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The Godspeaker Trilogy Sold into slavery Hekat dreams of power Fate leads her to the warlord Raklion and she begins turning dreams into reality For the nameless god of Mijak is with her and it promises her the worldFar away the King of Ethrea is dying His daughter Princess Rhian is ready to rule but if her enemies have their way the crown of Ethrea will never be worn by a womanDexterity Jones is a toymaker To protect Rhian and his country he must place his trust in an exile from Mijak Yet as Ethrea comes ever closer to civil war a greater danger awaits Hekat still desires the world and power is no longer a dreamThis omnibus edition of THE GODSPEAKER TRILOGY includes Empress The Riven Kingdom and The Hammer of God I would highly suggest reading the trilogy as a whole rather than one book at a time with books in between The world building between the books is fantastic The cultures of the various regions are very developed and thought through I uite appreciate that work as it made the characters that live by those cultures believable in their beliefs and actionsThe slow burn of the over arcing story is great as well but I much enjoyed the character relationships as they grew through the three books Each character has their convictions and they live by them Overall great series if you are into long stories that develop over many books strong female characters both good and bad and fantastic world building Wow 45 As I read the three in one version this book looked like uite a bite back when I started it Having read the Kingmaker series by her my expectations were blown away by the experience this book gaveThe first part of the trilogy focuses on Mijak and readfelt much like Steven Erikson or Glen Cook than Miller's first books It was very dark and detailed a descent into madness than anything else Broke convention for meThe second book read like a her other novels and is set in a much traditional fantasy setting Part two in and of itself would have warranted 3 stars from me but in light of what I had come through in the first it was refreshing Overall part two felt predictable and less outside the box The third was interesting a great mix of the two with much depth given to the Tsung Again the third went back to a Glen Cook like feel though it was not near as darkI believe that I got the epicgrim fantasy feel partially from the tone but much from the world feel Mijak and Tsung are much not usual settingscountries for fantasy literature which is the first distinguishing step the book takes Secondly magic is never really explained just a natural fact of the world while the plot is pushed by the characters I did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I did I was very pleasantly surprised I read this a while ago looking for escape There used to be good fantasy out there you could find; what happened? The first book wasn't too bad Hekat as a damaged beyond repair psychotic girl who claws her way from slavery to Empress was kind of an interesting concept Joan D'Arc Hitler Stalin take your pick This type of speculation is what fantasy can be good for But then In the second book we move to a different land and England like land with a Victoria like ueen and then it became all this whispering and silliness and girliness Sure she's a brave ueen much like Victoria was but you know This is OUR world with a religion much like ours A GOOD religion for the most part and although for a long time we were in the heads of the other alien world with the odd blood soaked religionlaw now we can see who is good and who is bad and it's simple simple simple Also guess what it turns out that the good gentle island people who don't even have an army are WHITE and the desert demon possessed blood soaked people are mainly brown and black Yeah okay Fuck off Miller There were a couple of interesting moments but all and in all the stories fail because Miller's imagination fails This book is a trilogy wrapped up in one pretty little and very long package The books are Empress The Riven Kingdom and Hammer of God I have a lot of thoughts about this series so bare with me here while I try to make it somewhat comprehensibleI’ve written a review about Empress here about my love for Hekat the protagonist of that book I know a lot of people that read it hate her but I love Hekat and I love that first book and I always will It’s dark and gritty and a good read I was young when I first read this series about 17 I’m 26 now and my perception of the other two books in the trilogy has changed from thenThe theme of this series is centered around Gods with magical elements Now without getting into it too much I am not a religious person by any means I’m not part of any organized religion as I’m Native American and was raised in our old ceremonies etc etc and I mention it because I want it to be clear that I’m not any sort of religious authority BUT when I’m reading a fantasysci fifiction books I LOVE reading about fictitious religions There are so many different avenues of belief and it’s interesting to me to see how religions can be different and the same and who knows if things had gone differently maybe we’d have a similar religion to some in this book The blood was warm it covered his feet his ankles his calves It rose up his thighs it lapped at his genitals like a woman’s tongue it sighed across his belly and drowned his scarred chest Rank warm blood flowed over his lips his eyes it stopped his breathing He swam in bloodThe problem though is that in the first book there is this incredibly powerful and bloodthirsty god that craves sacrificial blood and offerings and sends their desires through scorpions and answering uestions to people royalty that ask as they swim through blood The god is nameless and is neither male or female Super uniue and cool to read about right?Then in the other two books you basically get an off brand version of Christianity A prophet named Rollins preaches peace and acceptance and then is “crucified” shot with arrows for it and the kingdom unites and there’s peace at last And go figure the ones with the “good” god are white I can’t count how many times they called anyone that had any religion other than theirs “HEATHANS” The whole book boils down to this “good” god vs the “bad” god Granted a lot of stories boil down to good vs evil but I feel this could have been handled differentlyThe second book is basically a young woman trying to take her place on the throne and literally everyone shitting on her for it because she’s a female and she has to fight back with an unlikely crew This book is about a 180 from the first book but it’s still a great read and has some really satisfying scenes But the protagonist Rhian is about the complete opposite of Hekat as you can get aside from the whole “I will be the one in power” thing And she kind of whines a lot view spoilerAnd her husband is kind of an asshole hide spoiler

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  • The Godspeaker Trilogy
  • Karen Miller
  • English
  • 15 July 2016
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