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Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary I had been looking forward to going to France in the Easter holidays for weeks Admittedly it meant going with Mum and her annoying yuckily young French boyfriend Almond But I knew we would be staying at Almond's parents' place A CHATEAU Everyone knows 'chat' means 'cat' in French so I couldn't wait 2 whole weeks in a houseful of cats I love animalsTragically things NEVER work out as you expect Instead of a houseful of cats it turned out to be a houseful of Almond's annoying totally weird French family Before I had time to sueak 'murder' I was on the ghastly trail of a heartless criminal Could I Polly Price uncover the truth Well not if I was the chief suspect And not if I starved to death trying to find my way through long murky corridors to breakfast I knew I was in a race against time And I didn't even have a watch

6 thoughts on “Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary

  1. Mayna Mayna says:

    Overall rating45 stars

  2. Layla Layla says:

    chatto very funny Polly good book

  3. Jasmine Jasmine says:

    RTCI really enjoyed this and it was just a fun uick funny read I just wish that I knew how old she’s meant to be I want to read of these though

  4. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    Polly Price has such a strong feeling about everything and she really doesn't want to spend a holiday at her mums boyfriend's home in France I absolutely loved this book and it is very funny there are a lot of accidents in the book and I think there could've been a bit less I would recommend this to everyone because it is such a funny book

  5. Loopy Rosie Loopy Rosie says:

    cool but a bit boring

  6. lilly-maria lilly-maria says:

    it was really good

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