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Cook Yourself Sexy As a former model turned chef Candice Kumai knows that nothing is sexier than rocking a gorgeous body and enjoying your food Now she shows you how to dig in ditch imitation products for the real thing and make smart swaps to cut calories without sacrificing flavor By packing each meal with Foods with Benefits Candice ensures that every enticing bite provides the key nutrients your body craves to stay healthy and look amazingFrom decadent French toast and creamy butternut suash mac 'n' cheese to guilt free burgers and crispy sweet potato fries she proves that you can have your cake—Dark Chocolate–Orange Cake to be exact—and eat it tooSharing essential tips and tricks every sexy chef should know Candice's smart fun advice and than 100 irresistible recipes make Cook Yourself Sexy the ultimate guide to your hottest healthiest self ever

5 thoughts on “Cook Yourself Sexy

  1. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Cook yourself sexy is one of my favourite cookbooks The recipes are very easy to follow and most of the ingredients can be found in your local supermarket I love that she includes healthy homemade recipes that you wouldn't usually consider as healthy like french fries spaghetti and meatballs etcA highly recommended book

  2. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    This is the first recipe book I have found that I actually like the majority of the selections A lot of cookbooks I usually find one or two but Candice gets me excited for cooking Her recipes are easy to follow and most of the ingredients can be found in the supermarket I borrowed it from the library but I think this is one to purchase The recipe for her marinara sauce alone is worth it

  3. Taryn Fryer Taryn Fryer says:

    Some delicious sounding recipes and not too faddy Some things I will definitely makeRosemary LemonadeOoh La La Love Punch Possibly just for the nameDetox Apple Cabbage SaladLemon Caper Salmon with Greek YogurtPort Soaked Cherry and Dark Chocolate Brownies

  4. Mary Mary says:

    For those of you who have any passion for cooking a desire to feel and look sexy I highly recommend this book If you have allergies or sinus problems listen to herfood is delicious and recipes easy to follow

  5. Ginnie Grant Ginnie Grant says:

    I think a lot of the advice in this book is solid I only scored it lower because I didn't care for a bunch of the recipes

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