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The Colour of Milk Mary is a sharp tongued farm girl and she will do anything to learn to read and write But as she does so through four seasons of one extraordinary year she discovers that nothing comes for free Told by a narrator whose urgent unforgettable voice will break your heart The Colour of Milk is an astonishing novel From the back cover “Set in England in 1830 The Colour of Milk by Nell Leyshon is an emotionally haunting work of historical fiction about an illiterate farm girl’s emotional and intellectual awakening and its devastating conseuences”uotable “i said i would tell you the truth of everything that happened and i have told you and it is all true except for one thing”Much as been said about the peculiar writing style of The Colour of Milk written in the hand of newly literate country girl Mary Nell Leyshon chose to deliver Mary's testimony in its purest rawest form true to her uiet suppressed nature and limited ability to put emotions into the words she doesn't have The result is a poignant gutting confession in which every mundane detail matters and contribute to Mary's truth I read it in one go and I can only hope to ever write a book half that goodpreview reviewStarted at 5 am finished at 938 amWell I hope I'll write a book half that good somedayNote some reviewers have pointed the improbableincorrect use of the word hierarchy by Mary They seem to have overlooked the fact that Mary is uoting the vicar this is not her own vocabulary my name is jeanette jeanettei am very tall and my hair is the colour of weak teathis is my review and i am writing it by my own hand in the year of our lord twenty thirteeni did read this book and my teeth did grind and my eyes did cross for that there were no upper case letters on any page no nary a one nor were there any uotation marks neitheri understand that the narrator is barely literate and it is for this that we are meant to see that she does not know proper punctuation and capitalization i did puzzle over this for if she has only just learned to read and write how is it that she can spell challenging words like hierarchy with never a dictionary nearby? when i finished the reading of this book i did sayholy mackerel that was bleakor it may be that it was wholly mackerel which i did say for i do not know if mackerel are holy the story is wholly bleak and not holy this i do know as i closed this book i did blink my eyes blink blink and i wondered for i could not help myself and the thing which i wondered was thisdid the author write this on her mobile phone? using only her thumbs?this is my review and i have been writing it by my own hand every word i spelled out every letter i wrote I came upon The Color of Milk through Cheyenne Blue’s review and it made me want to read it And I am glad I did even though it made me cry bitter tears towards the end Well worth it though If you decide to read it you will learn about mary and see the world as she saw it and it will stay with you long after you read the last pageIt is written in her words and the lack of punctuation will be weird for a few pages but you will get used to it real uick I love the way Nell Leyshon did this it makes mary’s voice genuine my leg is my leg and i ain’t never known another leg it’s the way i always been and the way i always walked mother says it was like that when i come out in to the world i was some scrap of a thing with hair like milk and i was born later than they thought and for that reason i was covered in some hair like i was an animal and my nails was long and she says i took one look around me and i opened my mouth and i yelled and some say i ain’t never shut it since and some say mother was sick that summer and she was still working in the fields and she had this lump which was me and she couldn’t very well bend down cos i was in the way and they say that my leg was twisted round underneath me and it ain’t never been right since when i was a baby they tied it to some piece of wood to straighten it only it rubbed and there was blood and i screamed till they took it off and let my leg go in the way it wanted to and so that is the way i am I leave you with a few reviews snippits from the professionals who sum up it up much better than I ever could “Leyshon is a master of domestic suspense Slender but compelling the charm of Leyshon’s novella is to be found as much in its spare evocative style as in the moving candour of its narrator” “Beautifully crafted Compelling Like a love letter to the power of words” “The ending will surprise you A must read” “Leyshon’s spare dialogue centred storytelling is lean and vivid” “An astounding read Mary is one of the most compelling narrators I’ve ever encountered Milk’s sense of foreboding builds and builds until you’re pretty much catapulted into the finale” “Penetratingly candid prose filled with engagingly rustic poetry The result is brilliant devastating and unforgettable” mf Themes it is a man’s world mary work work work I know she’s fictional but I cried for her nevertheless unusual and compelling read5 stars Spare elegant and moving with uite possibly the most compelling narrator I’ve ever encountered The Colour of Milk is a page turner of the highest order Whilst the style and narrative is deceptively but charmingly simple Mary’s voice is startlingly direct urgent and teeters on the ueasily visceral It’s been a while since I’ve been so immersed in a story or so invested in the protagonistI won’t lie I was a little underwhelmed by the denouement The Colour of Milk has been praised for its “shocking” Spectator ending that “packs a punch” Stylist but to me it felt uncannily familiar view spoilerAnyone familiar with Tess of the D’Urbervilles will understand hide spoiler

  • Paperback
  • 172 pages
  • The Colour of Milk
  • Nell Leyshon
  • English
  • 20 February 2014
  • 9781905490943

About the Author: Nell Leyshon

Nell Leyshon is a British playwright and novelist born in Glastonbury Somerset At the age of eleven she moved to a small farming village on the edge of the Somerset Levels Her first attempts at novels were with a baby on her lap She burned a lot of the early writing and finally started on Black Dirt which was her first published novelWhile struggling to write prose she got a commission fr

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