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Survived by Her Longtime Companion Hired to work on a biography of the late film star Daphne DeMonet Bailey Hampton arrives to conduct an interview with Eleanor Burnett Daphne’s longtime companion To Bailey’s dismay she learns Eleanor has set up a co interview with Bailey’s ex partner Chelsea ParkerEstranged for eleven months the two women hide their painful memories and strain to be civil to one another Eleanor startles them by insisting that they take turns reading aloud from Eleanor’s diaries of her life with Daphne DeMonet Only after the diaries are read in her presence will Eleanor proceed with a full interviewOnce Eleanor discovers that Bailey and Chelsea are ex partners the diary readings take on a new meaning for her Can they learn from the mistakes she and Daphne made as young lovers Will that knowledge bring Bailey and Chelsea together again Or is it too late to mend their broken relationship79000 words What a journey This is a really well written and touching novel To some people this story may be a story of hope with a positive message And it is somewhat But personally I found it incredibly sad Beautiful but so so sad I cried a lot If you're not in a good place emotionnally you probably shouldn't read this one I don't know why I finished the book with a heavy heart but I believe the reason is the lack of balance between both love stories I got a lot attached to Daphne and Ellie than to Bailey and Chels and as a result the feel good romance of the latter didn't help me get over how heartbreaking the last years of Daph and Ellie's relationship were There is a lack of simple happy intimate scenes In most romance novels there's this idea of forever at the end of a book with a happy ending The idea that the couple has years ahead of them and that their lives are just getting started But in this one you're left with the realisation that life is fragile that time is precious and that you can't waste it It's kind of a terrifying thought Of course Bailey and Chelsea get their happy ending but next to Daphne and Ellie their relationship seems less intense Also because we don't get to read much about their time together Anyway this is worth reading because it's a realistic story of life And well we can never read enough of these even if they break your heart This was an extremely touching book with a double dose of love story within its pages Bailey and Chelsea start out in a broken relationship state Travel and too much time away from each other has created a chasm that Chelsea feels is too much to overcome They choose to end their 9 year relationship Eleven months later both Bailey and Chelsea unknowingly are called upon to interview the longtime companion of Daphne DeMonet a famous movie star who has recently passed awayAfter meeting Eleanor the woman who spent her life with Daphne they embark on several weeks of meetings and diary readings to uncover the story of their love And it calls into uestion decisions Bailey and Chelsea have made in their own livesIt was sweet turbulent frustrating sad and hopeful I went through all the emotions Cried All the signs of a really good book This was released forever ago I think So thank goodness for goodreads that this showed up in my feed recently to give it a go If there was a 6th star I would give it to this book By far my favorite book and I'm too scared that nothing will come close to it It's a parallel love story with 2 couples involved however Daphne Ellie story is much stronger and the connection is just so REAL The story takes you through a journey of 65 years and it does it brilliantly and touches upon the struggle of gay society in the old days where everyone needed to liecover their sexuality Unfortunately this hit me personally because where I come from its still the same exact situation in 2016 I need to warn you though that this is rather a very sad story It hits you with the realization of how unimportant certain things we choose are compared to the important elements of our life that we either take for granted or not notice even I don't think there's a book that made me cry so much It's too sad but wonderfully sad at the same time if you know what I mean This great book would make a great movie Two parallel love stories captivating and very believable characters interesting and well constructed plot I like all of Chris Paynter's novels but this one is definitely best so far One of my five top books of 2012 Updated after multiple rereads One of my top books ever

  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Survived by Her Longtime Companion
  • Chris Paynter
  • English
  • 10 February 2014
  • 9781935627883

About the Author: Chris Paynter

Chris Paynter is the author of nine novels including Survived by Her Longtime Companion the winner of the 2013 Golden Crown Literary Society Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award and Finalist for the 2013 Lambda Literary Award in Lesbian Romance Her latest release is Just a Touch Away a romance set in Indiana about a grieving children’s book author and the illustrator who captures her heart She

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