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Direct Flight to Murder Melissa Evers and her mother Margaret are partners in a very large real estate development business left to them by the late Leroy Evers Living in Daytona Beach their idyllic life is shattered when Margaret is on a business trip to Atlanta and killed in a botched robbery attempt Or so the police believe as they back burner the investigationBut Melissa is sure she knows who killed her mother her step father Finding no justice with the police and fearing for her life Melissa Evers turns to “the best detective in town” Bill Rogers to ferret out the evidence that will get the police to investigate her step fatherBut as Bill Rogers discovers what seems like a simple crime has layers of complexity At times it feels like he’s the only one in the dark Follow Bill as he peels back the layers of deception to discover who in the end really did kill Margaret

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  1. Julie Julie says:

    Direct Flight to Murder was a freebie from the kindle store I picked up a good while back I probably wouldn't have purchased it if I had been paying attention to the size of the book Short stories are not my all time favorite and I've learned to look before I leap since so many free books are very shortHowever I'm glad I got this one It is a short story but it didn't leave me feeling like I missed a lot of character development or that it just too rushed There were a few typos in there but nothing all that terribleWilliam Rogers is a private detective that runs his business in his home and works mostly online But he receives a call one day from a young lady that is convinced her step father murdered her motherAs Rogers starts to ask around about the murder he is genuinely baffled Their is no real evidence to prove the step father's guilt Even the cops think the murder was a random crime Then Rogers home is broken into and his files are gone through and starts to think he might have a case after allThe story is told in first person and the author did a good job with that for the most part Overall it wasn't bad I would say this one rates a C

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