that a girl is temporarily worthy Even the girl in uestion is a reflection of his ego because it's about getting herBefore reading Sloppy Firsts I remember seeing Marcus Flutie's name on lists for Top YA Guys alongside the likes of Jonah Griggs Tom Mackee and Adam Wilde AS IF The girl in my book club who was gushing about Marcus Flutie when the book club pick was announced was suspiciously absent the night we discussed this book I love my book club because we have differing opinions ex I hated Miss Peregrine some loved it some were indifferent but 8 out of 8 girls had the same reaction to him Marcus FUCKING Flutie However what I loved about Marcus was how Jessica reacted to him and how that changed in the beginning middle and end of the book Like the rest of the book it felt honest Sloppy Firsts is a book that effortlessly takes you back to high school Luckily Jessica will make you laugh much this time around This review appears on Young Adult Anonymous

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Sloppy Firsts “My parents suck ass Banning me from the phone and restricting my computer privileges are the most tyrannical parental gestures I can think of Don’t they realize that Hope’s the only one who keeps me sane I don’t see how things could get any worse”When her best friend Hope Weaver moves away from Pineville New Jersey hyperobservant sixteen year old Jessica Darling is devastated A fish out of water at school and a stranger at home Jessica feels lost than ever now that the only person with whom she could really communicate has gone How is she supposed to deal with the boy and shopping crazy girls at school her dad’s obsession with her track meets her mother salivating over big sister Bethany’s lavish wedding and her nonexistent love lifeA fresh funny utterly compelling fiction debut by first time novelist Megan McCafferty Sloppy Firsts is an insightful true to life look at Jessica’s predicament as she embarks on another year of teenage torment from the dark days of Hope’s departure through her months as a type A personality turned insomniac to her completely mixed up feelings about Marcus Flutie the intelligent and mysterious “Dreg” who works his way into her heart Like a John Hughes for the twenty first century Megan McCafferty taps into the inherent humor and drama of the teen experience This poignant hilarious novel is sure to appeal to readers who are still going through it as well as those who are grateful that they don’t have to go back and grow up all over again

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  • Sloppy Firsts
  • Megan McCafferty
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  • 11 May 2016
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About the Author: Megan McCafferty

Megan McCafferty writes fiction for tweens teens and teens at heart of all ages The author of eleven novels she’s best known for SLOPPY FIRSTS and four seuels in the New York Times bestselling Jessica Darling series She's got two new books coming out in 2020 TRUE TO YOUR SELFIE MG Scholastic 220 and THE MALL YA Wednesday Books 620 Described in her first review as “Judy Blume